How to Delete or Snooze Your Bumble Account to Detox Yourself

This ‘how to delete bumble account‘ comes into question either when you found your ‘one‘ or the other way around. Personally, for me, it’s the other way around almost all the time. Well, you will be able to read more self-deprecating introductions on more articles if you keep reading us on but this one is not about me. It’s about how to deactivate and delete a bumble account. Deleting Dating apps might help you with self-discovery or even Digital detox.

In the case of bumble, we have two options to delete the bumble account, one is permanent and the other is temporary. You can either delete your bumble account permanently or make sure your profile doesn’t get discovered by using the Snooze feature within Bumble. Let’s see how you can do both of these.

Permanently Delete Your Bumble Account!

Before we go further, here is a sweet disclaimer for you:

Deleting Bumble will Remove all your data, your pictures, and your bio which you probably stole from some Shakespearean textbook and you will never be able to recover anything ever again. So make sure that you take screenshots or back up all the text by copying them to a doc file. Just in case, you need them later print those conversations on a blanket and give it to your significant other on some anniversary as a token of your love. Weird much or being cute; but who we are to judge? *wink*

Let’s bid adieu to our sweet bumble account now:

  1. Open the Bumble app (obviously) and as soon as you open the app you will see photos of the girls or guys waiting to be right-swiped and never swipe back. Ignore them, they are just here to distract you and we no longer need that kind of distraction in our life.bumble main screen how to delete bumble account
  2. Now tap on the user icon on the bottom left side of the screen. As soon as you do that you will be taken to your page with your photo. I have blurred mine because of privacy, kindly don’t follow me on Instagram.bumble profile screen how to delete bumble account
  3. Now Tap on the gear icon on the top left of the profile screen which will take you to the settings menu. On the settings screen, you will see a “Delete” on delete on settings screen how to delete bumble account
  4. Tap on delete and now you will see a prompt that will say “Delete Account? This action cannot be undone.” To confirm this you have to type the word delete in the text box below the prompt.type delete and account will be deleted
  5. Type delete and hit confirm. Once you do this, your bumble account will be deleted successfully and now you won’t be able to use bumble ever. You will have to make an account again to use bumble once again after breaking up, but we hope you never have to.

If you want a temporary solution to quit bumble for a while then consider snoozing your account.

How to Snooze your Bumble Account?

Introduced first in 2018, the snooze feature lets you take a break from your usual swiping shenanigans resulting in compulsive swiping behavior which is not cool for a healthy life. If you wish to digitally detox, then this might be a good option for you to consider.

To snooze your Bumble profile we have to do a similar drill as we did while deactivating the bumble account.

  1. On your home screen tap on the bottom left icon to reveal the user page.bumble profile screen how to delete bumble account
  2. Once in, Now tap on the Gear icon on the top left to enter settings.bumble settings page
  3. On the settings page, you will see an option of Snooze, tap on that and now you will see 4 more options: 24 Hours, 72 Hours, A week, and Indefinitely. This is basically the time frame for how long you want your Bumble account to be snoozed.choose your time frame how to delete bumble account
  4. Tap on any of them and bumble will ask you why are you leaving it for; traveling, work, Detox, or just self-priority.choose your display message how to delete bumble account
  5. If you chose any of them, Bumble would set the status on your profile and your existing matches will be able to see that. If you don’t wish to tell your reason, then choose “No Thanks“.

Once You do this you will be able to Snooze your bumble account properly and it will go offline whenever you open the app. Your profile won’t show to people around you on the Bumble platform from now on till the date you have snoozed. To go back online, just cancel the snooze from the main screen or the settings and things will again come back as before.

What Happens When You Delete Bumble?

Here’s an overview of what happens when you permanently delete your Bumble account:

  • Profile Deleted – All account info, photos, and bio are erased.
  • Matches Gone – All current matches and chat history are permanently deleted.
  • Discovery Disabled – Your profile will no longer appear in others’ swipe stacks.
  • Rejoin Required – You’ll have to completely recreate an account if you rejoin Bumble later.
  • Data Unrecoverable – Nothing can be retrieved after deletion, so backup anything important.

Essentially, deleting your account completely resets your presence on Bumble as if you never joined. You have to start totally fresh by making a new account if you later choose to return.

Does “Deleted Account” Mean They Unmatched Me?

You may notice some of your Bumble matches start displaying as “Deleted Account” rather than their name. So what exactly does this mean?

There are two possibilities if a match shows as “Deleted Account”:

  • They unmatched you – They directly unmatched you, removing you from their matches.
  • They deleted account – They completely deleted their Bumble account, removing themselves from the app.

The “Deleted Account” tag indicates the match no longer exists, but not whether they specifically unmatched versus fully deleted their account.

If you get unmatched, that match can no longer message you. But if they deleted their account completely, they would disappear for all their matches.

Can I Start Over Once I Delete My Account?

Yes, even after permanently deleting your Bumble account, you’re free to join again in the future with a brand new account.

When creating your new Bumble profile after deleting an old one, keep in mind:

  • Use new photos – Don’t reuse the same photos from your deleted profile.
  • Craft new bio – Write fresh, original content rather than copying your old bio.
  • Unique email/number – Sign up with a different Facebook, phone number, or email.
  • Different display name – Use a name different from your previous account.

Creating a wholly original new account avoids any issues being seen as duplicating your old deleted profile. Take the fresh start opportunity to completely rebrand your image!

