Firestick Remote Lost? Here’s what you can do!

If you are here to find the solution for your lost firestick remote then you have clicked on the most accurate and updated guide on the internet for firestick remote lost scenario.

Losing a remote is a nightmare, especially if it’s a tiny remote like the Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote. Is your firestick remote lost too and do you want to know what to do next? Well, the simple answer is that, in certain scenarios, you can still use your Firestick without a remote.

I Lost my Firestick Remote – What to do Next?

So you lost or forgot your firestick remote? Below are some of the ways to keep using your Fire TV Stick even without the remote :

1. When your Firestick Remote is Lost Inside your Own House:

When you lose your firestick remote within the premise of your building, it’s almost certain that you eventually find it. Until then you’ll need a replacement to navigate around the Fire TV OS interface.

The easy way to do this is by using the Fire TV Remote App. For those who don’t know, you can control your Fire TV stick using your Smartphone using this App. Once you configure the app, you will be able to use your phone as a remote.

To do this, first, download and install the Fire TV app on your Android or iOS from the Playstore or App store. Now open the app and search for the nearby Fire TV Stick.

If your phone and the Fire TV Stick are on the same network, you will see your Fire TV Stick on your smartphone inside the Fire TV app. Tap on that to start pairing. Now your TV screen will show a 4-digit pin.

fire tv showing pop up to connect firestick remote lost

Insert the pin inside the Fire TV app and complete the pairing.

amazon fire tv shows the pop up to insert digits

Now you can start using the Fire TV Stick with your Android or iOS smartphone as long as both devices are on the same network.

After the successful connection between Fire TV Stick app and your Fire TV Stick, you can use the Fire TV App to navigate inside your Fire TV Stick. Use Swipe gestures inside the app to move around inside your Fire TV OS. To open/play anything, navigate on that option/movie/series and tap once on your Fire TV app.

control fire tv remote app mrnoob

This is a pretty neat Fire TV Remote alternative when your Fire TV remote is lost. You can even use this app while your remote is working but you are too lazy to get out of your blanket on a cold winter night.

2. Firestick Remote Lost Away from Home :

Now coming to another scenario, this is more likely to happen if you are traveling with your Fire TV Stick out of your house and left the remote at home or lost it in the hotel room.

You can use the Fire TV app here as well but using it will be a bit tricky since the Firestick remote is lost, and your Firestick will not recognize the hotel’s WiFi.

To fix this, we will need two devices;

  1. A phone with the Fire TV app installed.
  2. A Device that acts as the hotspot. You can use an Android phone or Windows PC or MAC to do this, as the iPhone doesn’t support changing wifi SSID.

The trick here is to make Fire TV think that we are still on the Wi-Fi name it recognizes and then changes the wifi to the new one.

Start by installing the Amazon Fire TV app on one of the phones (Android or iOS) and open the app. If you already have the app installed, then you will see that the app is no longer getting connected to your Fire TV Stick.

Now the next and most crucial part of this method is to create a mobile hotspot with the same WiFi name (SSID) and Password as the one at home.

In my case, my home WiFi SSID is ‘MrnoobNetwork‘, so I will have to change the SSID and password on my other device’s hotspot to match it.

connect the second phone to common wifi

This will trick Firestick to treat the hotspot as a known WiFi connection.

navigate inside fire tv stick

And you will be able to use your Fire TV App to control your Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you want to use a new wifi connection then use the app to change the WiFi in the Fire TV app, input a password, and hit ‘Connect‘.

You can now navigate the Fire TV interface, select titles, control playback, adjust volume, and more straight from your phone. The app uses intuitive swipe gestures to mimic remote control actions. This works as a seamless substitute until you locate your lost physical remote.

Some key advantages of using the Fire TV Remote app include:

  • Completely mirrors the buttons and layout of the physical remote
  • Easy to setup with automatic pairing process
  • Intuitive gestures for navigation, selection, menus, etc.
  • Additional features like keyboard input for searches
  • Voice command access via the phone’s microphone
  • Handy power button to put Firestick to sleep without remote
  • Completely free to use with no limitations

As long as your smartphone and Fire TV Stick are on the same WiFi network, the remote app provides a simple and effective way to regain full wireless control of your Firestick when a remote goes missing. It’s the first option to try before exploring more advanced solutions.

3. Use Another Fire TV Stick Remote

The Fire TV stick remote works on Bluetooth technology to pair, if you lose your Fire TV Stick remote then you can easily take control of the navigation by borrowing a friend’s remote and connecting it.

You can even use the previous-gen Fire TV remote to connect to a new one like Fire TV Stick 4k.

Simply, hard reset any Fire TV Remote by pressing and holding the Back, Menu, and Left buttons for 15 seconds and remove the batteries.

fire tv stick remote button pair mrnoob

Now restart your Fire TV Stick put the batteries back inside the remote, then press the ‘Home‘ button. Now you can use the new Firestick remote to control your Fire TV stick.

You can use the same method to connect the Fire TV App with your Fire TV stick.

