Files Go: Google’s own file manager with cleaner and WiFi file sharing

Google has launched a file manager under its hood, which is a much-needed app in Google’s ecosystem. Since the beginning, there isn’t any proper file manager in the Android OS. Due to this, Android users have to dig into the 3rd party options available on the Play store. But with ‘Files Go‘ (perhaps a weird name for a file manager), this might change in the future.

Files Go is Google’s answer to all 3rd party file managers, that Android users seek after receiving their phones. However, it seems like a part of the Android Go initiative to make the OS run smoothly on low-end hardware. And with its minimal design approach within 6MB file size, this file manager does offer a lot. Alongside managing your files, it also offers an effective junk cleaner & a WiFi sharing option, just like ShareIt.

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Highlights of Files Go file manager:

1- To be precise, Files Go is more or less a file organizer, rather than a file manager. It will organize your files based on their format in a separate section, which further will show files in their respective folders in a sliding pane.

2- The homepage of the app will land you on a card-style layout showing your storage info at the top. Scrolling down that page will show you various cards showing junk files, unused apps, duplicate files, etc., the File manager does the managing work for you so that you can clean up some space. You can also dismiss those cards by swiping right on them.

3- The second page with the name ‘Files’ is where you will find all your files, well organized in sections like Downloads, Received files, Images, Videos, Audio & Documents.

4- Last, but not least, this new file manager also packs an inbuilt WiFi sharing option which allows sharing files through WiFi very easily & snappier. The best part is that once connected, both devices can share files without reconnecting.

What else?

Even with its bells & whistles, the Files Go app is fairly stable & minimal in terms of features. However, minor UI lags with WiFi stability issues in WiFI transfer which makes the app change back & forth between WiFi & Hotspot, which should get solved with future updates. It would be appreciable if we can regularly browse my storage, as the organizer does miss a few file types, which is a kind of cons of Files Go.

Still, some might not like Files Go if they are looking for a replacement for file managers like MiXplorer or Solid Explorer. But if you want something that works & also has a few tricks up its sleeves that save you from downloading another app. Then go ahead & try this refreshing file manager straight from Google.


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