Can You Have Two Bumble Accounts?

Bumble prohibits having more than one active account linked to your identity, so you should not maintain two profiles at the same time.

Reasons why double accounts violate Bumble’s terms:

  • Misrepresentation – Makes it seem like you’re two people when you’re only one.
  • Spam risks – Duplicate accounts can be used for harassing others.
  • Gaming the system – People exploit multiple accounts to get more matches.
  • Compromised user trust – Goes against community guidelines of authenticity.

Maintaining two accounts simultaneously often leads to bans. But if you fully delete an old account before making a new one, that is allowed. Just don’t try operating two at once.

Does Deleting the App Delete Your Profile?

A common misconception is that simply deleting the Bumble app from your phone also deletes your account. But this is not the case.

When you delete the Bumble app:

  • Your account and profile still exist.
  • You can instantly access it again by re-downloading the app.
  • All previous data like matches, messages, etc. remain intact.

So be aware that removing the app from your device does not delete or disable your account in any way. Your profile remains fully active for others to view and match with.

You have to specifically delete your account from within the app’s settings to fully remove your presence. Don’t assume your account disappears just because you deleted the app.

Is It Bad to Delete Bumble and Start Over?

Some users delete and recreate their Bumble account hoping to get a fresh start and more matches their new profile. But is starting over recommended or frowned upon?

On the negative side:

  • You lose existing conversations and contacts.
  • Frequent remaking accounts can seem suspicious.
  • New user boost wears off faster if repeated.

However, benefits can include:

  • Crafting an improved profile with better photos/bio.
  • Correction of profile mistakes.
  • Exposure to new users you haven’t seen yet.
  • Removal of inactive old connections.

There are certainly valid reasons for wanting a refresh. Just don’t overdo it, as constantly remaking accounts results in reduced exposure on users’ swipe stacks.

Can Bumble Completely Delete My Account if Requested?

Yes, under the EU’s Right to Erasure law, you can request Bumble permanently delete your account and all associated data immediately.

To request complete account deletion:

  1. Email [email protected] from the email linked to your Bumble account.
  2. Explicitly state you want your account “erased” under the Right to Erasure law.
  3. Specify your phone number, Facebook, Apple ID, etc. linked to your Bumble account.
  4. They legally must completely wipe your account data without undue delay.

So if you want your account and all personal data gone for good, invoking the Right to Erasure forces Bumble to oblige. This permanent deletion cannot be reversed even by Bumble.

Steps to Recover a Deleted Bumble Account

Since permanent deletion is irreversible, many ask if it’s possible to recover their account after accidentally deleting. Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve a deleted Bumble account.

When you confirm permanent deletion, all account data is destroyed from Bumble’s servers instantly and they have no ability to restore it.

Your only option is to create a brand new account from scratch. Here are tips for smoothly starting fresh if you must:

  • Choose a completely new display name.
  • Take updated photos if possible.
  • Craft an original, engaging bio.
  • Link a different Facebook/email than before.
  • Turn on photo verification to avoid impersonation concerns.

With a fully refreshed profile bearing no resemblance to your old one, you can seamlessly start over on Bumble after an inadvertent deletion.

Will I cancel a Bumble boost as well as Bumble if I delete my Bumble account?

Yes, Cancelling Bumble will Delete the Bumble boost as well. If you have bought Bumble Boost for a year and want to delete or deactivate the Bumble account, then I would suggest you wait and snooze your account for some days first so that you get to know your behavior patterns in a much better way and then make a choice.

How to know if someone deleted their bumble account?

When Someone deletes their bumble account, You will be able to see the user as a Deleted member on the top where their name label usually flashes.

How to know if someone Blocked you on Bumble?

If someone blocked you on bumble then the same thing happens as well, you will start seeing their name as Deleted Member and you won’t be able to see their display picture at all once you are blocked.

What does Deleted Member Mean on Bumble?

Whenever you are talking to someone and you start seeing deleted members on the bottom of their name tag then it definitely means that they have either blocked you or deleted their account permanently. If they snooze their account or unmatch you then you will not see such notification explicitly.

How do I cancel Bumble Boost on Android and iOS?

Android: To cancel Bumble Boost on Android, you will have to use the subscription manager inside the play store.

  1. Open Google Play Store app on your android.
  2. tap on the hamburger menu and navigate to “Account and Subscriptions”.
  3. There you will be able to see all the subscriptions you have. Tap on Bumble subscription.
  4. Tap on “Cancel” and confirm the cancellation.

iOS/iPhone: To cancel Bumble Boost on iOS, you will have to use the subscription manager inside the play store.

  1. Open the iTunes App Store.
  2. Tap on a valid Apple ID from the top.
  3. Tap on “View Apple ID”.
  4. Now tap on subscriptions.
  5. Select “Bumble”.
  6. Tap on “Cancel Subscription”, and your subscription will be canceled.

How to Snooze, Deactivate or Delete a Bumble account? – Closing Words

So in this article, I showed you how to snooze or delete your bumble account easily and safely, I personally feel that before deleting the bumble account, one should snooze their profile and go for a digital detox and then only delete it because if you delete the account once, it will never come back in the same shape and form and if you want to create another one then you will have to waste a couple of minutes from your life again doing the same thing which can be unproductive.

I hope you liked our take on how you can delete your bumble account properly. Do comment if you have any feedback on our work. Thanks for reading.

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