This quick process lets any Fire TV remote connect to and control your Firestick. You can now access all functions until you retrieve your original remote.

Some benefits of using another Fire TV remote include:

  • Instantly familiar button layout if coming from different Fire TV models.
  • Full Alexa voice control access through the microphone button.
  • Bluetooth connectivity means no line of sight is required.
  • The syncing process is fast and seamless.
  • No learning or programming is required.
  • AAA batteries are inexpensive and easily replaced.
  • Functions exactly like an original Firestick remote.
  • Can use a remote from an older Fire TV device if needed.

Using a borrowed Fire TV remote from another device or an older generation remote you have on hand provides reliable performance identical to an original remote. It’s a convenient solution accessible to many Fire TV users.

Best Remote Replacements for FireTV Stick

4. Use Keyboard or Mouse:

You can use a keyboard or a Mouse to use a firestick. The process however is a bit tricky, to do this you will have to buy a USB connector to connect your keyboard or mouse to the Fire TV Stick.

fire tv stick cable mrnoob

With some small accessories, you can convert a wireless keyboard or mouse into a navigational controller:

  • Purchase an OTG (On-The-Go) USB adapter made for the Firestick.
  • Connect the OTG adapter to your powered-on Firestick.
  • Attach a USB wireless dongle receiver for a wireless keyboard/mouse.
  • Pair the keyboard or mouse to the dongle. You can now navigate the Fire TV interface.

A wireless keyboard with built-in trackpad offers the most convenient experience. But a regular Bluetooth mouse will also get the job done.

Setting up a wireless keyboard/mouse with your Firestick involves:

  1. Obtaining an OTG USB adapter designed for the Firestick.
  2. Inserting the adapter into the Micro USB power port on the Firestick.
  3. Attaching a wireless keyboard/mouse dongle into the USB-A port on the adapter.
  4. Powering on the keyboard/mouse and entering pairing mode.
  5. Navigating the Firestick interface using the keyboard/mouse.

This gives you wireless control over the Firestick from your laptop keyboard or a Bluetooth mouse when away from home without a remote. The cursor on screen acts just like a remote

You can also use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo to use both keyboard and mouse at the same time with the unifying receiver.

Get the Logitech Keyboard mouse combo from here

5. Use a FireTV stick with Bluetooth Accessories

Since Firestick supports Bluetooth, you can also use some Bluetooth accessories like a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse to operate your Fire TV Stick.

First, pair the Fire TV stick app with your Fire TV and then use the Fire TV app to navigate to the Bluetooth page.

To do this, go to Settings > Remotes & Bluetooth Devices > Other Bluetooth Devices > Add Bluetooth Devices

Now Select the Bluetooth accessory and you are good to go. In this case, I am using the Logitech M585 Bluetooth mouse with my Fire TV 1st Gen.

pair bluetooth acessories with fire tv stick

You can use a Bluetooth-enabled mouse and keyboard to navigate around the fire tv stick’s user interface. a better way to do this is to use a mini keyboard with Bluetooth.

Check out the Best Bluetooth keyboards here

6. Control Firestick using an Air Mouse :

The next easiest thing to do if you lost your firestick remote is to use an air mouse. An air mouse is a combination of a remote and a mouse. You get a full qwerty keyboard on almost all air mouse.

bluetooth mouse keyboard fire tv stick mrnoob

To use an air mouse, just insert the air mouse dongle inside the OTG adapter cable and it should start working.

Most Air mice have navigation buttons like the usual fire tv stick remote and an air mouse button to navigate freely as a mouse if you flick the remote in the air. This is indeed a must-have Fire TV Stick accessory.

Check out the Best Air Mouse here

7. Use your TV remote with HDMI CEC to control the Fire TV stick

Most of the branded TV models these days come with an optional built-in called HDMI Consumer Electronics Control or HDMI-CEC. HDMI-CEC makes it easy to use 3rd party devices with HDMI CEC support to be used directly via the TV remote.

To use HDMI CEC on your Smart TV, you will have to make sure that the service is turned on. The HDMI CEC service is turned on by default in most cases but if it’s not then you will have to turn it on manually.

Almost every manufacturer has HDMI CEC built-in but the problem is that every brand has their patented word for the same. You can refer to this table to know what HDMI CEC is called in your brand.

Brand NameTechnology
SonyBravia Sync

And then enable the options on your TV to use your TV remote to control the Fire TV Stick.

How do I reconnect my remote to my Firestick?

If your original Firestick remote is found, re-pairing it is simple. Just press and hold the Home button while pointing remote at Firestick to re-establish the Bluetooth connection. Can also re-sync by simultaneously holding Back + Menu + Left buttons for 15 seconds then pressing Home.

How to Find Lost Firestick Remote?

The only way to get track of your lost Firestick remote is by looking for it where you think you have lost it. However, we have discussed some of the best alternatives that you can use if you are unable to find the lost firestick remote in your house or wherever it was lost.

How to Connect Firestick to Wifi Without Remote?

