How to enable Dark Mode in Youtube app on Android

Youtube app just got BLACKED!!!

The dark mode is not a new thing for YouTube. Last year, Google bought Dark mode on their website. This allowed users to switch to the dark theme on the YouTube website, over the default bright white theme. But this was only limited to the website version of YouTube. YouTube apps still had the same white-red background. Now Google has started rolling out this feature on their Android app as well. This will allow YouTube Android app users to switch to a dark theme, just like the YouTube Website. Dark Mode in YouTube app on Android was one of the most requested features, which took almost a year to come to the Android app. And now that it has come, I’ll show you how you can enable it on your YouTube Android App.

Enable Dark Mode in YouTube App on Android:

1- First of all, you have to make sure that you are on the latest version of the YouTube app on Android. For that, go to Google’s Playstore & update it, if you haven’t already. You can find the dark mode option, in the YouTube App version 13.35.51 & above. You can also grab the latest YouTube Android App APK file from Apkmirror’s Website.

darkmode youtube app 1

2- Once you are done updating, open the YouTube app & tap on the user profile picture in the upper-right section of the app. You will now be in the Account section of the app. From there, select “Settings” and inside Settings, choose “General“.

darkmode youtube app 2

3- Inside ‘General‘ settings, you will see a new toggle option called “Dark Mode“, enabling that will enable dark mode on your entire YouTube app instantly. (If for some reason, you don’t see this ‘Dark Mode‘ option in the YouTube app, then ‘force close’ the app & restart it. Or simply restart your device and follow the procedure again)

darkmode youtube app 3

4- And that’s it, now go back & enjoy the dark mode in the YouTube app on Android.

darkmode youtube app 4

If you look closely, enabling ‘Dark Mode‘ on the YouTube app on Android changes everything to different shades of Dark Grey, instead of the usual White color. The dark mode comes in handy because it causes less strain on the eyes. We would love to see a Pitch Black theme option, for those who are using phones with AMOLED screens.

What do you think about this Dark mode? Would you like to see a Pitch Black theme as well? Do let us know via comments.

Good day.

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