How to cancel Chegg subscription easily?

Chegg is one of the most relevant platforms for getting your doubts and queries resolved by the experts on that platform. To use Chegg as a student and get your questions to answer, one has to buy a Chegg subscription. But this subscription can become an issue if you don’t cancel it on time, in case of inactivity. Not just that, it also restricts you from deleting your Chegg account. Hence, if you are not planning to use Chegg for time being, it is important to cancel the Chegg subscription to get out of the subscription cycle. Else, Chegg will continuously charge the subscription fee from the student and keep deducting the amount from their bank account automatically.

So if you no longer want to use Chegg, you should cancel your subscription to avoid any unwanted deductions. Here is how you can easily cancel a Chegg subscription.

How to cancel a Chegg subscription?

Canceling the Chegg account is not rocket science and you can follow easy steps, and cancel your Chegg subscription. Do keep in mind, you also need to make sure that you have returned the books that you have rented. Following these steps will be easy for you to cancel the subscription. 

  1. Login into your Chegg account and click on the My Account section. After clicking on the “My Account” option, click on “Orders.” You can also directly visit the Chegg Orders and Payment History page.chegg my account mrnoob
  2. Once you are inside the “Orders” section you will be able to see a subsection that says “Subscription”. Under this, you can check all the active subscriptions you have on your Chegg account. Along with, all the rented books and their rental period.
  3. Now click on “Cancel Subscription” inside your active subscription pack.cancel chegg subscription mrnoob
  4. In the next window, click on “Continue” after selecting the reason for cancellation. You can also click on “No, Just cancel” below the continue button, if you don’t want to mention any cancellation reason.chegg account cancelation reason mrnoob
  5. The website will now redirect you to your orders page, where you can see a confirmation message for the cancelation of your Chegg subscription pack. Right below that, you can see your canceled subscription, so that you can easily “Resubscribe” to it when you are using Chegg again.chegg cancel confirm mrnoob
  6. Congratulations, you have successfully canceled your active Chegg subscription. However, If you have multiple subscriptions and want to cancel them. Then repeat the same steps for the remaining active subscriptions. This will cancel all the active payment cycles which will resolve the issue of paying without using the platform.

Wrapping up: How to unsubscribe from your Chegg subscription?

As explained earlier it is necessary to clear all the pending subscriptions and check the open transaction to cancel the Chegg subscription. After canceling the Chegg subscription, the next step you can go for is deleting your Chegg account. Deleting your Chegg account is quite complicated though it is not that difficult. If you are looking for solutions regarding how to delete your Chegg account we have a guide for that too. 

The guide provides you with simple methods which you can follow to cancel your Chegg subscription and get out of the payment cycle. The unnecessary deduction from Chegg affects the students as it is difficult for them to manage their expenses. Following the guide, you can easily cancel your Chegg subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you cancel Chegg subscription anytime?

Yes, Chegg allows its users to delete their Chegg subscription anytime. After canceling the subscription, you will no longer be able to access the benefits that come under that subscription pack.

How to cancel Chegg subscription and get a refund?

Chegg offers an exclusive refund policy on subscription cancelation. It says you can get a refund on your annual subscription within the first 30 days after you get billed. You’ll get your amount back in your original mode of payment.
After that, you can contact Chegg support via Live Chat and request for refund. However, do note that the probability of getting a refund after 30 days period is very thin.chegg live chat support mrnoob

How to re-subscribe to your canceled Chegg subscription?

You can see all your canceled subscriptions under the “Orders” page of your Chegg account. Simply, click on “Resubscribe” under your canceled subscription to subscribe to the same subscription pack.resubscribe chegg subscription mrnoob

I can’t cancel my Chegg subscription, what should I do?

In case, you are unable to cancel your Chegg subscription, you should contact Chegg online support directly and request them to help with canceling your subscription. Click here to visit the Chegg support page.

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