Review 2021 : Publish Sponsored Posts and Start Earning from your Blog or Website in 2021

I know the title of this article got you here, don’t worry we will start the review soon but first discuss the overall scenario.

Most of the people reading this post are either bloggers or operate some sort of content business themselves. If not then you at least aspire to join the content creation industry in the upcoming years.

Bloggers and content creators usually use either display advertising or affiliate marketing to make money from the content they publish.

Of course, there are more options to make money from the content that you produce but we will be discussing one of the methods which anyone can opt for and make money: Sponsored posts. Review 2021 is one of the biggest platforms to get sponsored posts and get paid. But how good is it? Let’s find out.

What are Sponsored Posts?

Sponsored posts are posts where brands pay you to publish their content on your website to increase the reach of their product or service.

Consider sponsored posts as content that either the publisher (Content Creator) Makes for the brand or the brand creates it themselves which goes on the publisher’s built platform and creates relevant engagement.

The main motive of these sponsored posts is to create brand awareness through contextual linking inside the publisher’s content

What is

As we discussed earlier, is a platform that provides you with sponsored posts. can be categorized as a marketplace that makes brands and content creators work together.

Once you sign up on as a publisher, your website gets shown to various brands and they analyze your brand. If your brand aligns with their choice of website then you get an offer with an article.

Is worth our Trust or Attention?

After using flyout personally for some of my websites, I can say that is definitely secured and trustworthy as of writing this article. The best part about this portal is the smooth process that it offers for its users.

The other factor which makes trustworthy is the fact that it’s from the famous team that built which already is one of the well-known companies on the internet related to content marketing tools.

Features of

So here are some of the best features of that make it stand out :

  • works with over 2500 advertisers so the chances of getting noticed are really great.
  • It’s very simple to get started on a flyout and list your website/blog on their service.
  • Ability to block sponsored posts and advertisers that you don’t wish to work with.
  • Publish sponsored posts according to your website category.
  • Fast withdrawal.

How to List your Website/Blog Platform on and Make Money with Sponsored Posts?

To get started with listing your website or blog on you can use the following method :

Step 1. Open

Open the website and click on “Sign up Now”

sign up on flyout


Step 2. Check Eligibility

Now put your website’s URL and click on “Check Eligibility“. We will discuss the criteria of eligibility in the next segment.

check eligibility of your website while signing up on

Step 3. Verify the ownership of the website

Once you add your website, Now you have to prove your ownership to To prove ownership you can use either of the following methods:

  1. Verify by adding an HTML meta tag.
  2. Using HTML file.
  3. By using DNS records.

The easier one out of the two is by adding an HTML tag inside your website. To do this just copy the tag that is provided by and paste them inside the <body> section of the website. Once done, now click verify and if everything works, you can now move forward and sign up.

verify the ownership of your blog on flyout

Step 4: Add Blog Details 

As soon as the HTML tag fires and you click verify, you will be redirected to add your blog details. In this field just select the category of your website/blog, Add your contact number, and finally add the price per post that you would like to receive from the advertiser.

The price part can be a little tricky so let’s understand it to make sure you get sponsored posts.

The Value of sponsored posts on your website depends on the following factors:

  • Domain Authority/Page Authority
  • Monthly Average Views
  • UI/UX

To find the Domain Authority or Page Authority of your website, just open any DA/PA checker and add your website’s name inside it.

If your DA is under 10 and your website gets 10K monthly views then you can start from $15. As the Domain authority of your blog increases, increase the amount on the flyout website.

So once you find out your category and price. Enter the details and click on the ‘Submit Website‘ button.

Add your details inside flyout

Step 5. Enter your login details

Log in with your desired email and password. You can also choose to log in with Facebook or Gmail.

Step 6. Verify Google Analytics

Once done, now you can access Dashboard. Inside the blogs section of your dashboard, your website will be listed as pending. Now click on ‘Verify GA‘. You will be redirected to your google analytics login, once you log in, you will have to give read-only permission to Once done, your website will take almost 3-4 days to get verified.

verify google analytics in mrnoob

Once you get verified, you will get the following email from the flyout team email

Now your website is verified inside the dashboard. you will see the status as verified and you are all set to receive sponsored posts on your website.

Join Now and Start Earning

Blog or Website Approval Criteria for manually approves websites before they can get sponsored posts. To get approval for you need to have the following basic requirements.

  • Your website or blog should be at least 6 months old.
  • It should contain at least 100 unique articles (The flyout team was a little bit chilly in this case with my website. They gave me approval even though my website had only 85 articles, but they still approved my site)
  • Your website should have at least had traffic of 10,000 views in the last month.
  • The UI and UX of your website should be professional enough.

