How to download Reddit Videos on Android and iOS/iPhone with Sound?

Recently I have been sharing a lot of Reddit content with my friends outside of the platform. While downloading images from Reddit is easy, you can’t do the same with Videos and GIFs. Reddit now restricts its users from downloading videos and GIFs hosted on their platform. And this makes it difficult to share videos outside of Reddit or to save them locally. But thankfully, there are a couple of workarounds that you can use to download Reddit videos on your iPhone and Android smartphones.

You can download Reddit videos with sound and save them on your Android/iOS device for free using any of these methods. Let’s have a look at all the ways to download Reddit videos on your Android and iPhones.

How to download Reddit Videos on iOS/iPhone/iPad?

A. Using a Reddit Video Downloader Bot.

A Reddit bot is a program that can help you perform a variety of automated actions and tasks. You have to mention that bot command as a comment in a Reddit post, and the bot will automatically complete the task associated with the given command.

Similarly, there are plenty of Reddit Downloader bots like., u/SaveVideou/SaveVideoBot, and u/vRedditShare. You can use these bots to download and save Reddit videos on your Android and iOS device. Thankfully, you don’t have to download any third-party app for this.

The way a Reddit video downloader bot works is straightforward. Mention the bot in the comment of the video or GIF that you want to save from Reddit. In this case, I am using the SaveVideo bot. So I will type “u/SaveVideo” (without quotes) as a comment under the video or GIF post.

mention reddit video bot ios mrnoob

And within a few seconds (sometimes minutes), the bot will send you a message with the video download link. Tap on the link to open a new web page in your default browser.

reddit video download link ios mrnoob

Here you will see buttons to download the video either in HD or SD resolution with Audio. Tap on your desired video resolution and save the video on the Files app on your iOS devices.

download reddit bot video ios mrnoob

B. Using third-party apps to download Reddit Videos.

[Slide is officially dead due to Reddit’s API pricing change.]

The official Reddit app doesn’t support downloading videos and GIFs. But there is a popular third-party iOS Reddit client, “Slide for Reddit“, which lets you download videos from Reddit hassle-free.

Using the Slide for Reddit app, you can download videos from the platform directly. To download Reddit videos on iPhone using the Slide for Reddit app, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the “Slide for Reddit” app from the App Store and navigate to the video post you want to save on your iOS devices.install slide for reddit ios mrnoob
  2. Now play the video by tapping on it and then hit the “Download” icon on the bottom right of the video video slide for reddit mrnoob
  3. A “Your video is downloading” overlay window will pop up, showing the download in progress. Once the download is completed, it will save the downloaded video to your Photos progress slide for reddit mrnoob

This method only works with videos hosted on Reddit. For downloading videos outside of the platform, you should use Reddit Video downloader websites.

C. Using Reddit Video Downloader Websites.

I don’t prefer using any third-party clients to access Reddit on my device. Suppose you are in the same league as mine and don’t want to use a third-party Reddit client for downloading videos/Gifs. You can use Reddit Video Downloader websites like, or for downloading Reddit videos on your iPhone.

These websites are easy to use and let you download Reddit videos with just their URL. Not just that, you can also download videos hosted outside Reddit on websites like Imgur, etc. To download videos and GIFs using a Reddit video downloader website on iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Reddit video post you want to download. First, tap on the “Share” button and then tap on the “Copy Link” button from the share sheet to copy the video post link.copy reddit video post link ios mrnoob
  2. Now, open any Reddit video downloader website in your favorite web browser and paste the link in the text field and then tap on the “Download” button. I am using RedditSave for this tutorial.redditsave website mrnoob
  3. Now tap on the “Download HD Video” button. And then click on “Download” on the popup to start video hd reddit ios mrnoob
  4. You can now view your downloaded video inside the Downloads folder of your browser.downloaded reddit video ios mrnoob
  5. To save video/GIF inside your iPhone/iPad’s camera roll. Tap on the “Share” button on the bottom left and chose “Save Video” to save it inside your camera video gallery ios mrnoob

D. Download Reddit Videos using Siri Shortcuts on iPhones and iPads. (iOS 14 and above)

Siri Shortcuts is a native iOS app for automation on your iPhones and iPads. Let’s say you want your iPhone to open Spotify and play a specific song as soon as you turn off your alarm. You can create a Shortcut to do it for you. Similarly, there are some advanced Shortcuts that you can use to perform complicated tasks. Like if you want to download a Reddit video using a Siri shortcut, you can do that.

For this method, we are using a Shortcut called “Reddit Save” that you can install on your iPhone/iPad to download videos from Reddit. Let us see how you can use a Siri Shortcut on iOS to download Reddit videos:

  1. Open this link on your iPhone/iPad and then tap on the “Add Shortcut” button to install the “Reddit Save” shortcut as a new Shortcut.add redditsave shortcut ios mrnoob
  2. Now, open the Reddit app and tap on the “Share Button” below the video you want to download.reddit video post share mrnoob
  3. The iOS share sheet will pop up. Scroll it up to see a new option called “Reddit Save“. Tap on reddit save sharesheet ios mrnoob
  4. A notification will pop up; tap on “OK” to proceed. Doing so will trigger the Reddit Save shortcut to perform the action associated with it. Since this is your first time using this Shortcut, it will ask for specific permissions to do the predefined actions. I’d suggest you “Always Allow” all the permissions so that you don’t have to give permissions every time you want to download a Reddit video.redditsave shortcut ok mrnoob
  5. You can see the download progress as a notification, while the Shortcut is performing its action. And once the download is finished, you will get another notification saying “Done.” Just tap on “OK” and open the Photos app on your iPhone to see the downloaded reddit video shortcut mrnoob

This method works effectively only on Apple devices running iOS 14 and above. If you are using the older iPhone, you should stick with the previously mentioned methods.

