Facebook to launch Social Audio Products to Take on Clubhouse

Facebook Inc. is going to launch a suite of new audio products, including its own version of Clubhouse. The social media giant is also set to venture into podcast products as well.

Some of the newly launched products will not be available till late spring said the report. The range includes an audio-only version of Messenger Rooms, the video chat feature Facebook introduced last year to compete with the products of Zoom Video Communications Inc.

Competing with Clubhouse App

Facebook also plans on adding a Clubhouse-like product that would allow users to talk on a virtual stage. It would also have a feature that would let users post voice messages on their newsfeeds as well. Moreover, it will launch a podcast discovery product in collaboration with Spotify Inc.

These plans come just as Clubhouse shut down under a Series C funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. An article in Bloomberg News reported that the one-year-old startup valued at about $4 billion, four-fold the estimates from January.

Several social media and tech giants are working to make their own models of the popular Clubhouse product. Twitter Inc launched a product called Spaces. Microsoft Corporation’s LinkedIn and Slack Technologies Inc have also communicated that they are working on comparable characteristics for their networks.

Zuck’s Clubhouse Event 

Mark Zuckerberg, who is the CEO of Facebook Inc, appeared live in a Clubhouse meeting during this year, ordered several of his teams to research audio-related chat products that could compete with Clubhouse, people involved in the efforts have stated.

“We’ve been connecting people through audio and video technologies for many years, and are always exploring new ways to improve that experience for people,” Facebook stated.

Independently,  Apple Inc. is formulating a subscription podcast service it may announce about as early as Tuesday, a report in Recode stated, without specifying how it obtained the information. Apple refused to comment on Recode’s claims.

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