Top 8 Best Webcam for Smart TV with Reviews and Buying Guide

Finding the best webcam for smart TV can be challenging with limited options and compatibility issues. This guide covers the top webcams you can buy Right now to use with Android smart TVs and enhance your video calling experience.

We evaluated and ranked these webcams for smart TVs based on important factors like compatibility, resolution, and ease of use. Let’s look at what to consider when buying a webcam for your smart TV and the best options available.

Best Webcam for Smart TV : A Quick Overview

Webcam NameOur RatingsBuying Link
Logitech Brio 4kHighly RecommendedBuy on Amazon
Facebook Portal TVRecommendedBuy on Amazon
Logitech C922Highly RecommendedBuy on Amazon
Logitech C270Good for BudgetBuy on Amazon
Logitech C920sBest for PrivacyBuy on Amazon
Aukey PC-W3 1080p WebcamGood Budget OptionBuy on Amazon
Qtniue Webcam with Mic and Privacy CoverGood for PrivacyBuy on Amazon
Nexigo business streamingReasonable PriceBuy on Amazon

This table serves as a quick guide to help you navigate through the top webcam choices for smart TVs, categorized by best overall, budget-friendly, and premium options. Keep reading for an in-depth review of each model.

Factors to consider before buying a webcam for Smart TVs:

Before we hop on to the list and the reviews of these webcams, Let’s have a look at the factors that determine the rankings. We used the following factors to rank all the webcams for smart tv:

  • Compatibility: The first factor that you should consider before buying a webcam for android tv is compatibility. The main factor for compatibility is the UVC support.UVC support determines the compatibility between Android’s base Linux ecosystem with the Webcam’s UVC drivers.
  • Resolution: Another factor that you should consider in mind while buying the best webcam for smart tv is the resolution that it offers. You should always choose a webcam that has at least 1080p output so that the video feed looks clear at the recipient end as well.
  • Android Version: The most common version that supports the webcam starts with android 9. Make sure that your TV at least has the android 9 versions on your TV.
  • Select a highly rated brand like Logitech or Razer for best performance.
  • Look for tripod threads, clipping mechanisms or adapters to position the webcam securely on your TV.
  • Webcams with physical privacy shutters let you close the lens when not on video calls.
  • Dual microphones help filter out background noise for optimal voice clarity.
  • An autofocus lens keeps the video looking sharp, especially if people are moving around.
  • Automatic low light correction adjusts if you’re in a dim room or shadows.

Now Let’s have a look at the best webcam for smart tv 

Best Webcam for Smart TVs

1. Logitech Brio 4k: Best 4k Webcam for Smart TV

logitech brio 4k best webcams for smart tv

If you want to make crystal clear 4K video calls on your smart TV, the Logitech BRIO 4K is an excellent choice. It supports gorgeous 4K video as well as HDR for a wider range of colors and contrast.

The BRIO has a convenient Type C connector so you can use a longer cable without power issues. Its 5X digital zoom allows you to pan around and see every detail during family video calls. Dual omnidirectional mics provide great audio to match the stunning video.

Overall, the BRIO 4K is the best future-proof webcam for smart TVs if you want the sharpest 4K resolution during video calls on the big screen.

Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p Field of View: 90 degrees
Microphone: Yes, dual omnidirectional mics Zoom: 5X digital zoom

Buy Logitech Brio 4k

2. Facebook Portal TV: Webcam for Smart TV with a Twist

facebook portal tv best webcam for smart tv

The Facebook Portal TV isn’t a webcam per se, but a smart video calling device optimized for TVs. It brings advanced video calling features to your living room TV.

The Portal TV supports popular apps like Zoom, WhatsApp, and Messenger for group video calls. You can make 3-way WhatsApp calls and 7-way Messenger calls right on your TV using the dedicated remote.

It has handy features like auto-panning and AI-powered sound enhancement. The Alexa integration even lets you make video calls completely hands-free. If you want a multipurpose video calling solution for your TV, the Portal TV is a compelling choice.

