7 Best Mouse for Programming [2023 Edition]

Programming can be tedious and require a lot of focus and longer working hours. Due to this, programmers often suffer from painful muscle tension in their hands, which can further develop into more serious injuries. Thus, to achieve maximum productivity with minimal fatigue and injuries, a programmer must choose the best mouse for programming needs. These programming mice are not only ergonomic but also feature-packed, which can help you achieve maximum comfort, productivity, and well-being.

Here are our top 7 picks for the best mouse for programming and outlining the features that make them a great choice for programming.

Best Mouse for Programming!

1. Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse

logitech mx master 3 advanced wireless mouse mrnoob

Being the latest in the MX Master series, the Logitech MX Master 3 is perfect if you’re putting in long hours in front of your computer. The Logitech MX Master 3 is built for everyday use because of its rounded shape and dented thumb rest. It is highly versatile, has gesture buttons, and even an advanced thumb wheel made of steel.

The best part about Logitech MX Master 3 is that you can connect up to 3 devices via Bluetooth or USB. It provides a seamless transition that you can use to transfer files or work in 2 different operating systems. Not only that, the MX Master also has programmable side buttons that you can customize your favorite commands on those buttons and add macros to the buttons to save time.

For professionals such as coders and graphic designers, the Logitech MX Master 3 is worth checking out.

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2. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

anker 2 mrnoob.4g wireless vertical ergonomic optical mouse

Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse is the most comfortable mouse on this list since it puts your wrist in a neutral position. It features a rubberized coating to keep the thumb from slipping. Furthermore, the mouse has an auto-sleep feature that puts it to sleep after 8 minutes of inactivity.

Anker Vertical Ergonomic Mouse also has a next/previous feature to surf webpages and reduce the amount of wrist strain. However, it is only available to right-handed people and requires a wireless receiver to connect to the computer.

It is perfect for right-handed coders, gamers, and engineers.

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3. Razer Basilik V3

razer basilik v3 wired mouse mrnoob

Razer is primarily known for its gaming accessories, but it is slowly making its way to a wider audience with various computer accessories to cater to regular users as well. Stylish and chic, Razer Basilik V3 sports a sleek matte-black body and 11 customizable RGB lighting zones.

Basilik V3 stands out with its faultless 26,000 DPI sensor and 3 left-side buttons, allowing you to give multiple commands in a matter of seconds. However, the mouse is more suited for large-handed people, and the weight takes some time to get used to.

Overall, Razer Basilik V3 is a wonderful mouse for programming, gamers, and tech nerds.

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4. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

microsoft sculpt ergonomic mouse mrnoob

With the brand name comes the guarantee of quality. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse is designed to increase productivity and promote innovation. Its angled design reduces wrist strain by allowing the wrist to rest directly on the work surface.

For Windows users, this mouse has a dedicated Windows button for one-click access to the Windows menu. However, for Mac users, this button is useless as it can’t be disabled or remapped.

The Sculpt proves to be a well-designed and solid mouse for those who want a basic wireless ergonomic mouse for their Windows system.

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5. Logitech MX Ergo Trackball

logitech mx ergo trackball mouse mrnoob

The Logitech MX Ergo Trackball is another mouse for programming from the Logitech MX series. The highlighted feature of the MX Ergo Trackball is that it exposed trackball that you can roll with your thumb to move the mouse across the screen. This trackball allows you to move the cursor on your computer screen with little to no arm displacement.

Logitech Ergo Trackball also comes with a magnetic hinge for tilting the mouse to match your taste and comfort. Additionally, it has 8 programmable buttons to reduce the number of clicks by remapping them into usable shortcuts. For connection, you can either use the USB receiver or go fully wireless using Bluetooth mode. With its high-speed and high-precision mode, MX Ergo Trackball is perfect for programmers’ day-to-day tasks.

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6. Corsair Nightsword RGB Mouse

corsair nightsword rgb mouse mrnoob

If you need a mouse with a resting place for your thumb, the Corsair Nightsword RGB mouse is the one to go with. This extra thumb support will keep your hand relaxed even after long working hours. It also has a smart tunable weight system that the user can adjust to fit their grip perfectly and provide excellent balance.

