How to easily get Ratio Launcher Invite?

Before we get into how to get ratio launcher invite easily, let’s have a look at why ratio launcher is so hyped up and what’s my take on the product.

The last time I was excited about a product was when I brought my first smartphone. Ever since I got myself into Minimalism, everything related to the term excites me in some sort of way. And this is where Ratio Launcher comes into existence. As soon as I got to know about the Blloc’s announcement that they are going to make the launcher available to the public. I went through every source to get a glimpse of their launcher. But like every good news out there, there is a ‘but’ attached to it. And the ‘but’ here was that the ‘Ratio Launcher’ is available as an invite-only app. And my main device wasn’t even on the list. Even that couldn’t stop me from filling the form and requesting an invite.

It took me more than 3 months just to get the invite for the Blloc’s Ratio launcher for my device. And as soon as I got the email, I paused all my work and installed Ratio launcher on my phone. The setup was a bit unusual so it took me a couple of minutes before I could see the Ratio launcher running on my device. Then another 15-20 minutes, just to set it up as per my requirements. It has been about a month since I am using this launcher and I am loving it. At this moment, I am so hooked to this launcher that won’t think but pay for the yearly pro subscription when it’s out from the beta.

ratio launcher mix 2 mrnoob

So if you are someone, who wants to get into this hype train and try this minimalistic launcher to minimize their smartphone usage, but still waiting for an invite from Blloc. Here we have a couple of methods to speed up the chances of getting the invites.

How to get a Ratio Launcher invite?

UPDATE [06-10-2020] :

Ratio launcher is out of beta now, which means you no longer have to wait for an invite to install Ratio launcher on your device. Just go to the below link and download the Ratio launcher directly via Playstore as a regular Android launcher app.

Get Ratio Launcher via Playstore.

METHOD 1- [The usual one, but there is a catch]

1. Visit and click on the ‘Get Ratio‘ button to navigate to the invite section of the website.

2. Now you have to select your phone’s model from the list. At this moment, only a few Pixel and OnePlus devices are fully supported. With a handful of devices with partial support. And the catch here is if your device is not listed then choose from the device model they have already on the list. This will increase your chance of getting an invite as early as possible.

ratio supported devices mrnoob

3. Now that you have selected the device, enter your email address where you want to receive the invite. Make sure to put in a new email address, if you have already used your current email. (This email address will be used to access their Blloc community, where fellow Ratio launcher users can submit their feedback and report bugs)

4. Finally, click on the ‘Request Invite‘ button to request the invite and wait until you receive the invite. Usually already listed devices will have a better chance of getting an invite. Well, the key here is your patience.

ratio invite mrnoob

METHOD 2- (For getting an instant invite, with a caveat!)

This method is a bit unconventional as it requires you to ask a fellow Ratio launcher user to send you an instant invite on your email address. For now everyone who is already using Ratio Launcher can invite two more people to check out Ratio launcher on their device. And this may change later.
For that, you can check out their social media handles or on their unofficial discord server and ask for an invite from a fellow user, who is willing to share an invite. (The mentioned discord server is well maintained by the fellow Ratio launcher users in the community, helping other users.)

[Note: My intent is not make anyone beg for an invite, it’s an open community and if someone has the spare invites and are willing to share, they can.]

Discord blloc unofficial mrnoob
The good thing is, I have two Ratio Launcher invites to share. And I will be more than happy to share it with someone who wants to try this launcher and re-define their smartphone experience. All invites have been shared, will let you know if I got more invites in my hand for you guys.

If you want one of those invites, do let me know, what is that one feature of Ratio Launcher that you liked the most and why? via a comment.


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    • Hello Fritz, thanks for appreciating. Sent you an invite just now. Check your inbox. Hope you enjoy the Ratio launcher and don’t forget to join their community for catching up with the fellow users.


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