How to get Google Play Pass in India or any country right now?

Apple announced its latest Game subscription service called Apple Arcade recently, which allowed its users to play 100 premium quality games at just $4.99 per month. According to the media, the subscription service with all its glory has been proven a successful attempt, especially for the Apple ecosystem. To contend against Apple Arcade, google announced it’s subscription service priced at $4.99 as well called Google Play Pass. The only downside is that Google Play Pass is only available in the US right now. We at Mr. Noob found out a unique way to circumvent this issue and download unlimited premium games and apps by getting the Google Play Pass in India which will work for other regions as well.

Google Play Pass Vs Apple Arcade

Since the Google Play Pass is competing against the Apple Arcade, the main objective of google here is to give paid games for free. But unlike apple, google lets you download apps as well as games, which is a sweet deal.

What all is included in the Google Play Pass?

The google play pass comes with a specialized curated section of apps and games through which users can download games and apps that are usually paid, for free. There will be no in-app purchases as well as no ads will be shown in any of the apps.

Early-Bird Discount Offering By Google

To increase the sales of the Google Play Pass, Google is offering discounts on its monthly tariff. If you sign up within two weeks of its launch, you can get the Google Play Pass at just $1.99 for the next one year, which honestly sounds like a much more tempting deal. So without further ado, let’s see how you can Get Google Play Pass in India or any country right now.

Get Google Play Pass Outside USA in Any Region 

As discussed earlier, you can only Get the Google Play Pass in the US which will require changing the play store to the USA. however, there are some caveats which you should keep in mind before proceeding further. If these conditions are okay for you, then you can go ahead and get yourself a Google Play Pass subscription in India or any country. Let’s have a look at the conditions :

  • Before proceeding, make sure that you are sure to move your current play store account to the US Play store account as you can only change the play store country once a year.
  • Make sure that you are not currently in Google Play Family Library as the play pass membership requires Google Play Family Library.

Follow the Steps To Get Play Pass Outside US

  1. Open Any VPN application on your android smartphone and Head towards the country selection screen. Select the USA and Connect. In my case, I am using Turbo VPN.

step to follow 12. Next, go to the App Info of play store and tap on “Force Close”.

step to follow 2

3. Now open the Google play store and tap on the three-line Hamburger menu from the top left and tap on “Account”.

step to follow 3 2


4. Under the Preferences tab, you will see the Country and Profile option which will have the option to “Switch to United States Play Store“. This will require adding either PayPal or a debit card. Try to use a debit or credit card as this method isn’t verified on Paypal.

step to follow 4 1


5. Once you start adding the card, a pop-up will appear which will confirm the change as you won’t be able to change the play store id back to your original country for the next 365 days. step to follow 5

Tap on continue and you should see your user name with country specified as “United States”.


step to follow 6

6. Now move to the family section under the account menu to sign up for the google play store family library. Tap on sign up now and sign up as the family manager.step to follow 7

7. Restart the play store and again, tap on the hamburger menu from the top left to find the “Play Pass” option. Tap on “Start Free Trial” that and complete the registration with the given debit or credit card and you are now ready to enjoy Google Play Pass benefits.

step to follow 8

step to follow 9

8. Now let’s have a look at the new and improved play store with play pass in action.

step to follow 10


In Case You’re Dissatisfied

The Google Play Pass sounds good and all but what if it’s “not for you”. Well, you can always cancel your subscription using the steps mentioned below:

1. Open the Play Store and tap on the hamburger menu at the top left.

2. Tap on Subscription to find Google Play Pass.

3. Tap on cancel.

4. Tap on one of the reasons that you want to give.

5. Tap on continue and your Google play Pass subscription is now canceled

Wrapping Up

I hope you liked our guide on how to get Google Play Pass from any country in the world even if it’s not present in your country. The only big hassle in this whole process is the migration to the US play store which everyone is not comfortable with, so make sure you use a spare account if you want to test the pass trial, other then that the Google Play Pass seems a fairly good deal especially with the discounted $1.99 price. So that’s all from us this time, we hope to see you around in another workaround article like this maybe.

Do let us know if you have any difficulty with this procedure, in the Comment section below.


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