How to get edge lightning feature on any android phone?

If you have ever come across any latest Samsung flagship, you must have seen the glowing edge feature on its display. This glowing edge feature puts a glowing light (like an LED strip) around the display, which is usually used to show notifications based on different colors. It’s more or less a cosmetic feature, which a user can customize as per their need. This feature is limited to Samsung devices.

Fortunately, A member at XDA-forums goes by the username ‘Dex105‘ has developed an app called ‘BorderLight‘. This app is a live wallpaper app, which lets you set a live wallpaper with glowing borders. Since this just a live wallpaper, you really can’t get the full functionality of Samsung’s edge lighting feature. But on the other hand, you can adjust the width & shape of the edge light as per your phone’s display. You can also add wallpaper on it since by default it will show a black wallpaper with a colored border.borderlight app 1

In this article, we’ll show how you can install & activate edge lightning on any Android phone in a few simple steps.

How to get the edge lightning feature on any android phone?

How to download the Borderlight app?

Since this app isn’t available on Google’s Play store, you need to get this app from the XDA forum. There is a dedicated thread for the development of this app, where its developer will post the APK file of the app, whenever it gets an update. This app will work on almost all kinds of displays, with or without notches, since it allows you to customize the shape of notch.

Download Borderlight app from XDA-Forum

UPDATE: Borderlight app is now available on PlayStore.

How to setup & activate the Borderlight app?

1- Install the downloaded APK from the above-mentioned link. After installing open the app. It will show you an activation screen, where you need to tap in ‘ACTIVATE‘ to activate the live wallpaper.

borderlight app 22- After activating, you will see a live wallpaper with a default edge lighting layout. You simply have to tap on ‘Set wallpaper‘ to set it as your current wallpaper.

borderlight app 33- Once your wallpaper is set, you will see a screen with options to play with. Here you can change the cycling speed of the light border, its size & its corner radius. You can also enable or disable notch. If your phone has a different notch style than the default one, you can also change that from the notch settings. By default, you will see a pitch-black wallpaper with colored borders, you can also use a different wallpaper as per your preference.

borderlight app 44- Once you are done with all settings in the wallpaper app, go back to the home screen to see the edge light wallpaper in action.

borderlight app 5

Wrapping up: Get the edge lightning feature on any android phone?

Since this is just a wallpaper, you won’t see any major issues with it & you can keep it as wallpaper as long as you can, without worrying about any crash or battery drain. This live wallpaper works best with stock Android devices. We have tested it with an Android One device & an MIUI device, for some reason you won’t be able to see live wallpaper on the lock screen & clearing the recent panel will crash it in MIUI. We hope to see some fixes in future updates. And hope that the development continues with more possible features in this app.

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