Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Cases and Covers!

If you are looking for the best Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Cases in the market, we have compiled the list of the best cases for Samsung galaxy s22 plus.

Samsung has launched its Galaxy S22 series of flagship devices. The smartphone company has released three versions, including Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 ultra. If you are looking forward to buying one, you also need some quality protection to protect this expensive piece of hardware. So if you are buying or you have already bought the Samsung Galaxy S22+ smartphone, we have made a list of some of the best S22+ covers and cases.

The list provides some of the best smartphone covers and cases that are good in design, protection, or sturdiness. The objective is to provide you with premium quality cases and covers for your flagship device. Here are some of the best S22+ covers and cases you can buy in 2022 for your smartphone. 

Best Samsung Galaxy S22+ cases and covers 

The list comprises some of the best S22+ cases you can get online for your Samsung Galaxy S22+ at an affordable rate. The covers are tested to be compatible with the device while enhancing its look, adding protection from accidental drops and damage. Let’s look at some of the best yet affordable S22 Plus cases and covers. 

1. Samsung Galaxy S22+ Silicone Cover

samsung official silicone cover s22 plus mrnoobSamsung makes some of the best in-house cases/covers for their flagship smartphone. Hence, what can be better than getting a from Samsung for your brand new Galaxy S22 Plus smartphone. This Silicon cover by Samsung will offer a solid grip and protection to your S22 plus. The silicone here is soft but with a matte finish making it look more premium.

Since the case is from Samsung itself, there is no compromise in the compatibility. It fits perfectly, protecting your devices from accidental drops and damages. This silicone case provides a soft but matte finish making it look premium as well.

However, the best aspect of the case is that it is slim and easily fits in your pocket without occupying much space. Meanwhile, you also get to customize your case with different color options. If you are a Samsung fan, this can be the best option you can look at for your Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus smartphone. Bonus, it is also comparatively cheaper than most of the cases in the market, making it a good deal.

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2. TORRAS Shockproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

torras shock proof case s22 plus mrnoobTORRAS Shockproof case is one of the most affordable S22+ cases you can get for yourself. The case comes with certified military-grade protection as it is made up of polycarbonate and soft silicon for bumpers. It protects all the corners and edges with 2nd gen X-SHOCK anti-collision angle technology. The cover fits the phone perfectly, providing a slim and sleek look. Meanwhile, it also comes with anti-scratch skin-friendly material. 

The case also packs three-color click buttons and provides a unique ergonomic design. This TORRAS case is perfectly compatible with the device and gives a clean look to your device. It also protects the camera lens with a protective layer and bumps, making it scratch and drop-proof. It is suitable for wireless charging, since it has perfect cutouts for wireless chargers. All these features combined provide good safety if you buy this case.

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3. Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for S22+

spigen ultra hybrid case s22 plus mrnoobSpigen has developed the ultra hybrid case for the new Samsung Galaxy S22+ device. It has a matte black edge covering but a transparent back, which allows you to flaunt the device’s original design and color. Spigen Ultra Hybrid case also comes with pronounced buttons and precise cutouts for cables and sensors, perfectly compatible with the device. 

The case is available in three different versions, which enhance the device’s look. The raised bumps to the transparent back make a perfect deal for your smartphone at an affordable rate. The TPU material makes it flexible and gives military-grade protection. Considering the specs, it can be a good deal if you get this cover for your device.

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4. Official Samsung Galaxy S22+ leather Cover

samsung official leather case s22 plus mrnoobIf you are a leather enthusiast and looking for a case that comes with a leather finish, Samsung has got you covered. Unlike other cases, this case is made of leather that looks premium, just like your device. With Samsung’s guarantee, it is one of the most elegant S22+ cases you can get. It elevates your style and provides significant protection to the camera lens. The leather finish gives a soft feel while making the case look elegant. And leather material is flexible, which wraps the whole device providing that extra protection. 

The case is sleek and slim and perfectly fits your pocket, unlike most covers. You can get a shockproof, elegant, and premium cover from the company and contact customer care if you face any problem with your product. However, the case is a bit expensive, but it is good rather than buying cheaper alternatives.

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5. ANNSD floral Samsung S22+ case

annds floral case s22 plus mrnoobANNSD makes some of the best designer cases and covers for smartphones. The Floral case has various features that stand out from other covers and cases. In terms of looks, the cover comes with an elegant floral print which makes your device look like a great piece of art. While they also have a transparent version if you don’t like the floral design. It comes with raised bezel edges that protect the device and camera lenses from scratch, dust, and accidental drops. The flexible case covers all the edges of the device and the camera lens. 

