Effective Social Media Strategy Tips during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a hard hit on everyone around the world. This has been one of the major setbacks that shook the global economy and considerably affects the population of the planet. Years of hard work went down the sewer for countless companies, and too many people lost their jobs, and many even their lives along the way.

However, one industry saw an outburst of users during these months, the digital world, i.e., social media platforms. During the quarantine period, while people were being made to stay at home, away from the world outside, social media was being used to its absolute potential. Through these platforms, they kept track of what was going on around them, how their loved ones were doing, and what is going on globally.

This boom in social media users made the marketers pounce on the opportunity to utilize it for maximum impression. However, there was one catch- none of the previous marketing schemes would work on these users again.

Social Media Strategy Tips

Although social media platforms saw an outburst of users, and the marketers were ready to sell, there was to be a change. Since the people were at home, they had the time and luxury to spend quite some time on social media. This also made them exceptionally picky about the kind of things they indulged in. Previously, they would not give much thought to an ad, and if they really needed the product or services, they paid for them, without a lot of hassles. However, now they had the luxury to run a detailed check about a company before investing their money. They had the time to compare ten such companies before deciding which one to choose.

This mindset threw everything in the book outside the window. The marketers had to re-think to entice the audience.

So, here is a list of new strategies for COVID-19 marketing. 

  • Identify your target audience: The first step to any marketing campaign is identifying your target group. Given how the mentality of the general audience has changed during this pandemic, you might want to re-think the characteristics of your target group. Now, you must be more specific, more particular about this audience. You must be able to reach them psychologically with your brand voice, ads, and offers. Make sure you know about their common likes or dislikes and use all that information in making your campaigns.
  • Observe your audience: Just deciding who falls under your target group and who does not end your job, here is where the planning begins. Once you identify your audience, it is time to observe them. This will help you in two ways- first, it will help you find better links between all of them and identify more traits they share with each other, and second, it will help you design better ads suited to their emotions and needs.
  • Think of different ways to pitch to your audience: During the pandemic, your audience has definitely become more careful about the things they spend their money on, and with seeing the same marketing strategy everywhere, they are bored. You will have to change the way you used to pitch your services or products in this case. You can consider making videos over images for better engagement. Now, you will be required to be on your toes, to really convince them that they should spend their money on you by having unique strategies. You must be willing to redefine what you know about them and their tastes and start with a clean board.
  • Focus more on what your audience needs, rather than what you THINK they need: Often, marketers tend to think about what they would like to see in an ad campaign rather than what their audience likes. Those two things might differ drastically. You must not make the same mistake and make it all about your brand. You should cater to the likes and dislikes of your customers. Their psychology matters in the case of ads, and you have to design them as per their taste and preference. Unless the campaign revolves around something morally or socially wrong, keep it more about customers than about you or your agency.
  • Experiment with the ideas you think might work out: Do not be scared to experiment. Especially in this scenario. If you think some campaign will work out for the better, try it. It might not yield any results at all, but it will always help you gather more information about your target group. Experiment with your ads and with different target groups if need be. The audience will be attracted to uniqueness. But you must keep experimenting to understand what might stick and what will not.
  • Do not expect perfect results: Perfect results do not exist in the marketing world. In fact, failure is a regular affair when you are trying to get through to your audience. Hence, expecting a positive outcome after every campaign might shatter your resolve. Therefore, even if you are hoping for a great result, be prepared to start over from scratch.


Marketing campaigns have changed since COVID-19 took over to a great extent. As marketers, you should consider using the opportunity to view your audience from a new perspective and change your approach to create more impact.


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