Looking for a LastPass Alternatives? Here are the Best Free Password Managers to try in 2022

Everyone wants to know the Best LastPass alternatives out there due to the recent policy change. But before we jump on that, let’s discuss the current scenario first.

It’s a no-brainer that the recent LastPass announcement is nothing less than a shock to most of the LastPass users on a free plan. They are eventually making LastPass users look for an alternative password manager to replace it on their devices.

The company behind LastPass recently announced that they would be restricting the account access under the free subscription to one device type. So if you primarily use LastPass on your smartphone, you will have to choose mobile as your preferred device type, allowing you to access your account only on smartphones with the LastPass app installed. However, choosing mobile as your device will restrict you from accessing your account on a computer. This will make the free plan of LastPass pretty much useless if you use different devices.

What’s the Sudden Need for a LastPass Alternative?

The new policy will get effected from March 16th, giving you enough time to decide whether you want to stick to the free plan with the limitation or buy their premium subscription. Free plan users will get three chances to switch to their preferred device type, but if you choose to get their premium subscription, then you don’t have to worry about anything, as you will be able to enjoy all the LastPass benefits on all your devices. But in case you don’t want to make the switch, you must be looking for some equally good LastPass alternatives that you can use to manage your passwords for free.

Now there are many password managers available in the market, but finding the right one is such a task. So we have compiled a list of the best free password managers that can serve as the LastPass alternative.

Best LastPass Alternatives in 2022!

1. BitWarden Open Source Password Manager :

bitwarden open source password manager best lastpass alternatives mrnoob

The first one on our list of LastPass Alternatives is Bitwarden. Bitwarden is a popular open-source password manager that offers the easiest and safest way to store your passwords across all your devices. Besides being open-source, Bitwarden supports end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption ensuring all your sensitive data is secure and accessible only to you.

Alongside that, Bitwarden has excellent cross-platform support, meaning you can install Bitwarden on all most all kinds of operating systems. Not just that, you can also integrate Bitwarden as a browser extension on almost all popular browsers or run it directly through the command line.

It uses a secure and encrypted cloud to store your passwords. But if you would like more control over where you save your sensitive data, Bitwarden enables you to create your server to keep everything you can secure further with 2FA.

Bitwarden is a reliable alternative to LastPass password generator and manager with self-host functionality and cross-platform support with a global community of developers working towards improving it every day.

Availability: Windows, Mac OS, Linus, Android, iOS, a Browser extension.

Get BitWarden from here

2. KeePass Password Safe

keepass password safe best lastpass alternatives mrnoob

Another great free Lastpass Alternative is KeePass is another OSI-certified Password manager that can replace KeePass as a password manager. It’s free, open-source, and hands-down one of the most secure password managers that you can use to store your sensitive information.

This password manager encrypts not just your passwords but your whole database. This ensures additional security over anything you store inside KeePass. It uses the best and most secure encryption algorithms to encrypt your data. (Such as AES-256, ChaCha20, and Twofish)

It was primarily built for Windows OS, but since it is open-source, there are many unofficial builds/forks of the software that you can install on other OS platforms and access your passwords on all other devices.

However, it is not the most user-friendly password manager out there. You’ll have to work around it a little bit before using this software to store your password. Like if you want to sync your passwords onto other devices, you will have to allow your database to sync with cloud storage like Dropbox, etc.,

Availability: Windows, Mac OS, Linus, Android, iOS.

Get KeepPass from here

3. MYKI: Offline Password Manager and Authenticator Discontinued

myki offine password manager best lastpass alternatives mrnoob

As the name says, MYKI is an Offline password manager that offers the convenience of a cloud-connected password manager while storing all your passwords offline. So how does it work? Well, MYKI uses P2P in an encrypted manner to sync your sensitive data across devices using the MYKI app. This eliminates the use of a 3rd part cloud service without compromising security.

Unlike most password managers, with MYKI, you don’t have to set a master password to access your password. You can use your biometrics (if available) or a simple six-digit password to access your data or log in within the app. It also lets you share a password with others in a secure manner.

Alongside Passwords, you also securely store credit card information, government IDs, etc., with MYKI. It also has its authenticator, eliminating Google/Microsoft authenticators for 2FA.

MYKI requires you to create an account first, which will act as a bridge between all your devices. It offers robust cross-platform support, supporting almost all OS (both desktop and mobile), and it also has its browser extensions for popular browsers.

Availability: Windows, Mac OS, Linus, Android, iOS, a Browser extension.

Get MYKI from here

4. Zoho Vault

zoho vault free password manager mrnoob

Zoho, the company behind the popular cloud software suite for business, has their free password manager called Zoho Vault. With Zoho Vault, you can manage your passwords and other sensitive data for free on all your devices.

One thing that makes the Zoho Vault password manager stand out from the rest is password management. It gives you the ability to organize your passwords into multiple folders with tags, making it easy to access them instantly.

You will get multiple authentication options to access those passwords, alongside using a master password, if you are old school. Given all that, Zoho doesn’t compromise on security at all. They use the standard robust AES 256-bit encryption to store all that sensitive data.

Zoho Vault is a tremendous free password management tool from a known name in the software industry.

Availability: Windows, Mac OS, Linus, Android, iOS, a Browser extension.

Get Zoho Vault from here

5. LogMeOnce

logmeonce password manager mrnoob

The last one on our list of the best LastPass alternatives is LogMeOnce.LogMeOnce is another feature-rich free password manager on this list. They let you save unlimited passwords that you can sync across multiple devices, and there is no limit to that. Other than that, you also get a 2FA authenticator.

LogMeOnce lets you authenticate and access your data using a photo login via biometric or using a password. However, you can still use the master password to access all your passwords.

LogMeOnce is not just a password manager; it also acts as a secure wallet to store your cards, notes, etc., that you can access securely over the cloud storage of your choice. However, to offer all these features, LogMeOnce serves ads in their free plan. While the ads are not intrusive, yes, if that bothers you, you should stick to the other password manager options in this list.

Availability: Windows, Mac OS, Linus, Android, iOS.

Get LogMeOnce from here

Final Words: Best free LastPass alternative password manager!

There goes our list of some of the best free password managers that you can use as a LastPass Alternative. While all the password manager offers great features under their hood, MYKI Password manager would be our pick as the best password manager. Definitely a well-thought password manager, with a sleek UI and features. But if you are on the side of open-source software, BitWarden and KeePass are the ones for you. Lastly, Zoho Vault is a good addition, if you are already using the Zoho software in your workflow.

Which password manager do you use to save passwords? Do let us know via a comment.

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