How to Add Music to Snapchat Stories?

Everyone wants to emote themselves using songs on stories. Adding music on reels is easy but how to add music on Snapchat stories?

One of the best ways to make your stories or snaps exciting and engaging is by adding music to them. Snapchat users have been adding music to their stories by playing the track in the background while recording their snaps for a long time. But now, with the addition of Snapchat’s music library, you can add music to your Snaps and Stories on Snapchat.

Whether you are using Snapchat App on Android or iOS, this feature works seamlessly on both platforms. You can also add the music sticker to your stories as you do on Instagram. Not just this, you can also add your own music/audio to your Snapchat stories.

Let’s see how to do it!

How to add music to Snapchat Stories?

Earlier, we had to play songs in the background to get music in our Snapchat stories, which were heckling and sounded very absurd. At the same time, some of us did the hard work by editing music into our stories using some third-party app before uploading it on Snapchat.

While all these workarounds worked, their execution wasn’t as polished as it was supposed to be. Thankfully, Snapchat brought the feature to add music to your stories with a new update. You can now choose songs and music from Snapchat’s Music library to add to your snaps/stories. Or add your music from your phone’s gallery to your Snapchat story.

For videos stories, the audio length equals the video’s duration. While for photos, the maximum audio length is 10-seconds.

Here is how to add music to Snapchat stories.

A. Add music from Snapchat Music Library to your Story.

  1. Open your Snapchat app and click a picture or record a video you want to share as a story or snap.
  2. Now tap on the music note button on the right side of your screen to access Snapchat’s Music Library.  access snapchat music library mrnoob
  3. Inside Music Library, you’ll find songs based on their popularity, music genre, mood, etc. Or you can use the search bar on top to find the exact song to add to your Story or snap. Search for the song you want to use in your snap story, preview it by pressing the play button, then tap on it to add it to your snap.
  4. After you select the sound, Snapchat will show a song/music timeline at the bottom. Here you need to select the part of the song you want to use in your Snapchat story.
  5. Select the part you would like to use by scrubbing through the music timeline, and then tap on the tick button to save it. add music snapchat stories song library mrnoob
  6. After adding sound, you can either add more elements to your snap or press the “Send to” button to send it to your friends or add it to your Story. send snapchat story music mrnoob

And you have successfully added songs to your Snapchat story from its media library. Now let’s see how you can add your music to your Snapchat story.

B. Add your own music to your Snapchat Story.

Apart from choosing music from Snapchat’s Music Library, you can record your own music or upload one from your camera roll.

Keep in mind that you can’t upload or record copyrighted music on Snapchat. Snapchat app will analyze the audio before saving it, and if it detects any copyright infringement, it will automatically block it and show you a popup.

sound blocked snapchat error mrnoob

Here is how to add your own music to your Snapchat Story!

  1. Tap on the circular shutter camera button to click or record a snap and tap on the music note icon again to access Snapchat Music Library.
  2. Inside Snapchat Music Library, go to the “My Sounds” options available on the top right of your screen.
  3. After opening the “My Sounds” tab, you will find the “Create Sound” option. Tap on it and then choose from the menu, Upload From Camera Roll or Record Soundadd own music snapchat stories mrnoob
  4. You can tap on “Upload From Camera Roll” and select music from your phone’s gallery. Or choose “Record Sound,” then record a piece of 60-seconds (max) music for your Snapchat Story. own music snapchat mrnoob
  5. After recording the audio, give your music a title, and then tap on the “Save Sound” button to save it in your Snapchat Music Library. You can also make it public for your friends or other Snapchat users. create sound snapchat mrnoob

Now head over to “My Sounds” tap to see all your record music and select the one you want to use in your Snap. And that you can easily add your own audio and improve your Snapchat game forever following the abovementioned steps.

However, one thing that might bother you is the music sticker flashing on your Story. You can quickly get rid of it by dragging the music sticker out of your screen. While this is a bit weird, it works utterly perfectly as I use this trick to get rid of the music sticker.

How to favorite a song on Snapchat?

While you can always search for music inside Snapchat Music Library for using it in your stories, you can favorite your frequently used music/songs for accessing them the next time you want to add them to your Story.

To favorite a song on Snapchat.

  1. Open the Snapchat app and tap on the Music note icon to access Snapchat Music Library.
  2. Using the search bar on the top, search for the audio you want to add to your favorite list. You can also check your recently used music under the “Recents” tabs, where Snapchat saves songs, you recently used in your snaps/stories.
  3. Once you have the song, you want to favorite, long-press on it, and a popup menu will appear with a “Heart” icon beside the song title. Tap on it to add that song to your favorite list. snapchat songs favorite mrnoob
  4. Repeat the process for every music/song that you want in your favorite list.
  5. After adding songs to your favorite list, you can quickly select the song from the “My Favorites” tab inside the Snapchat Music Library to add to your snap story. my favorites snapchat mrnoob

Similarly, to remove a song from your favorite list, long-press on it and tap on the “Heart” icon. Snapchat will instantly remove that song from the “My Favorite” tab. However, you can always add it back from the music library, by following the abovementioned steps.

How to add music to your Snapchat memories?

Many of us share our old memories as Snapchat stories. Memories are the snaps or stories you have shared in the past on Snapchat. The only question is if we can add songs to our memories and upload them as stories. Yes, you can, and here is how to add music to your Snapchat Memories;

  1. Open Snapchat, and tap on the memories icon beside the big circular shutter button. snapchat memories mrnoob
  2. Inside “Memories,” select the memory you want to upload as your Story.
  3. Then tap on the 3-dot on the top-right of your phone’s screen to open the popup menu and select the “Edit Snap” option. edit snap memories mrnoob
  4. You will see a music note icon on the right side of your phone. Tap on it to access Snapchat’s music library.
  5. Now just select the music from the library that you would like to add to your memory. Then share it as a story or send it to your friends as a snap.

How to add music to Snapchat from Spotify?

Snapchat doesn’t allow you to add music to your stories from Spotify. However, you can share the album art of what you are listening to on Spotify as your Snapchat story or a snap.

Open the Spotify app on your Android or iPhone, then share the song/album that you are listening to from the 3-dot menu and select “Snapchat” from the share list.

share spotify music snapchat mrnoob

Snapchat will automatically open with the album art of the song/album you are just shared, along with its Spotify link. Now tap on the “Send to” button and send it as a snap or add it to your Story.

spotify snapchat mrnoobNote that, this snap/story will not feature any sound. However, viewers can click on the snap story link to listen to the song on their Spotify app.

Wrapping up: Adding music to Snapchat Stories!

Adding music to Snapchat stories makes them more entertaining and engaging. Such as choosing a trending/viral song for your public stories will automatically give it an organic boost. Not only this, choosing the right music for your Story adds an emotional value to it and grabs viewers’ attention.

This guide has covered everything you need to add music to your Snapchat stories and snaps. And will also guide you on how to add your own music to your stories and make them more engaging to your viewers. Meanwhile, you can also check our guide on making Public Profile on Snapchat and expanding your Snapchat content reach to the masses.


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