The only way to connect Firestick to New Wifi Without a remote is to create temporary wifi with the same credentials as your old one if you are away from the original wifi source. If you are near the original WiFi source then the Firestick automatically detects the previous WiFi and connects to it automatically without any issues. If you make a new wifi connection using your phone to emulate the pre-existing wifi connection, make sure to use the Amazon Fire TV app to control the firestick directly.

Which is the Best Fire TV Stick remote replacement?

In this guide, we have discussed many firestick remote replacements. If you want to purchase a proper fire stick replacement with Alexa controls built-in then getting an official fire tv stick remote is a good idea but if you like 3rd party remotes with more functionality and no Alexa support then getting an air mouse is a good idea.

Best Remote Replacements for FireTV Stick

Which Universal Remote works best with Amazon Fire TV Stick?

These are the best universal remotes that we found on the internet that you can use to control your fire tv stick.

1. Logitech Harmony Smart Control:

logitech harmony elite

One of the most famous products in the universal remote market is the Logitech harmony smart control. Logitech Harmony remote connects with over 275000 devices. If you use the fire tv stick on an old device then also this one will work properly.

Using the Logitech harmony smart remote control, you can control many devices including  TV, DVD players, and even home appliances like thermostats, etc.

The hub connects directly to smart assistants like the amazon echo dot and Google home for voice control.

Buy Logitech Harmony Smart Control

2. Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Control

sofabaton U1

This one is another very popular universal remote control. The Sofabaton U1 comes with a multi-pair function. Pair multiple devices inside the Sofabaton U1 and use the slider to switch between all the devices. You can also configure Bluetooth and IR devices at the same time and switch between them seamlessly.

Inside the Sofabaton app, you can configure individual buttons as macros to run certain commands when clicked.

Buy Sofabaton UI Universal Remote Control

3. Replacement Remote for Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K

generic amazon fire tv stick remote

If you want something affordable and the bare minimum then this generic Replacement remote for fire tv works fine. This one also has reprogrammable infrared buttons for volume that can be programmed using the original TV remote.

So yeah, while it isn’t the best one out there, but it works well.

Buy Replacement Remote for FireTV Stick & FireTV Stick 4K

How to control a Firestick without a remote?

To control a Firestick without a remote, you will have to use the methods that we discussed in this guide. Chose the best method which suits your need and start using your fire tv stick without the remote.

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What can I use instead of a Firestick remote?

  • Fire TV mobile app on smartphone.
  • Another Fire TV remote
  • Wireless mouse, keyboard or air mouse
  • SofaBaton/Harmony universal remote
  • HDMI-CEC control through TV remote
  • Alexa Voice Remote

Lots of alternatives beyond the standard remote can control your Firestick in a pinch, some more conveniently than others.

Does the Firestick work with any remote?

No, Firestick only directly works with official Fire TV remotes. For 3rd party remotes you need advanced programmable/learning remotes like Logitech Harmony, SofaBaton, etc. that can sync with Firestick’s functions. Generic IR remotes lack the proper encoding.

Can I use my Roku remote on Firestick?

No, Roku remotes only work with Roku devices. Firestick uses Bluetooth whereas Roku uses WiFi Direct for remotes. You need a proper Fire TV remote or advanced programmable remote. Roku pair strictly to Roku streamers so it won’t control a Firestick.

Can You Use Voice Assistants to Control Fire Stick Without a Remote?

Voice assistants like Alexa can be integrated with Fire Stick. Knowing how to set this up can be a lifesaver when you can’t find your remote.

How Secure Is It to Use Third-Party Apps for Controlling Fire Stick?

While third-party apps offer a convenient alternative, it’s essential to know the security implications of using such apps to control your Fire Stick.

What Are the Limitations of Using a Mobile Hotspot for Fire Stick?

Using a mobile hotspot can be a workaround, but it’s important to understand its limitations, such as data usage and network stability, especially if you’re streaming high-definition content.

How Do Different Fire Stick Models Affect Remote Replacement Options?

Different Fire Stick models may have varying compatibility with replacement remotes. Knowing which remotes work with which models can help users make an informed decision.

Can You Use a Universal Remote as a Fire Stick Remote Replacement?

Universal remotes are popular for controlling multiple devices. Exploring their compatibility with Fire Stick can offer another solution for lost remotes.

Are There Any Accessibility Features in Alternative Remote Options?

Accessibility features like voice commands or large buttons can be crucial for some users. Discussing these features in alternative remote options can be informative.

Firestick Remote Lost – Conclusion

Losing your Firestick’s tiny remote can temporarily derail your streaming plans. But thankfully, inexpensive workarounds and replacements exist so you can start binge watching your favorite shows again in no time.

Whether you misplaced your remote in the couch cushions or accidentally left it behind in a hotel room, solutions like the Fire TV mobile app, wireless keyboards, replacement remotes and more outlined above will restore full Firestick functionality. With the right tools, no lost remote will ever disrupt your viewing pleasure again! Don’t let a lost Fire TV remote come between you and your must-see content.

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