10 Best Windows 11 features and changes!

So, let’s talk about the best windows 11 features that are going to launch with the new Windows 11.

While putting an end to the speculation that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows, Microsoft is setting its foot forward to release Windows 11 on June 24, 2021. And right before this launch, someone leaked a preview build of the upcoming Windows 11 on the internet. This gave us a pretty good idea about what this new Windows 11 is all about.

10 Best features of the new Windows 11!

These are the 10 best features that the new Windows 11 has to offer:

1. The Windows setup screen got more controls

The very first change you’ll notice on the Windows 11 is when you first boot into it. With an all-new setup screen, Microsoft is trying to give its users more control and a personalized feel. The new setup screen feels more intuitive and refreshing. You can also choose if this is your personal computer or work computer that you wish to attach to your organization.

I like the new setup screen because it doesn’t force you to sign up using your Microsoft once you are connected to the internet. You can skip sign-in and create a local user instead and save yourself from weird user profile names based on your email.

2. New Start Menu redesign

This Windows 10x-inspired start menu is one of the significant design overhauls in Windows 11. Live tiles are no longer part of this new start menu and are replaced with a pinned apps section, where you can pin your frequently used app from the installed ones.

start menu windows 11 mrnoob

Below your pinned apps, a recommended section will showcase your Microsoft Office documents with recently opened apps, files, and folders. It seems like Microsoft merged their timeline feature from the task view, which feels more practical. And unlike previous versions of Windows, the start menu is hovering over the Taskbar.

3. All new Taskbar with centered app icons

Windows also get a new taskbar to go well with the redesigned Start menu. One of the noticeable changes is that all your pinned apps, including the start button, are now centered, so you no longer have to use a third-party app to do so. However, to soothe the old-school user, there is an option to move it to the left.

windows 11 taskbar center mrnoob

Even the app icons on the Taskbar show app activity with an accented pill, which feels more natural and jells up well with the new UI. Notably, right-clicking on the Taskbar won’t open a long context menu; you’ll only see a ‘Taskbar settings‘ open, which will land you inside the Taskbar settings inside the Settings app.

Surprisingly, many taskbar features from the previous version of Windows are missing, such as resizing app icons and changing taskbar locations to either side of the desktop. As someone used to using small app icons and Taskbar on the top, I am pretty hesitant to upgrade when it is officially out.

4. New and colorful Icons

New icons on the Windows 11 are a much-needed change since Microsoft was using ancient icons from the previous versions of Windows. These new icons use a vibrant color palette with a modern design to go well with the latest Windows 11 color scheme. One prominent place you can see these new icons is in Windows Explorer, where the folder icons were all in yellow. Now each folder icon has a different color, making it easy to stand out.

new icons windows 11 mrnoob

Whether you love it or hate it, I feel like it is a welcome change. However, there are still a few places where you can see the use of old icons. I hope to see Microsoft getting rid of the older icons completely with updates.

5. Improved Windows Snapping; using the Snapping assist tool

If you are a productive workhorse, this feature is just for you. Windows 11 comes with an all-new intuitive way of snapping windows on your desktop. The default shortcut (Win + arrow keys) for snapping windows still works. But now, you can hover over the ‘Maximize‘ button and choose from the different snapping positions from different layouts to snap an app Window in a single click.

windows snapping tool windows 11 mrnoob

This feature will work well for touch-based Windows devices, where you’ll have to do most of the work with your fingers.

6. New Wallpapers and Themes

Who doesn’t like new wallpapers and themes? Windows 11 has got five new wallpaper and six new themes to compliment the new look and feel of Windows.

new windows 11 themes mrnoob

7. New animations, UI refreshes, and system sounds

Starting from the new flatter Windows icons, Windows 11 has undergone many changes under the hood. In this new version of Windows, everything has changed from Windows startup sound to system sound. The new system sounds is surprisingly good. They feel more natural and less irritating to the ears.

App opening and closing animation is much more seamless and feels like the app window is coming in and out of the app icon on the Taskbar. Similarly, the rounded corner throughout the UI feels refreshing. However, there are still many places where you can see those sharp corners.

rounded corner windows 11 mrnoob

Task view also has a touch-friendly UI with less clutter. The timeline feature is entirely removed and shifted to the start menu, where it makes more sense.

task view windows 11 mrnoob

8. Separate Widgets Section

Whether you want widgets or not, you’ll have to deal with them on Windows 11. In this new Windows version, Microsoft added a new widget section showcasing weather info, stock/finance info, and news from various sources based on your interests.

widgets panel win 11 mrnoob

It feels like an extension of the recently introduced weather widget on the Windows 10 taskbar. You can access it from the widget’s icon on Taskbar. Or, if you are using a Windows tablet, a swipe from the left will overlay the widgets section on the left side of your desktop. At their current state, the widget panels are bare minimum and don’t offer much. I hope to see 3rd party widgets support in the future.

9. New Window Terminal is baked right into Windows

Microsoft has been testing the new Windows Terminal for quite a long time. Previously, it was available as a Store app, but now you get the latest Windows Terminal baked right into Windows 11.

new windows terminal win 11 mrnoob

The new Windows Terminal follows the latest Windows 11 UI and comes with the new tabbed UI. Tabs allow users to open Windows power shell and Command prompt inside the same app, contrary in Windows 10, where they were two separate apps.

10. All new gestures support touch-based Windows devices

In the previous versions, using Windows on touch-based devices was a mixed bag. And for that thing precisely, Microsoft released two significant Windows versions. Well, it did upset their legacy users, which is why they fixed that mistake in Windows 10 with an added tablet mode. While Windows 10 was the right step in the best of both worlds, Windows 11 is taking it a step further with new gestures.

These new Windows gestures make navigating around a touch-based device a breeze. You can now use a 3-fingers swipe up and down for minimizing or maximizing the active app window; four fingers swipe up to access task view, and 4-fingers touch and hold for switching between desks. While swiping from the left will now open the new Widgets panel/view.

Wrapping up: The best feature of Windows 11?

With that said, It seems like Microsoft didn’t kill Windows 10x, but they cherry-picked its best bits right into Windows 11. I am excited to see how they carry forward the legacy of Windows 10 into Windows 11 with a dash of features from Windows 10x.

I like how they redesigned the whole start menu from scratch by getting rid of the live tiles they were carrying since Windows 8. Don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to find them of any use in my workflow. Likewise, rounded UI elements are a welcome change. On the contrary, you’ll still see the hints of UI from all the older versions of Windows that exist. As a Windows enthusiast, I was hoping for a much more consistent UI. Still, here we go again, blaming Microsoft, hoping they will update the user interface of legacy Windows with updates.

Overall, Microsoft is trying hard to be the best of both worlds. With more prominent UI elements and good gesture supports, this version of Windows is now more touch-friendly yet works like a charm in a regular keyboard and mouse interface.

What do you think about the new Windows 11? Will you be updating your computers to Windows 11 as soon as it’s out? Do let us know via a comment.


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