The ANNDS Floral case supports flawless wireless charging, which is one of the issues faced by users. The best thing about the product is that the company provides a lifetime guarantee to their product, with a refund option in case you don’t like the case. Summarizing the case’s specifications and elegant design makes it a great deal to consider.

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6. SKTGSLAMY S22+ armor case 

armor case s22 plus mrnoob

The blue armor case made by SKTGSLAMY is one of the safest and sturdiest cases available in the market for Samsung Galaxy S22+ devices. This Armor case packs a lot considering its hard TPU body with a magnetic kickstand, that you can use as a car mount. It is one of the safest cases for your smartphone protecting your device from drops and scratches.

You get three different color options to choose from on this armor case. It also comes with a car mount with 360-degree rotation for convenience. The case provides military-grade protection along with precise cuts for wires. However, it is also compatible with wireless charging.

The case is compatible with S22+ smartphones only. The bumps on the edges protect the device’s screen and camera lens from drops and scratches. The best part of the deal is that it comes with a complimentary plastic screen guard with the cover. You can get all these, plus good customer service from the company, for under $11. That makes the case one of the most inexpensive deals for the Samsung Galaxy S22+.

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7. Ezanmull S22+ protective case

ezanmull protective case s22 plus mrnoob

The next case on the list of the best  Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Cases is the ezanmull case. Ezanmull comes with a case that is compatible with the S22+, which has different features making it a good option. The case protects the device from drops and scratches and comes with a back stand. It also protects the camera lens and makes the case stand out from other cases from a design point of view. The case makes the device look ultra-thin and compact, which is good if you carry your device in your pocket. 

The case is available in three different colors at an affordable rate, making it a good deal you can consider. Meanwhile, the case is wireless charging friendly and also got precise cutouts for charging and sensors. It provides military-level protection as the cushioned corners make the case shockproof. It is one of the affordable Samsung S22+ covers you can buy for your smartphone, having the given features.

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8. Doxlion Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

doxilion case s22 plus mrnoobThe next case on the list of Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Cases comes from Doxlion. Doxlion, as mentioned in the previous guide on best S22 ultra cases, has made a protective functional case for the Samsung Galaxy S22+ device. The case covers the device, protecting the edges from scratches and drops. It also comes with built-in lens covers in the case. Since the case is made up of rubber, makes it flexible and fits the corners perfectly, leaving no room for dust. The case is ergonomic and not slippery, unlike the other cases available. What makes the case stand out is that it is affordable and enhances the overall look of your device. 

The case is military-grade certified and protects your device from careless drops. The case is easy to grip and use, which is highly effective while clicking pictures or taking videos. It doesn’t make your large cellphone even larger; instead, it provides a sleek and slim look to your device. So, if you were looking for a stylish and functional case, Doxlion has got you covered.

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9. ESR Metal s22+ Kickstand Case 

esr metal kickstand case s22 plus mrnoob

The ESR metal kickstand case is transparent, which keeps the original look of the smartphone visible. The case comes with a metal kickstand which is very comfortable. You can use your smartphone on a flat surface by using the kickstand. The bumps on the edges can absorb the shock during accidental drop. These bumps make the device drop and shockproof. The kickstand is adjustable up to 60 degrees. The back of the case is made up of transparent polycarbonate material. It is flexible and fits the case perfectly without affecting the back of the camera lens.

Meanwhile, the case has precise cuts for the charging cable which signifies the case is perfectly compatible with S22+. The case is strong, slim, and affordable comparatively. The material resists making the transparent case yellow over time. The brand provides a safe yet well-designed product at an affordable price.

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Wrapping up: Best S22 Plus Cases and Covers.

So this was our guide on the best Samsung Galaxy S22+ cases and covers you can buy in 2022. The guide covers some of the best cases in the market based on customer reviews and ratings. The cases are best in design protection and are available at an affordable price. We also have added some of the best premium cases for S22+ smartphones. The objective is to provide a comparative list of suitable options you can consider before buying a case for your S22+ smartphone. However, if you still have doubts, you can go for these three cases. The first one is Samsung Electronics Galaxy S22+ leather Cover. The second case you can buy is TORRAS Shockproof case, and the third case you can consider is ESR Metal Kickstand Case.

These three cases are comparatively better; however, you can consider the other options as they all have unique aspects. This wraps up our guide on the best Samsung Galaxy S22+ cases and covers you can go for your smartphone. You can also look at our other guides on the best S22 Ultra screen protectors, cases, and covers

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