Corsair Nightsword comes with features specifically for programming and gaming needs, such as 10 interface buttons and a custom Pixart PMW3391 optical sensor for precise tracking. With superior sensitivity controls, the mouse can track your movements at up to 18,000 dots per inch (dpi).

Additionally, the programmable thumb buttons will reduce time-consuming aspects of clicks and shortcuts. A bit flashy with its RGB, the Corsair Nightsword mouse is perfect for those who occasionally game to overcome their programming fatigue.

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7. Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse

microsoft modern mobile mouse mrnoob

Last but not least, we have Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse. It is the best travel-friendly budget mouse for programming due to its minimalistic design and space-saving shape. Whether working in your office or taking it along on your travels, it will be comfortable, lightweight, and sturdy.

It features Microsoft’s Bluetrack Technology, which allows the mouse to glide seamlessly through any surface and not be limited to mouse pads. It is also a wireless mouse with Bluetooth connectivity up to 33 feet in range.

Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse is ideal for programmers who travel a lot, especially with its promising long battery life.

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Things to look for when buying a mouse for Programming!

A comfortable and precise mouse can do wonders for increasing productivity and creating a creative workflow. They help in minimizing time-taking tasks by creating shortcuts and having great sensitivity controls. Programmers are at risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to sitting long hours at work with their hands on top of a mouse. Investing in a good, quality mouse will decrease possible long-term injury or strains on hands or wrists.

Thus, some of the things to look for when buying a mouse for programming are:

  • Wired or Wireless – Wired or Wireless, there are advantages to both types of programming mice. Wired mice are mostly faster than wireless ones and don’t need any battery life to worry about. Wireless mice are more convenient and portable but can be a bit more expensive.
    Usually, it is recommended to get a wired mouse for high-precision work. But these days, even wireless mice are putting up a good fight and offer speed comparable to wired ones.
  • Comfort – For programmers, comfort should be the top priority when buying a mouse. Most of the comfort goes to the design and shape of the mouse and how it fits in one’s hand. A mouse that rests comfortably on your hands without wrist pain can make tasks easier and faster to complete.
    To combat this, we have a vertical mouse designed to reduce pressure on the wrist and increase mobility in the fingers. They form a healthy competition for programmers, in opposition to the traditional design of mice.
  • Extra Buttons – More buttons on the mouse translate to less hand movement, which means more work done without fatigue. The programming industry spends much time and energy writing the same code with minimal alterations. Extra buttons on mice provide shortcuts to decrease the time spent by having easy access to buttons such as copy, paste, undo, and more.
  • Customizations – Each programmer is different, and so is their workflow. Customizability options help you customize your mouse as per your needs. A programmer can easily calibrate the mouse with specific buttons assignment and remap them to match their workflow. It will help them personalize their experience and increase the efficiency of their work.
  • Sensitivity – The DPI (dots per linear inch) determines how sensitive a mouse is. By adjusting DPI, you can alter the mouse’s pointer speed for precision tasks. The higher the units of the DBI your mouse contains, the more sensitive it is and the faster it will work.
    If you are looking for the best mouse for programming, you should look at a mouse with high DPI sensitivity or a mouse with the ability to adjust DPI.
  • Portability – Portability is more often connected to those who travel a lot and use their laptop for programming on the go. For such programmers, the small and compact shape of the mouse often acts as a convenient portable travel companion. A travel-friendly programming mouse should comfortably fit inside your laptop bag without damaging it during transport.
    Such programmers should seek sturdy yet lightweight mice as they are handy and do not add any extra weight burden. In this scenario, wireless mice gain an extra advantage over wired ones.

Conclusion: Best Mouse for Programming!

A good ergonomic mouse is a healthy investment for programmers to reduce muscle strain and increase work productivity. A standard mouse will only aggravate the injury and increase time-taking tasks. The right mouse will majorly affect your productivity and success as a programmer. We hope our list of the 7 best mice for programming helped you narrow your choices.

If you are looking for a featured-packed comfortable mouse, Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse would be our pick followed by Corsair Nightsword RGB Mouse. However, Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse is the most budget-friendly and portable mouse for programming on the list.

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