How to install Google Camera [GCam Mod] on any phone in 1-Click?

I know you are here to find the answer to How to install Google Camera on any phone in 1-Click? but before we find the solution, let’s address the problem first. Here, listen to my story.

The first thing that Anubhav from the past would do whenever he purchases a new smartphone was to root it and flash some modifications like Xposed. Those were really the golden days of Android modification. I still remember rooting my first smartphone, which took like a week. Thinking of those days does make me feel nostalgic. Fast-forwarding to today if someone asks me to go through the tedious process of rooting, I would simply make numerous excuses to avoid it. Well, there isn’t just that but today it seems like we really don’t need to root and do all sorts of modifications. Plus the risk of bricking your phone before an important Zoom call isn’t worth the shot, right?

Yes, I agree that there are things that should stay in the past for obvious reasons, then you may ask how am I keeping up with that urge of modification, right? Well, these days it is the Google Camera/GCam Mod that is keeping me busy with that urge to modify my Android smartphone and supercharging my phone’s camera.

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What is Google Camera/GCam Mod?

So you don’t know what is a Google camera or GCam mod? Well, Google Camera is a camera application made by Google for its Pixel line of smartphone, which uses computational photography techniques to capture stunning photos and videos. And due to that, it is like an industry-standard in smartphone photography.

While GCam Mod is a Google camera app with some modifications to make it work with devices other than Google’s Pixel line up. With a Google Camera mod, one can take advantage of Google’s computational photography magic and capture amazing photos on their Android devices.

Installing a GCam mod can be either very easy or extremely frustrating. All that matters is finding that right Google Camera Mod for your smartphone. There is a variety of GCam Mod from various modders available for a variety of devices. Some mods are universal while some are device-specific.

In an ideal scenario, the Google Camera Mod should be one that doesn’t crash and works every time you click. The GCam App crashing is a very common issue and to avoid that need to find the one from the ocean (literally ocean) of Google camera mods. Another tedious task in hand? Worry not, I am here to save you from all the mess you have to go to find out the one for you. Let’s see how can you do that in just a couple of clicks.

How to install Google Camera (GCam Mod) on any phone in 1-Click?

To get started with installing google camera mod on any phone in just one click follow the following steps:

1. Download and install the GCamator app from the play store on your device.

download gcamator mrnoob

2. Open the GCamator app. The app will now check, whether your device has Camera2API enabled or not. If enabled, you can simply click on the ‘Your Gcam‘ tab from the bottom panel of the app.

install gcam check cam2api mrnoob

3. On the ‘Your Gcam‘ tab, the app will look for the GCam available for your device. Once the search is complete, you will be able to ‘Install’ the recommended GCam Mod available for your smartphone. Hit ‘Install‘ to download and install the Google Camera on your device. (If you are using a newer version of Android, you might have to give extra storage access and app installation permissions.)

install gcam gcamator mrnoob

4. And you are done. Now go explore the newly installed GCam Mod on your device and click those amazing photographs. (Here is a snapshot of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 running GCam Mod.)

gcam installed mrnoob

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FAQ: How to install Google Camera (GCam Mod) on any phone in 1-Click?

My phone doesn’t support Camera2API, Can I install GCam Mod on my smartphone?

No, you can’t install GCam Mod on your smartphone it doesn’t support Cam2API. Google camera heavily depends on the new camera API to work, if you install it on a phone without Cam2API support it will get force closed.

How can I enable Cam2API on my smartphone?

A lot of devices, like mine, have hardware that supports Cam2API, but it isn’t enabled by the manufacturer. So better Google if there is a way to enable it on your smartphone. For me, it worked by adding a few lines in the Build.prop, which might be the case with you as well. [You need to root your device for enabling Cam2API, so if you don’t know what you are doing better, then settle with your default camera app]

I can’t find a Google Camera Mod for my device, what should I do?

All the popular modern Android smartphones should support GCam Mod. But sometimes the less popular phones might get off the radar of modders. In this case, you should try a universal GCam Mod. These GCam Mods are made to work on most of the devices. But mind you, you will have you tweak some settings for your smartphone for it to work. Alternatively, you can look for popular phones with similar camera sensors as yours and install the Google Camera Mod available for them. [You can Google to know which camera sensor you device has]

There are more than one GCam Mods available for my device, which one is the best for me?

Finding a perfect GCam is a trial and error thing. Try all the available Google cameras and settle with the one that works perfectly for you. There is no other way around.

Wrapping up:

Needless to say, it took me ages to find the perfect GCam for my use. Back when these apps don’t even exist, I have to check every new GCam Mod that claims to be working on my device and have to settle with more than one Google Camera version installed. Say one is working great for portrait shot and other other is good at taking selfies. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through all of that to find the GCam that works for your device in a few seconds.

Do you use Google Camera Mod on your device or you are happy with the default camera app on your phone? Do let us know via comment.


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