These are the Best Parler Alternative Free Speech Social Media Apps You can use Right Now

Looking for the best Parler alternatives available right now while Parler is down? Keep on reading, we have some of the best Parler alternatives. But before that, let’s discuss free speech on social media.
The recent fiasco of the Parler app has given a lot of traction to free-speech apps on the internet. In a world dominated by apps like Facebook, and Twitter. Everything you share or post has to follow the community guidelines. If it doesn’t then, these platforms are free to remove such content in regards to the violation of their guidelines. While the apps like Parler promoted free-speech giving by using the post freely on their platform. But with the ban of the Parler app, a lot of Parler alternatives have come into the scenario and getting much traction thereon.

What is Parler App and why Parler app is banned?

The word Parler means ‘To Speak‘ in French. Launched in September 2018, the Parler app is a micro-blogging app similar to Twitter that focuses on the idea of free speech. Since then, it has attracted over 4 million active users to the platform.

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On January, 9th 2021, Google took down the Parler app after the Capitol incident in the United States. People used the Parler app to incite violence, asking people to gather around the Capitol on January 6th. Shortly, after that, both Google and Apple removed the Parler app from their app stores.

And since yesterday, the whole Parler app infrastructure went down after Amazon pulled its plug off their servers. Since then a lot of Parler app users are looking for platforms/app alternatives to Parler, which support free speech. If you are someone who is looking for free-speech apps similar to Parler, you are in the right place.

Here is a list of some of the best Parler alternative that promotes the free-speech concept of allowing their users to post freely on their platform.

Best Parler Alternatives: Best free speech apps you can use in 2022!

1. MeWe: 

MeWe has seen a massive surge after the Parler app ban. It turned out as one of the top free-speech apps in the market as a Parler alternative. MeWe claims itself as a next-gen social network built on Trust, Control, and Love. Alongside, free speech, the whole MeWe social network is free from Ads or any sort of newsfeed manipulation.

MeWe users have full control over what they share on the platform, along with full ownership of their content and data. Since there is no news-feed manipulation on the MeWe app, users will see and interact with every content they follow without any filter.

They are also committed to making their social network a safe place to make positive connections, giving social media a fun and uplifting experience. You can’t just use MeWe as a social network, it also provides a friendly and privacy-focused chat and texting experience with your fellow MeWe app users.

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The MeWe app is available on both iOS and Android.

2. CloutHub

Clouthub is a fairly new feature-rich free-speech social platform that allows its users to engage in meaningful civic, social, and political issues, causes, and campaigns they care about. They claim themselves to be a neutral platform for everyone, where people from every ideology can engage in a civic discussion.

They not only support the idea of free speech but also respects user privacy and don’t track or sell user data. CloutHub is solely a community-driven and focused platform. As for someone who likes to participate in social and political debates, issues, and discussions, CloutHub is the place to go.

CloutHub wants to put itself as a platform where everyone can make a difference by having their voice heard. However, CloutHub is only available in the United States and Canada as of now.

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The CloutHub app is available on both iOS and Android.

3. Gab Social Media 

Gab is another microblogging and social network web service, built on the idea of free speech. It is a politically inclined social media network that focuses on the free flow of information online.

In terms of UI, it is just like Twitter featuring trending posts, groups, and a separate news section covering news around the world. Users can interact with Gab posts via Likes, Comments, and Reposts, just like they do on Twitter. You can also sort your feed as per the trend.

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Like Parler, Gab also got banned from the Google Play Store and Apple App store for refusing to censor speech for Google and Apple. However, you can still access the Gab social network directly from their official website, and enjoy the liberty of free speech on their platform.

4. Rumble

Rumble claims to be a censorship-free online video platform similar to YouTube. But unlike YouTube, Rumble allows its creators to freely express their views and opinions on their free-speech video app. Viewers can subscribe to their favorite Creators, and if they want to be a part of this free speech video community, they post videos as well. It works just like Youtube and TikTok with no censorship at all.

Rumble also allows its user to make money from their platform. Everyone on the Rumble app makes money. If you are a creator, you can make money by posting viral videos and winning real money with their unique video discovery process called ‘Rumble Battle’. And as a viewer, you can take part in their daily draw by voting for your favorite video and earn a ticket to win cash in their daily cash draw.

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You can download Rumble on iOS and Android.

Wrapping up: Best Parler Alternatives – Free Speech Social Media Platforms

Free speech is a luxury to have and these free speech apps are creating a censorship-free environment for people to express their views without being worried about getting censored.

I do promote the idea of free speech, yet I do not endorse creating an unsafe environment under the name of free speech. I hope we will see more such apps that don’t sell your data or mute users’ opinions.

What do you think is the best Parler alternative free speech app, do let us know via a comment.


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