How to Install Google Stack PDF Scanner APK and Install it on Any Android Phone?

We all love when a service or a product makes our life easier, one such service is PDF Scanners. The latest and possibly the most hyped-up entry in the PDF scanner app market in years. Everyone wants to know How to Download Google Stack PDF Scanner APK and Install it on Any Android Phone? due to the lack of support in many countries and many phone models.

In this guide, we will see how you can easily download google stack and install it on your phone. But before we jump on how to do that, let’s have some basic info about what makes this product so great.

What is Google Stack?

Google Stack, developed by area 120 which is an experimental division by google. Stack uses AI and machine learning to improve the overall scanning user experience. Google Stack App makes sure to categorize documents as well. Stack app also has the support of fingerprint scanner built-in using which you can directly secure your documents as well. Due to it being from the area 120 division as I mentioned before, the nature of this app remains super experimental and the global rollout is still pending. We will see how you can download and install the google stack pdf scanner even if it’s not compatible with your device yet.

Google Stack PDF Scanner Features:

There are a lot of really old and trusted PDF scanner apps in the market already. Let’ see some of the features that make google stack stand apart. Here are some of the best google stack pdf features :

  1. Easy Document Scanning.
  2. Quick Organization of Scanned Items.
  3. Scanning using AI and Machine Learning to Improve Performance.
  4. Automatic Cloud Backup of Scanned Content.
  5. Secured your scans using the Fingerprint scanner.

Now finally let’s have a look at the procedure to download Google Stack PDF. Let’s see how you can download it using an APK.

How to Download Google Stack APK?

Now there are 2 methods to download google stack on your android device. The first one is by changing the region of the google play store to the USA, the second one is by downloading Google Stack APK directly from an APK site. Let’s see both the methods one by one:

Download Google Stack APK from US Play Store:

  1. Open Any VPN application of your choice on your android smartphone. Head towards the country selection screen. Select the USA and Connect. In my case, I am using Turbo VPN.

step to follow 12. Next, go to the App Info of the play store and tap on “Force Close”.

step to follow 2

3. Now open the Google play store and tap on the three-line Hamburger menu from the top left and tap on “Account”.

step to follow 3 2

4. Under the Preferences tab, you will see the Country and Profile option which will have the option to “Switch to United States Play Store“. This will require adding either PayPal or a debit card. Try to use a debit or credit card as this method isn’t verified on Paypal.

step to follow 4 1


5. Once you start adding the card, a pop-up will appear which will confirm the change as you won’t be able to change the play store id back to your original country for the next 365 days.step to follow 5

Tap on continue and you should see your user name with country specified as “United States”.

6. Once you are done changing the country of the google play store on your device, open the Google play store with the same account that you just used to change the country.

7. Now Search for Stack by Area 120.

downoad stack by area 120

8. Download and Install Stack by Area 120 on your device and now you will be able to use the google stack app normally. Do note that some phones do not yet support this app, so if it’s crashing on your android phone then it’s probably due to support-related issues. In that case, you have to wait for a stable release.

UI of stack by area 120 Download Stack PDF APK

Download Stack PDF Scanner APK from APK site:

  1. Open Chrome browser or any other browser of your choice
  2. Now go to this link to open the Stack PDF Scanner APK  page of APKmirror. APKmirror is a reliable website that you can trust for downloading the Stack PDF Scanner APK. So no worries at all.
  3. Download the APK and Install it on your device.
  4. Now head over to the app menu and launch Stack. You will be able to use the Stack PDF scanner now.UI of stack by area 120

How to Share Stack PDF Scanner APK with your friends and family?

To share the Stack PDF scanner APK with your closed ones who cant change their Play store region, you can follow these steps :

  1. Go to Google Play Store and download the “APK Extractor” the apk extractor app Download Stack PDF APK
  2. Now open APK Extractor and search for “Stack”.
  3. Now tap on the three dots icon on the right side of the Stack app icon and select share.tap on the three dots and select share Download Stack PDF APK
  4. Share the stack apk on your favorite messenger or E-mail app.
  5. Your friends and family can now install the Stack PDF scanner on their phone directly without any need to change the play store country.

Download Stack PDF Scanner APK on Android: FAQs

What is Stack and why is it making so much buzz?

Stack might sound like the name of some android game but it’s not. Stack is the latest PDF scanner made by Area 120, the experimental app division at google which makes experimental apps that get tested and later on deployed in the global market. After many countries banned Chinese apps like cam scanners for scanning purposes, the Stack app is a fresh entrant to the PDF scanner market and you can start using it by following our guide above on any phone.

I can’t find Stack on the Play store, what’s the issue?

If you are unable to find the Stack PDF scanner app then that means you don’t reside in the US. If you are from the US and still can’t find the app on the play store then head over to the play store and type ” Stack by Area 120 ” and you should find it. For everyone else living outside the US, we have compiled a properly thorough guide that you can use to install the Stack PDF app on your device.

Install Stack PDF Scanner APK on Any Android: Conclusion

So this is how you Install a Stack PDF scanner on your android using APK. I hope this guide helped you in installing the Stack PDF scanner on your android phone. If you liked our guide then leave a comment in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @mrnoobnetwork and keep reading for more such informative guides. Thanks for reading


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