Resolution: 1080p HD Field of View: 120 degrees Microphone: Yes, 8-mic array Smart Camera: Auto-panning and zoom Apps: Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger

Buy Facebook Portal TV

3. Logitech C922

logitech c922 webcam for tv

The Logitech C922 Pro Stream is a highly popular webcam perfect for using with smart TVs. It provides 1080p video at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. The autofocus and automatic low light correction allow you to look your best.

This plug-and-play webcam has a versatile fold-and-go design. Use the included tripod or clip it securely onto your TV. Dual mics filter out noise for clear audio during calls. For an easy to use and affordable 1080p webcam, the C922 is an outstanding choice.

Resolution: 1080p at 30fps, 720p at 60fps Field of View: 78 degrees Microphone: Dual mics Design: Fold-and-go with tripod

4. Logitech C270

logitech c270 webcam for smart tv

The Logitech C270 is an ultra budget-friendly webcam that works well for smart TVs. It captures 720p HD video – not the sharpest for a big screen but usable for basic video chats.

This compact and portable webcam simply plugs into a TV’s USB port and functions as a plug-and-play camera. The integrated noise-reducing microphone provides clear audio. If you want basic Logitech webcam quality on a tight budget, the C270 gets the job done.

Resolution: 720p HD Field of View: 60 degrees Microphone: Integrated Design: Compact and portable

Buy Logitech C270 for Smart TV

5. Logitech C920s: Best Logitech Webcam for Privacy

logitech c920s webcam for smart tv

There is one thing that one should always do, mute the mic and webcam on time otherwise accidents like the cat lawyer incidents can happen, read more about that here. A good way to maintain privacy is by adding a hardcover on the camera which the Logitech C920s has. The way this works is that you have a cover on top of the camera, to use it, just open the cover and once done, close the lid and you will be secured. Have a look at the C920s product page by clicking on the link or on the product image.

Buy Logitech C920s For Smart TV

6. Aukey PC-W3 1080p Webcam

aukey pc w3 webcam for smart tv

he Aukey FHD Webcam is a budget 1080p camera ideal for smart TVs. It captures crisp full HD video at 30fps through its wide-angle 88 degree glass lens. The two built-in stereo microphones ensure your voice sounds clear as well.

This webcam comes with a universal clip mount and tripod thread for flexible positioning. It can attach securely to the top or sides of most TVs. For a quality budget 1080p webcam, the Aukey FHD is a great choice.

Resolution: 1080p Full HD

Field of View: 88 degrees

Microphone: Dual stereo mics

Mount: Universal clip and tripod thread

You can read our detailed guide to find the best webcam stands here. You can use these stands to mount your webcam and use it.

Buy Aukey PC-W3 1080p Webcam for Smart TV

7. Qtniue Webcam with Mic and Privacy Cover

qtniue webcam for smart tv

For a webcam with a privacy shutter on a budget, consider the Qtniue 1080P HD Webcam. It captures 1920×1080 video and has a built-in noise-reducing microphone. The major feature is the attachable privacy cover to block the lens.

This easy-to-use plug-and-play webcam has a universal clip for attaching to monitors or TVs. While budget-friendly, it still provides good HD resolution and usability for smart TV video calls. The physical privacy cover adds peace of mind.

Resolution: 1920×1080 Full HD
Field of View: 90 degrees
Microphone: Built-in noise-reducing mic
Privacy: Attachable lens cover

Buy Qtniue Webcam with Mic and Privacy Cover for Smart TV 

8. Nexigo business streaming

nexigo business streaming webcam for android tv

The NexiGo Streaming Webcam is another model with a handy privacy cover at a reasonable price point. It outputs 1920×1080 full HD resolution for crisp video calls. The attached external cover gives you control over the lens and camera feed.

Dual noise-canceling mics ensure your voice sounds clear on calls. The driver-free USB plug-and-play setup makes it easy to use with smart TVs. Although budget-priced, it still boasts good HD quality and key features.

Resolution: 1920×1080 Full HD Field of View: 80 degrees
Microphone: Dual noise-canceling mics
Privacy: Attachable privacy cover

Buy Nexigo business streaming Webcam for Smart TV

How Important is UVC Support for Webcam Compatibility with Smart TVs?

UVC (USB Video Class) support is crucial for ensuring that a webcam is compatible with Android’s base Linux ecosystem. Without UVC support, you may encounter issues with video feed and functionality, making it a key factor to consider before purchasing.