Now let’s see how you can download Reddit videos on your Android smartphone or tablet.

How to download Reddit Videos on Android?

A. Using Reddit Downloader Bot.

Reddit Video Downloader Bots works universally, regardless of the smartphone platform. Using the Reddit app on Android and want to download a video or GIF using a Reddit Downloader bot? Well, that’s possible!

The process is as simple as mentioning your favorite bot as a comment on the video you want to download on your Reddit app for Android.

mention reddit video bot android mrnoob.jpg

And after a few seconds (or sometimes even minutes), this Reddit Downloader bot will send you a message with a link.

download link bot mrnoob

Open that link in your preferred browser and tap on the “Download HD Video” button to download the video on your Android smartphone. You can later watch the downloaded video inside your phone’s Gallery app.

download hd button android mrnoob

B. Using a Reddit downloader app from Google Play Store.

While some of us enjoy spamming the Reddit bot’s name under every video, there are plenty of us who likes to stay under the radar yet want to download every Reddit video. For those of you, there are a plethora of apps available that you can use to download Reddit videos on your Android.

One such app is called “Viddit“, a popular video downloader app for Reddit. Viddit has a simple-to-use interface that lets you download both videos and GIFs from Reddit. There are two ways to download Reddit videos using the Viddit app.

First of all, download and install “Viddit – Video Downloader for Reddit (With Audio)” on your Android smartphone or tablet.

install viddit reddit downloader android mrnoob

Now open the Reddit app and copy the link to the video post that you want to download.

copy reddit video post link mrnoob

After that, open Viddit app and paste your Reddit video link in the text field. Then hit “Download” to save that Reddit video on your Android device.

paste video link download viddit mrnoob

Or you can tap on the “Share” button below that video post and choose “Viddit” from the Android share sheet to automatically start downloading that video.

share viddit android reddit mrnoob

Keep this thing in mind that Viddit app is ad-supported, which is why you will see ads in its UI. Although there is an option to pay and get rid of those ads, that will also support the developer of this app.

C. Using Reddit Video Downloader Websites.

Don’t like installing third-party apps? Well, in that case, you can use one of the Reddit Video Downloader Websites to download videos from Reddit. There are many websites like, and that let you download Reddit videos from their links.

Firstly, copy the link to the Reddit video post that you want to download. (You can also download GIFs from Reddit using either of the websites)

copy reddit video post link mrnoob

Now open RedditSave on your Android browser, and paste the video post link that you just copied inside the text field. And hit the “Download” button.

paste video link reandroid mrnoob

Reddit Save will take some time to process the video, then you’ll have to tap on the “Download HD Video” button to download the same video in high definition.

download hd video android reddit mrnoob

The downloaded video will get saved inside your Android gallery app.

What Are the Advantages of Using Reddit Video Downloader Bots?

Reddit Video Downloader Bots like u/SaveVideo offer a quick and straightforward way to download Reddit videos without requiring any additional software. They work across both iOS and Android platforms, making them a versatile option for users who switch between different devices.

Is It Safe to Use Third-Party Apps for Downloading Reddit Videos?

While third-party apps like “Slide for Reddit” for iOS and “Viddit” for Android offer convenient ways to download Reddit videos, users should exercise caution. Always download apps from reputable sources and read user reviews to ensure they are safe and reliable.

How Do Reddit Video Downloader Websites Work?

Reddit Video Downloader Websites like RedditSave and allow users to download Reddit videos by simply pasting the video’s URL into a text field on the website. These websites are generally easy to use and don’t require any additional software, making them a good option for those who prefer not to download apps.

Can You Download Reddit Videos with Sound?

Yes, most of the methods described in the article allow you to download Reddit videos with sound. Whether you’re using a Reddit bot, a third-party app, or a website, you can usually choose to download the video in either HD or SD resolution with audio.

Are There Any Limitations to Using Siri Shortcuts for Downloading Reddit Videos on iOS?

Siri Shortcuts offer a convenient way to download Reddit videos on iOS devices, but they are only effective on Apple devices running iOS 14 and above. If you are using an older iPhone, you might have to rely on other methods mentioned in the article.

Wrapping up: Save Reddit videos on Android and iOS.

This wraps up our guide on how to download videos from Reddit on iOS and Android. There are plenty of methods to choose from, so it boils down to which method you prefer. For iOS, I’d personally go with using Siri Shortcut to download Reddit videos. Since, it makes downloading videos and GIFs really easy, without leaving the app. While on Android, a Reddit video downloader app is a must-have.

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