How to get Android Pie notification panel on any Android phone

With every Android update, we see some new user interface in the Android OS. This time around Google has changed the UI of their notification panel & make it look more materialistic. This is a major UI change since Android Lollipop. But until unless you are using Google devices or Android one devices or devices running close-to-stock Android, you won’t be able to enjoy it. There are lots of apps on the Playstore that claims to install the Android Pie notification panel on your Android device. But none of them seem to work as perfect as Power Shade by TreyDev.

Power Shade by TreyDev is an app that lets you change the look & feel of your notification panel to that of Android Pie. This app not only offers the look and feel of the Android Pie Notification Panel but also gives customization on top of it. However, not all customization is available in the free version, yet the free version will work just fine. Plus, this app is ad-free, if that matters.

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Installing Android Pie Notification on any Android Phone:

1. Installing Power Shade App from PlayStore!

Search for Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer & Manager on Playstore & install it, it’s available for free there. It’s a tiny app, just under 2 MB but packs in a lot.

power shade 1google play store button

2. Setting up the Power Shade App!

You won’t be able to see the new notification panel just by installing the app. You need to set it up by giving some mandatory permissions. First of all, open the app & slide the ‘Arrow [->] on the ‘Not Running‘ section. This will get you inside another window where you’ll see certain necessary permissions for this app to run without any hiccups. Carefully allow all permissions & once you have given all permission, hit back to get in the main menu.

power shade 2 1The ‘Not Running‘ section should now be showing ‘Running‘, which means you have successfully given all permissions & you can now enjoy the new notification panel. Just slide down from the top to see the new Android Pie Notification panel. (As shown in the image below)

power shade 3

More customization options: PowerShade App

The standard layout of the notification panel is similar to what Android Pie will offer. But it also gives plenty of customization options for the user to change or adjust as per preference. By default, these options are categorized into 4 different sections:


This option lets you set a trigger area to slide down the notification panel on either side of the screen. Here you can set the size, position & color of the trigger handle. You can also set whether the trigger should vibrate or not while tapping. If the trigger is not enabled, then you have to pull down the notification panel as usual by sliding down from the top.

power shade 4


This option lets you customize the look of the notification panel as per your taste. You can choose a light or dark theme. Choose a dynamic theme, if you want to change the color of notifications as per their respective apps. for ex., Blue for Facebook notification. You can also change the color of each section (Notification section & Quick Settings toggle section) & quick toggles icons shade as per your preference. If that’s not enough, you can add transparency to the quick-setting menu & can change the value of transparency, but that’s only in the pro version.

power shade 5


This option lets you change the default layout of the notification panel, but most of the features are locked on the free version & is limited to changing the position of the brightness slider. In ‘Pro Version‘, you can change the number of rows & columns in quick settings to fit in more toggle on a single page.

power shade 6


Here you can set a custom background image for the notification panel, instead of solid colors. You can change the behavior of notifications & notification panel while on the lock screen. You can also enable the default Google Sans font for the panel, instead of using the system fonts.

power shade 7

Final Words: Install Android Pie Notification Panel

There are few limitations of this app, which isn’t the fault of the app but due to the Android system or respective UI. For instance, in MIUI swiping down on the home screen is showing the default notification panel instead of this new panel. This app will work better with Android Oreo but can be used on Android version lollipop & above. If you are on a rooted device, give root permission/access. Else tapping on certain quick toggles will open the respective quick toggle setting, instead of toggling them on/off.

Bonus: You can buy the pro version for as low as $ 1.99, as a first-day discount offer via in-app purchase. The regular price for this app is $ 3.99.

Hope you enjoy the look & feel of the new Android Notification Panel.

Good day!


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