How to enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome?

The dark mode is a much-awaited feature that Chrome users have been asking for, for a long time. Finally, Google has enabled support for dark mode in the Google Chrome browser.

With Chrome version 73, you can now easily enable dark mode in Chrome browser on desktop as well as on Android. from Chrome 74.

Last time it was Youtube that got Dark mode & now it’s Google Chrome. It was quite surprising that Google took so long to make this happen on Google Chrome. However, getting dark mode isn’t as simple as toggling an option into the app setting, which is why we are here to help you enable dark mode in your chrome browser. With a dark surprise at the end.

To get Dark Mode working, make sure you are on the latest version of Google Chrome on your device. Chrome v74 supports Dark mode on Windows, Mac & Android.

Here is how you can enable dark mode in Google Chrome:

On Windows:

Method 1-

If you are already using a system-wide dark theme on your Windows machine, then you can automatically see its effect on your Chrome Browser in real-time. To enable Dark Theme in Windows 10, simply go to Settings >> Personalisation >> Color, and then scroll down till the end of the page & select ‘Dark‘ as your default App mode to see the dark mode in action.

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darkmode chrome 1

Method 2-

If in some cases you don’t see dark mode in Chrome browser, then you might need to force enable it. To do that, simply add “–force-dark-mode” (without quotes) at the target location of the chrome browser shortcut. Right Chrome Browser shortcut on the desktop, select ‘Properties‘ & then add “–force-dark-mode” after giving space and hit Apply. It should look something like this;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --force-dark-mode

You might need to close any instance of chrome from the background to see this effect change.

darkmode chrome 2

Method 3-

Follow this method if nothing works for you but this isn’t a proper replacement for the inbuilt dark mode of Google Chrome. Google has recently released a new official dark theme (Just Black) for Google Chrome on its Chrome Webstore. Go to Just Black Theme and hit ‘Add to Chrome‘ to install this official black theme. Since this is just a theme, hence it might still leave some of the UI elements untouched & shows the default light theme instead. (like the settings menu background is still in white)

darkmode chrome 3

On Android:

Unlike Google Chrome for Windows/Mac, enabling Dark Mode in Google Chrome for Android needs few extra steps to take care of.

  • Open Chrome Browser on your Android device & type “Chrome://flags” in browser to open Chrome Flags.
  • Inside Chrome Flags, search for #enable-android-night-mode and from the drop-down menu, choose ‘Enabled‘, then hit ‘Relaunch Now‘ to relaunch Chrome.
    darkmode chrome 4
  • After relaunching, go to Settings >> Dark Mode and toggle it ‘on‘ to see dark mode in action.

You can turn this toggle off anytime to switch back to the light theme on Google Chrome.

Want to go into full darkness?

The default Dark mode on the Chrome browser only changes the UI appearance of the browser, but what if, you want to go further & make your web content dark. Wouldn’t that be the cherry on the cake?

Well, you most certainly can make this happen on your chrome browser.

On Windows or Mac or Linux:

On Windows, Mac, or Linux, you can unlock full dark mode with the help of a powerful & customizable plugin called ‘DarkReader‘.

darkmode chrome 5

DarkReader converts light elements of the web into the dark. giving the user a feel of dark mode. Since websites yet don’t provide a dark mode by default, this plugin does come in handy during long screen viewing sessions in dark. We would suggest you play around with plugin settings, instead of going with the default mode. As per our testing, the ‘Dynamic‘ theme engine does work really well for most of the web content without ruining the experience. If you have some difficulty in seeing web content on a particular website, you get an option to disable that plugin for the website.

darkmode chrome 6

On Android:

Since Plugins don’t work on Google Chrome for Android, we have to get into a different route for enabling dark mode in Google Chrome. And fortunately, Google has been testing Dark Mode for web content on Android. which will smartly convert the web element from light to dark, just like the ‘Dynamic’ mode of the Dark Mode reader plugin.

To enable this, you need to enable another Chrome Flag called ‘Android Web Contents Dark Mode’.

darkmode chrome 7

Look for #enable-android-web-contents-dark-mode inside “Chrome://Flags” and after enabling, relaunch the chrome browser to see its changes in action. It’ll force enable dark mode on all websites that you’ll visit. Since the web is not yet ready for dark mode, you might see some odd colors in the web elements. On the downside, you don’t have any on & off switch to disable this dark mode for certain websites. Which is why you have to disable it again from the Chrome Flags, if you face any issue in viewing any web content in dark mode.

What’s More?

With the need of time. the dark mode is making its way in all it’s glory. It is not yet perfect, but it works most of the time. In future updates of Google Chrome for Android, you might not have to fiddle around with chrome flags to enable dark mode. But until you get that, you can always follow this article for enabling Dark Mode in Google Chrome Browser.

What do you think about this new Dark Mode in Google Chrome? Is it yay or meh? Do let us know via a comment.

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