What Role Does Android Version Play in Webcam Compatibility?

Webcams generally start supporting Smart TVs with Android version 9 and above. If your TV runs on an older version, you may face compatibility issues, limiting your choices for suitable webcams.

Can Webcams with Physical Privacy Shutters Prevent Hacking?

Webcams with physical privacy shutters offer an added layer of security by allowing you to physically block the camera lens. This feature can protect you from unauthorized access and potential hacking attempts.

How Do Dual Microphones Enhance Audio Quality?

Webcams with dual microphones utilize noise-canceling technology to filter out background noise. This results in clearer audio during video calls, making conversations more engaging and understandable.

What Are the Benefits of Autofocus Lenses in Webcams?

Autofocus lenses automatically adjust the focus based on where the subject is, ensuring a sharp and clear video feed. This is particularly useful if multiple people are participating in the video call or if there is movement during the call.

How Does Automatic Low Light Correction Improve Video Quality?

Automatic low light correction adjusts the video feed to compensate for poor lighting conditions. This feature ensures that you appear clear and visible even in dimly lit rooms, enhancing the overall video call experience.

Are Tripod Threads Essential for Webcam Placement?

Webcams with tripod threads offer more flexibility in positioning the camera. Whether you want to mount it on a stand or clip it to your TV, tripod threads provide a secure and stable setup.

How Does Digital Zoom Affect Video Quality?

Digital zoom allows you to focus on specific areas during a video call. However, excessive use of digital zoom can result in pixelation and reduced video quality. It’s important to find a webcam that offers a balance between zoom capabilities and video clarity.

Is HDR Support Necessary for Webcams?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) support enhances the color and contrast of the video feed. While not a necessity, HDR can make your video calls look more vibrant and lifelike, especially if you’re using a 4K webcam.

What’s the Difference Between Plug-and-Play and Driver-Based Webcams?

Plug-and-play webcams don’t require additional drivers and can be used immediately upon connecting to the Smart TV. Driver-based webcams may offer more customization options but could be more complex to set up. Knowing the difference can help you choose a webcam that suits your technical comfort level.

How Does Field of View Impact Video Calls on Smart TVs?

The field of view determines how much area the webcam captures. A wider field of view is beneficial for group calls or when you need to capture a larger setting, while a narrower field may be more suitable for individual calls.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Smart Video Calling Device Like Facebook Portal TV?

Smart video calling devices offer advanced features like auto-panning and AI-powered sound enhancement. However, they may be more expensive and could require a separate remote. Understanding the pros and cons can help you decide if such a device is right for you.

How Does Video Resolution Affect Bandwidth Usage?

Higher video resolutions like 4K UHD will consume more bandwidth compared to 1080p or 720p. If you have limited internet speed, you might experience lag or buffering during video calls with higher resolution webcams.

Best Webcam for TVs: Conclusion

So these were our picks for the best webcams for Smart TVs that you can buy in 2021. I personally loved the Logitech C922 for its ease of use and the Facebook Portal TV for the overall ecosystem that this device offers.

I hope you liked our guide to the best webcams for smart tv. If you did, don’t forget to comment below and follow our Instagram @mrnoobHQ. Thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I connect a Webcam to Smart TV?

Yes, you can connect a webcam to your smart tv. You just have to make sure that the webcam that you select should be a plug-and-play type that supports UVC drivers. The UVC drivers help with the android support and compatibility with the webcam itself.

How to find the Best Webcam for Smart TVs?

We have compiled the guide to the best webcams for smart TVs, you can have a look at all our picks in this article and check what suits your budget. All the picks work with Smart TVs. Do note that some TVs restrict the use of third-party webcams. so make sure to find out all the information regarding third-party webcam support before ordering one.

How to Check if the Webcam is working on the Smart TV?

To check if the webcam is working or not on the smart TV, you have to download a third-party camera app. You can do that by sending an APK to the smart TV using Send files to the TV app or by installing a third-party app store like Aptoide TV and downloading a camera app like Open camera. Just connect the camera to the USB port and open the “open camera” app and you should see the camera input on your screen.

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