How to change Snapchat username on iOS and Android?

Snapchat now allows its users to change their username easily.

Yes, you heard it right. Snapchat is finally letting its users change their Snapchat username. Earlier users can only change the Snapchat display name, but they can’t change their usernames on the app. They have to delete their Snapchat account first and start fresh with a new username.

But it seems like Snapchat has finally listened to people, as they are now allowing their users to change their Snapchat usernames. Suppose you are unhappy with your current Snapchat username and want to change it. Now is the time before someone else claims it. Whether you are using Snapchat on iOS or Android, you can easily change your current Snapchat username to a new one. But before that, let’s see what will happen when you change your Snapchat username.

Changing your Snapchat Username — What’s the catch?

Earlier, if you wish to change your Snapchat username, you will have to delete your Snapchat account and create a new one. However, you will lose all your Snapchat contacts, Snap Score, etc, in the process. But, now, with the ability to change the Snapchat username, you can change it without losing any of the data.

However, unlike platforms like Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat does not allow user to change their username frequently. You can only change it once a year. This means that once you change your Snapchat username, you will have to wait for a year before you can change it again.

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And once you do that, no one (including you) will be able to claim your old username. In simple words, once you change your username, you will lose the old username forever. So if you are planning to change the username of your Snapchat account, you should choose your new username wisely. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with another username you don’t want for one more year, with no option to get the old username back.

How to change your Snapchat Username?

You can change your Snapchat username easily from the App on both Android and iOS. The process is the same on both platforms. However, make sure you are on the latest version of the Snapchat app if you don’t have this option on your Snapchat app.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your Android or iPhone.
  • Inside the app, tap on the “Bitmoji” icon on the top-left of the app screen.
  • Now tap on the “Settings” icon on the top-right of your profile page.

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  • Inside the Snapchat settings page, tap on “Username,” and then tap on “Change Username,”
  • Snapchat will now show you a warning that “you can change only once a year.” Tap on “Continue,” then enter the username of your choice and tap on “Next.”

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  • Now Snapchat will prompt you to enter your account password. Type in your password, and then hit “confirm.”
  • A popup confirming username change will appear; tap on the “Continue” button to confirm.
  • Snapchat will now show you another popup showing that you have successfully updated your username. Tap on “Continue,” and you are done.

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Congratulation, you have successfully changed your Snapchat username.

What else after you updated your Snapchat username?

Changing the Snapchat username has been one of the most requested features from platform users for a long while. There is even an online Snapchat username change petition for bringing this feature into the app. This feature is such a huge deal that many Snapchat users have started sharing screenshots of their new usernames on other social media platforms.

Note that once you change your Snap username, it will also update your Snapcode. You will have to share the updated Snapcode with other users to add you to the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to change your Snapchat username without deleting your account?

Earlier, there was no way to change your Snapchat username without deleting your account. You will have to delete your Snapchat account and create a new one with your desired username.
But now, you can easily change your Snapchat username without deleting your account. Follow the steps mentioned above and change your username without deleting your account.

How to bypass 1 year limit on Snapchat username?

The one-year limit on Snapchat username change limits its abuse on the app. This is why you should carefully think about your new username before updating it on Snapchat.
Otherwise, you will have to wait for one more year before you can change it again. Or delete your Snapchat account, and create it again. But at what cost? So it’s better to do it right once.

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