How to find available VRAM in Windows 11?

VRAM plays an integral part while performing GPU-intensive tasks like gaming or rendering. It acts as a buffer between the CPU and the display of graphics on your screen to ensure the smooth functioning of graphically intensive tasks. So basically, if your computer is stuttering during graphically intensive tasks, you should check the available VRAM on your computer.

This guide will show how you can find the available VRAM on your Windows 11 PC or Laptop. Whether you are using a laptop or a desktop, you can use this guide to check the available VRAM on your system.

Now let’s find out how much VRAM (or Video RAM) your system has. (You can use this guide to find available VRAM on your Windows 10 PC).

How to check VRAM in Windows 11?

Thankfully, you don’t need to install any third-party app to check VRAM on your Windows 11 PC. Windows 11 settings app has that feature in-built.

Here is how to find available VRAM in Windows 11;

  1. Open the Settings app on your Windows 11 PC/Laptop. (You can also press the Win + I shortcut to open the Windows Settings app quickly).
  2. Go to “Display” under “System” inside the Settings display settings mrnoob
  3. In the “Display” settings, scroll down and click on the “Advanced display” option, under “Related settings.”advanced display settings windows mrnoob
  4. Here you’ll see your display information. Now click on the “Display adapter properties for Display 1.”display adapter properties mrnoob
  5. A dialog box will appear, showing all the information about your display adapter. Look for the value besides “Dedicated Video Memory” to see your PC’s VRAM. In this case, it is 128 memory vram windows settings mrnoob

Note: If you are using a multi-monitor setup. Select your display from the drop-down under “Advanced display,” and click on “Display adapter properties” to check its VRAM.

multi monitor display settings windows mrnoob

Now you know how to find available VRAM on your Windows 11 PC/Laptop. This method works well on PCs with a dedicated GPU but not so much on a laptop. On laptops with a dedicated GPU, you can only check its iGPU’s VRAM as your laptop’s display will always use the integrated GPU for rending the video content.

Check VRAM in Windows 11 using DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

For checking the VRAM of a laptop with a dedicated GPU, you will require another Windows tool called “DirectX Diagnostic Tool.” You can also use this tool on a PC with multiple Graphics Cards and find the video memory of all your GPUs.

  1. Press the “Win + R” shortcut to open Windows run and search for “DXDIAG” to open DirectX Diagnostic dxdiag run windows mrnoob
  2. Inside the “DirectX Diagnostic Tool,” you can find your dedicated GPU’s VRAM inside the “Render” tab.dedicated gpu vram dxdiag mrnoob
  3. At the same time, If you want to check your Display’s VRAM, you’ll find it inside the “Display” tab.display vram dxdiag mrnoob

And that’s how you can find the VRAM of dedicated GPU on Windows 11.

Know more about VRAM!

Here is a video that you can watch to know more about what VRAM actually is and how it works.

Can I upgrade VRAM on my Windows computer?

Now that you know the amount of available VRAM on your system, you can decide whether you should upgrade it or not. However, upgrading VRAM isn’t as simple as upgrading RAM, as it is not a standalone component of your computer.

You will have to buy a new compatible graphics card for your PC with increased VRAM as per your work requirement. I’d suggest you do extensive research on dedicated PC tech forums on the internet. Or get the help of someone who has better knowledge of Graphics cards.

On the other hand, it is impossible to increase VRAM on laptops since the Graphics card is sorted onto the motherboard. You’d have to buy a new laptop, with a better specification than your current one. (or, try doing a system reset if buying a new laptop is out of your budget)

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