How to create your own People Card in Google Search?

Before we get started and find out how to create a people card inside google search and add our name to the search, let’s first see what a people card is and why is it so important.

Google has announced a new feature called People Card, which lets anyone with a Google account create a virtual visiting card. And just like a typical visiting card, this people card will let you add your information within the people card. Every time someone Google searches your name, the search result will showcase your people card with all the information. If you have a Google Account, you can create your own People card. People cards can have your profile picture, name, occupation, work, bio, education, and contact details. You can also link your social media accounts and website links.

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Currently, the people card feature is only available in India and to mobile users. So, if you are from a different country then you might have to wait until Google made this in your country.

How to create your own People Card in Google Search?

1. Open Google App on your smartphone and search ‘Add me to search‘ from the Google Search box. (You can also visit on any browser and search for the same term to get the option to create a People card)

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2. Click on Get started. Now Google will ask you to verify your phone number. Just select your country code and phone number to receive the authentication code. Enter this verification code in the text field and click ‘Next‘ to proceed to the next step. This phone number verification will ensure that only the legitimate person is creating the people card.

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3. You will see a blank form asking you to create a public profile after completing the authentication. Fill in all the information that you want to show on your public profile and click on ‘Preview‘ to review your details before publishing.

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4. Preview page will showcase the preview on your people card. This is what someone will see when they will search your name. After reviewing, simply click on ‘Save‘ to save your card. You will receive a confirmation dialog saying ‘Your search card has been updated and will appear in Search results shortly‘.

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Note: Do note that, it will take some time for Google to show your search card in search results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am not getting any option to create people’s cards after searching ‘Add me to Google’ in Google search.

This feature is currently available only in India. If you are not from India, you have to wait until Google releases this feature in your country.

Can I create my people card on a desktop/mac browser?

Google enabled the People card feature only for mobile users. However, if you are a desktop user you can create one by opening google in mobile format. To do that just click on the 3 dot menu on the top right and click on more tools. Now select developer tools or simply press Ctrl+Shift+I.
Once Developer tools open, Click on the Device Section on the top left. Now select any phone model and it will open the same in mobile mode. Once done just refresh the page and now you will be able to see the “Add me to Search” option.people card inspect element mrnoob

Can I change or update the details of my People Card?

You can easily edit or change the details of your people card. Just log in to your Google account that you used to create your virtual visiting card and search for your name on Google search. You can see your card popped up in the result with an edit button, just click on it and change your information as required.

I am unable to see my card when I Google search my name, what should I do?

People cards will only pop up when some Google searches your name on a mobile phone. If you have recently created your card, then wait for a couple of hours before you can see your virtual business card in search results.

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