15 Best Clubhouse Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of the Drop in App

If you use clubhouse frequently, why not make the most out of it using the best clubhouse tips and tricks.

Clubhouse, the super-popular drop in the audio app is getting extremely popular after its arrival on the android platform. With clubhouse, you can make rooms and get people to talk to you or join rooms to strike a conversation.

In this guide, we have included some of the most common and some advanced tips and tricks to make the most out of the drop-in audio chat app clubhouse.

Top 15 Best Clubhouse Tips and Tricks on Android and iOS (2021)

1. Join Clubhouse App Without Invite

Even after dropping the iOS-exclusive tag and being available on the play store, the clubhouse still needs an invite to start using the app. You can ask your friends or family to invite but that will waste their limited invites. Fortunately, there is a way out.

To begin, find someone who is already a Clubhouse member; you must both have each other’s contact information saved on your iPhones. Then, on Clubhouse, create an account and reserve a username. The other person will be notified and will be able to assist you with joining. Simply ask them to hit “Let them in,” and you’ll be welcomed to Clubhouse without having to waste any invites.

use clubhouse without invite clubhouse tips and tricks mrnoob.net

Make sure to reserve your one-of-a-kind username before someone else does. Because Clubhouse is a new platform, there’s a good possibility you’ll receive your preferred username. If you get the exact username of your full name, that will surely give an edge to your profile.

2. Invite People to Increase your own Reach

Talking about invites, the app lets you only invite a limited number of people. Use the invites wisely and invite people that can beneficial to the platform.

To invite people to the clubhouse with invites, use the following method:

  1. On your phone, open the Clubhouse app.
  2. Select the mailbox icon with a star on the top.
  3. All of your contacts will be listed there.
  4. Next to the person, you wish to invite, tap the Invite button. Then, send an SMS to your invitees with the URL to your invitation.

As I stated earlier, if you invite the right people on the platform, you can get followers by their profile, as your name will appear in the “Nominated by” section of their profile. This will increase your visibility along with your friend on the clubhouse app.

3. Add Bio to your Profile

Bio is one of the most important factors that help people to decide if they really want to follow you or not. It’s very important to include a good bio on your profile for people to know you and eventually follow you. The use of relevant emoticons as well as using descriptive sentences work really well on the clubhouse bio as people often tap on your picture and start reading your bio, if you have enough content there about yourself, it definitely works.

To add bio inside the clubhouse app, use the following steps :

  1. In the top right corner, click your profile symbol.
  2. Select your bio from the drop-down menu.
  3. Tap Done after you’ve updated your bio.

and done, now you have successfully added a bio to your profile.

4. Change your Profile Picture

Along with a great bio, your profile picture also plays a huge role in making your profile stand out. You should use the best and the most professional profile picture that you have.

To change Profile Photo in the clubhouse use the following steps :

  1. In the top right corner, tap on your profile icon.
  2. This will take you to your own profile page. Select your profile photo from the drop-down menu.
  3. Tap your photo once again and select a photo from the gallery.
  4. To finish, click Done.

5. Create Attractive Clubhouse Profile Pictures

As mentioned earlier in the article as well, using a professional picture works but you must have seen people with colorful profile pictures of people with a colored ring on the edges.

To make such photos for your profile pictures use the following steps.

Create a Colorful Background Image using these steps:

  1. Go to Remove BG and select the file you want to use.
  2. Remove.bg will remove the background of your image. Do note that remove.bg works better if the background is a solid or single color.
  3. Once remove bg removed the background from your image, download the png file by clicking download.remove background using remove.bg clubhouse tips and tricks
  4. Now open photopea.com, Photopea is a web-based alternative to photoshop which is almost as powerful as Photoshop but free.
  5. Create a new project by going to File > New or by hitting Alt+Ctrl+N.
  6. Now select the file size in square format. I have used 1080×1080 here.
  7. Place the image you downloaded from remove.bg on the artboard.open photopea and place the picture there
  8. Now select the rectangle tool and choose your color, I chose yellow.create a rectangle on top of the picture
  9. Drag the rectangle tool to make a rectangle and now drag the rectangle layer below the photo and you have your colored background image ready.drag the solid layer below the picture

Create Clubhouse Profile Picture with Color Ring!

To create the quintessential clubhouse color ring picture use the following steps :

  1. Go to https://chpic.me/ and click or tap on “Pick Your Image”.
  2. Now pick your image from the browser and let it upload on the Chpic website.clubhouse picture ring
  3. Once done, now choose the border type from color or image, if you choose a color then you can use a solid color as the ring border and if you choose an image then you can apply a custom image as the border.
  4. The next option is to choose the color. Click or tap on this option and choose the color of your choice.use clubhouse picture ing using chpic
  5. The next option is the border style, you can choose from thin, normal, and thick.
  6. Once done, just click on download and you will be able to download the image and apply it as a Clubhouse profile picture.

