How to Play Fall Guys on Mobile : Play on Android and iOS Phones Legally Via Steam Link App

Fall Guys is among the most popular games at this moment which you can play on your PS4 and PC. Fall guys Fans are eagerly waiting for Fall Guys mobile. They want to know how to play Fall Guys legally on their Android and iOS phones.

But before we jump on how to play fall guys on android and ios, let’s have some general information.

When is Fall Guys Coming to Android and iOS Mobile?

So the Extreme fandom of this unique battle royale game has made its fans crazy for Fall guys mobile. People with lack a PC or PS4 are waiting eagerly for fall guys mobile to release.

China-based App Development company Bilibili has acquired the rights of fall guys mobile to release

There are many scams in the name of fall guys mobile as well, let’s have a look at those.

Fall Guys Free Mobile Apk Download Scam

Okay so considering the humongous amount of trend towards playing Fall guys via installing an APK on their phone has led to a unique click-baiting scam. People are making false videos of playing fall guys on their phones and sending their users to a link with a scam offer. The official account of fall guys also mentioned this on Twitter. So it is requested to please not fall for this scam. Now let’s move on to how you can play fall guys on android and iOS phones legally via the steam link app.

fall guys fake videos

As you can clearly see there is a mouse visible on the screen which can’t be the case if it was fall guys for real.

How to play Fall Guys or any Steam game on Mobile Android and iOS Phones via Steam Link App?

To play fall guys on android and iOS phones you will need the steam link app but before moving forward make sure that you own Fall Guys on Steam and make sure that the performance of fall guys on your computer is good enough to handle it.

Disclaimer: To Play fall guys on your Mobile you need to have your PC with Fall guys downloaded and Turned on while Playing. You will not be able to play Fall Guys on Android or iOs without this.

To get started playing Fall Guys on Mobile Follow these steps :

1. Open Steam: Make sure that you have purchased the fall guys game via steam. Now open the steam app on your desktop or laptop.

2. Open the Play store on Mobile and download Steam Link App: If you are on Android then open the play store app and if you are on iOS then open the App Store and download Steam Link app. For this tutorial, I will be demonstrating on Android.

3. Open the Steam Link App and Set it up: As soon as you open the steam link app, tap on getting started and choose the Touch controller.

On the screen where it says Connect to Computer and tap on Other Computer.

steam link app

Now you will see a Pairing Screen where the app will show Connecting to stream. The app will now analyze your connection and you will be able to pair your mobile with a computer now.

steam link network test

4. Enable Remote Play: To make sure that Fall guys stream properly on your android or Ios Phones, you will have to enable Remote Play on Steam. To Enable Remote play on steam, go to steam setting and find the remote play icon.

open steam settings and enable remote play

Now open the Steam link app and you will see a code on your phone.

Steam link code

5. Pair Phone with Steam: Now you will see a text box. Insert the number displayed on the phone screen and insert it inside that text box and your phone will be paired with your computer

Insert the code that you see on your phone

6. Get Playing: As soon as you hit the start button on your phone, you will notice that steam will enter in full-screen mode. Now you will be able to access the stream interface on your phone. navigate and start fall guys from your library and now you will be able to play Fall Guys on your phone legally with the use of the steam link.

how to play fall guys on phone legally using steam link app working
how to play fall guys on phone legally using steam link app working

Play Fall Guys Legally on your Android and iOS Mobiles Using Steam Link: FAQ and Other Queries

What is fall guys?

Fall guys is the latest Battle Royale game which is based on TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Wipeout. People are loving this game due to its very nature and the fun element this game has. Fall guys was released on 4th August 2020 made by MediaTonic 

the whirlygig fall guys

How to download Fall Guys on PC?

To download Fall guys on your PC you will have to use an app called steam. Make a steam account and now just search fall guys and pay for the game. Now you will be able to download fall guys on your PC and you can use it to stream it on the Steam Link app.

Is Fall guys Cross-Platform?

At this moment, Fall guys is available to play on only PS4 and PC. You can download it from the Steam and PS4 store. Fall guys is not a cross platformer which means that if you play this game on a PS4 then you will only be matched with people playing on a PS4 and if you play on a PC then you will only get PC players.

Wrapping Up

So this is how you play fall guys legally on your android and ios devices. Hoping that Mediatonic releases fall guys mobile soon. Once they do, we will surely review it on the gaming section of Mrnoob so if you enjoyed this content piece then make sure to leave a comment and read more of our articles by jumping directly to Mrnoob-Homepage. This is me leaving so that you catch me in another similar article. Bye!


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