According to Flyout’s official website, they don’t allow the following niches and types of websites to be a part of;

  1. Any micro niche blog
  2. Any type of downloadable content like Apk, Games, Movies, Music, etc.
  3. Gambling/Casino websites.
  4. Deals & Coupons websites.
  5. Exam Results/Jobs portals
  6. Adult websites
  7. Any type of Event Blogs.
  8. Quotes/Lyrics websites.
  9. Facebook/Whatsapp Status.
  10. Celeb Wiki.
  11. Any type of Tool.
  12. Guns.
  13. Automated content blogs.
  14. Cannabis/Dating.
  15. Agency/Portfolio.

When do you start getting orders on

As soon as your blog or website gets approved, your website will start showing inside the blog section as “Approved“.

blog showing as approved mrnoob

Now at this moment, flyout starts to push your website to advertisers. You can see the same in the performance section of your dashboard.

Inside the performance section, you can see the number of impressions your site has generated. The more advertisers view your website.

performance tab in shows impressions

So now it’s all on the advertiser, they will view your site and analyze it to check whether their product fits well on your website or not.

As discussed earlier, your content, average views, and the UI/UX or the overall look of your website can be a big factor in getting more sponsored posts.

What Happens Next?

As soon as some advertiser likes your content and your website, you will start seeing an increase in the “Drafts” Section inside the performance tab. This means that some advertiser is writing content to be published on your sites.

Once the Advertiser is done writing the content, you will receive an email that looks like this;

new sponsored post email

Now if you open the dashboard, and open the “orders” section, you will see an order there.

new sponsored posts on

Once you have received an order inside the order tab, you will now be able to publish the post on your website. To do that, just click on Accept and you will get access to the post that advertisers provided to you.

Now you have to just copy the post and the title and paste it inside the CMS that you use like WordPress etc. The advertisers also provide the featured image as well, so you are sorted in that way as well.

Once you publish the content on your website, copy the public link from your website and paste it inside flyout after you accept the sponsored post. Once done, your order will be marked as completed and you will start seeing the amount of your sponsored posts inside “Balance“.

When will you get paid by

After you publish sponsored posts on your website, you will be paid between the 8th-14th every month if your website is from India.

If your website is situated outside India then you will be paid via PayPal.

Join Now and Start Earning Review 2021 – Should you Join Flyout as a Publisher?

Before I sum up the review, I can say that, yes, you should join as a publisher. The biggest reason for this is the fact that they have created such a smooth ecosystem when it comes to sponsored posts. You don’t have to send outreach emails or wait for someone to sponsor your site when it is in a growing phase. They are aiming to solve a very big problem which is to make sure upcoming websites meet the advertisers they deserve and work with them which is a win-win for all.

This is a good platform for those creators as well who want to make money initially to sustain their dream of making it big by being a blogger or a writer. We all know that there are pathetic CPCs and Affiliate conversions when we start, so till your CPC starts to rock or you find that one Affiliate article that gives you what you need, try Flyout.

How to Automatically Earn by Using Flyout Instant Publishing?

Flyout has this feature called “Flyout Instant Publishing” which allows you to install their extension on your website and connect it with Flyout, Now whenever you will get a post on, it will be automatically published on your website and the payment will start reflecting under the balance tab of your Dashboard.

To Enable instant publishing using, use the following steps :

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on Blogs Tab.
  3. Now you will see all the websites you have connected to, click on “Apply” under the instant publishing tab.
  4. Now, flyout will let you install their plugin on your website and verify your website under their ecosystem. Once done, you will now be able to use instant publishing and all the articles that flyout sends to you will be published instantly on your website. Affiliate Program: Make Money By Promoting Flyout Sponsored Post Service 

If you are into affiliate marketing then you can start promoting to others using social media or even your own websites and you can start earning.

How much will you earn if you are a part of Flyout Affiliate?

Flyout offers you a commission of $15 per approved blog/website that you refer to.

The best part that I like about this affiliate program is that it is very easy and beneficial for everyone to promote to others. Basically a win-win situation for all.

How to start Promoting as an affiliate?

  1. Click on this link here to sign up as an affiliate.
  2. Create your flyout affiliate account.
  3. Now you will get a unique link from the flyout team, start promoting that and you will start earning $15 on every approved website that signs up on flyout as a publisher. Review: The Verdict

So overall, Provides a pretty robust platform for both the content creators and advertisers to connect. If you are having a bad time getting Adsense approval or figuring out the best affiliate products to promote on your site with at least 10K page views per month then you can surely sign up for, get some sponsored posts and start earning faster with Flyout.

Join Now and Start Earning

So this was our Review, Liked it? Drop a comment. Disliked it? Drop a comment saying “I loved your Review” and let us know. I’ll see you soon in another similar article. Stay safe!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is and who is it for? is a platform that connects content creators (Website owners) and Advertisers on one sponsored post platform where the advertiser can directly tell the publisher to publish the content that they provide and offer some money in return for that. is mainly for content creators who are website owners and want to monetize their websites with an alternate source of income than Google Adsense.

How does Flyout Make money in this?

As you must have sensed, flyout like many other aggregators have this platform that connects publisher and advertisers, flyout makes money whenever a successful sponsored post is published. The publisher doesn’t pay flyout but they do take a part of the spend from the advertiser’s side.


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