6. Create Your Own Room

Do you want to start a debate about a topic that interests you? Instead of waiting for someone else to make a space for you, you can make one yourself.

To create your own room in the Clubhouse app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Clubhouse app on your phone.
  2. Create a room by clicking the green Create a Room button.
  3. Choose whether the room will be available to the public, only your friends, or closed.
    Then select Add a topic from the drop-down menu.
  4. To begin, tap Let’s Go.

Make sure to create a room with relevant information and a click-worthy title. This will make people join your room quickly.

7. Join Clubs

Clubhouse allows users to create clubs in addition to rooms. Rooms are transient, whereas clubs are permanent, with members joining and being notified of any new chat rooms that the club creates.

On Clubhouse, tap the Club name and then the Follow button to join the club. If a room is linked to a club, the club name will appear above the room name, along with a green home emblem.

8. Make Friends on Clubhouse

There is no option to send requests or receive requests to make friends at the clubhouse. There is only one way to make friends on the clubhouse app. To make people your friends at the clubhouse, you both have to follow each other in the clubhouse. Once you follow the person and they follow you back, you will end be considered friends.

8. Check Friend’s Online Status

Once you add people as your friends by following them and they follow you back, you can check their online status by tapping on the main menu icon from the bottom right of the main hallway. You can do the same by swiping left. Once you do this all your friends will show up along with their last seen online status.

9. Join Rooms that Your Friends Are In

If you and the other person follow each other, you are counted as friends on the clubhouse platform. You can directly join the room they are in by swiping left to reveal the panel with friends and clubs. You will be shown the name of all your friends and the room they are in, to join the room that they are currently inside, tap on the friend’s name and select “Join room they’re speaking in”. This status can be a bit different depending on the status of your friend, whether they are speaking or just listening, or just online.

10. Start a Closed Room with Friends in One Tap

To start a closed room instantly with your online friends on the clubhouse, tap on the button on the bottom right or drag to the left to reveal the friend panel.

drag from the left and click on room

Now you will see all your online friends here with a button to start a closed room, if you tap on that button, you will send them a request to join a closed room with you.

once they accept you will start the room

The room will start as soon as you click the button and they can choose to join or decline.

11. Hide Rooms that You don’t Like

If you want to hide a room to appear in the clubhouse hallway, you can simply long-press the name of the room that you want to hide, now you will see a prompt if you really want to hide the room.

long press on a room clubhouse tips and tricks

Click on OK and the room will be hidden, you can undo the step by clicking Undo just after hiding the room.

12. Search People inside the room

Using a clubhouse involves a social factor in the form of friends, if you want to search for people in a particular room and find a particular profile, use the following steps.

  1. When you’re in a room, click the three dots to the right of the door.
  2. Click on the Search button.
  3. To see if the person is in the room, look for their name.find people in a room clubhouse tips and tricks

13. Block people on Clubhouse

To block someone on Clubhouse, go to their profile page and choose Block from the three dots.

click on the three dot menu on the profile select block

Once you’ve blocked someone, they won’t be able to see or join any rooms you establish or are a moderator or speaker in.

If you prevent someone from speaking in a room that would otherwise be visible to you, that room will be hidden from your feed.

14. Use Clubhouse on PC

The clubhouse has a lot of functionality natively but if you want to take your clubhouse game to the next level then you should use clubhouse on PC.

record room clubdeck mrnoob

If you use clubhouse on a PC, then you can increase the functionality by using features like room recording and many other features. If you are a musician and want to perform in the clubhouse inside a musical room then this can be a good way. We have our full guide using which you can use clubhouse on PC easily.

15. Play Music on Clubhouse Directly from Youtube

If you want to play songs or audio clips via youtube then it’s very difficult as you have to put your phone in front of the speaker or your laptop. The downside to this method is that your phone and speaker have to be engaged always and the quality isn’t great. To fix this you can use this guide that we have written which involves using clubhouse on a PC and playing music via youtube or third-party sources.click on export to audio effect option

Best Clubhouse Tips and Tricks: Conclusion

So these were the best clubhouse tips and tricks that can make your app usage more effective. I hope you liked our take on the best clubhouse tips and tricks, if you did then don’t forget to visit our website mrnoob.net for more such awesome guides and reviews, and follow us on Instagram @mrnoobHQ as well. Thanks for reading.


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