7 Best iPhone 15 Screen Protectors to buy!

If you are anything but clumsy like me and drop your phone very often, without a question, you need a good screen protector. Especially for an expensive phone like the iPhone 15, where dropping it can lead to a costly repair.

Although Apple has increased the durability of their phones over the years, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Having a screen protector adds an extra layer of protection and security to your phone against any scratches or drops.

Thankfully, most of the reputable brands on the market have already released screen protectors that can help your expensive iPhone to protect against cracks and drops. To make your work easier, we’ve rounded up the top options to find the perfect one for your requirements.

Best iPhone 15 Screen Protectors

Screen Protector NameDescriptionBuying Link
Pehael Privacy Screen ProtectorPrivacy screen protector with 9H hardness tempered glass and camera lens protector.Buy on Amazon
Spigen EZ Fit GLAS.tR Screen ProtectorPremium tempered glass protector with 9H hardness and oleophobic coating.Buy from Spigen
TORRAS Diamond Shield Screen ProtectorPremium protector with EdgeForce technology and Triple Ion-Exchange technology.Buy on Amazon
ESR 3+1 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 153+1 package with three screen protectors and camera lens protectors.Buy on Amazon
Belkin UltraGlass 2 screen protectorStrongest screen protector made with Lithium Aluminosilicate.Buy from Apple Store
QHOHQ Screen Protector3-pack screen protector with 9H hardness tempered glass.Buy on Amazon
Ferilinso Screen Protector4-pack protector with aerospace-grade glass and nano-ceramics.Buy on Amazon

Pehael Privacy Screen Protector

Pehael Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 15

First, on our list of the best iPhone 15 screen protectors, is Pehael Privacy Screen Protector. This Privacy screen protector not only protects your phone from scratches and drops but also offers a privacy filter on the screen, ensuring that your screen is only visible to you. This is particularly useful for those who often use their phone in public places.

The screen protector is made up of 9H hardness tempered glass, which is three times stronger than a regular screen protector film. It can effectively protect your iPhone from unwanted scuffs and scratches by knives, keys, and some other hard substances. Besides this, you also get a camera lens protector to safeguard your iPhone 15’s camera from any potential damage.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy installation with the bubble-free adhesive layer.
  • Ability to hide your private and sensitive information from strangers with the anti-spy tempered glass.
  • Complete coverage of the rear camera lenses.
  • 9H tempered glass for shatter and scratch resistance.
  • It is precisely cut so that it does not interfere with the face ID feature.
  • 3D curved edges greatly reduce the amount of dust.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Privacy filters may reduce screen brightness and clarity.

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Spigen EZ Fit GLAS.tR Screen Protector

Spigen EZ Fit GLAS.tR Screen Protector for iPhone 15

The Spigen EZ Fit GLAS.tR screen protector for iPhone 15 is a premium tempered glass screen protector that offers amazing protection from cracks, scratches, and drops. Similar to Pehael Privacy Screen Protector, this is also made of 9H tempered glass, which is the same type of glass that is used in bulletproof windows.

Furthermore, it is also coated with an oleophobic layer, which assists in repelling smudges and fingerprints. It also comes with an alignment tray that makes it easy to center the screen protector perfectly on your brand-new iPhone 15 screen. Besides, this screen protector also has a bubble-free adhesive layer, which helps to prevent bubbles from forming during installation.

Reasons to Buy

  • Comprises two screen protectors and a cleaning set.
  • Oleophobic coating for fingerprint resistance.
  • Easy installation with alignment tray and bubble-free adhesive layer
  • Protects sensors and self-facing camera.
  • 9H tempered glass for durability.
  • Designed to work with the Face ID sensor and the TrueDepth camera system.

Reasons to Avoid

  • It is a bit more expensive than a few other screen protectors on the market.

Buy from Spigen

TORRAS Diamond Shield Screen Protector

TORRAS Diamond Shield Screen Protector for iPhone 15

If you are looking for a premium tempered glass screen protector for your iPhone 15 that offers military-grade protection, the TORRAS Diamond Shield can be a great choice. It is easy to install and compatible with most iPhone 15 cases. And with its EdgeForce technology, you can protect your phone from edge cracks.

Similarly, it is fortified with Triple Ion-Exchange technology delivers tougher than 9H hardness and is 4X stronger than any other ordinary glass, which means that your brand-new iPhone 15 is well protected, and you can use it actively with confidence. Furthermore, it is personalized in such a way that it fits its curved edges perfectly without any edge gaps.

Reasons to Buy

  • Military-grade protection from cracks, drops, and scratches.
  • Offers complete protection and guards the weak spots using Edgeforce technology.
  • Its X-Silk technology helps to reduce fingerprints by 95% in everyday use.
  • InstaFit airless technology ensures no more irritating bubbles and dust.
  • 9H tempered glass for unbreakable shatterproof performance

Reasons to Avoid

  • A few users have reported that the screen protector can be difficult to remove.

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ESR 3+1 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 15

ESR 3+1 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 15

ESR 3+1 Pack can be a perfect choice for those who are looking for a complete screen and camera protector for your iPhone 15. This 3+1 package includes three durable tempered glass screen protectors and a corresponding set of camera lens protectors, all offered at an affordable price point. Designed from 9H tempered glass, it exhibits exceptional resistance to shattering and scratches making sure robust protection for your device.

Additionally, the 2.5D curved edges improve the tactile experience by offering a smooth touch sensation while strengthening the protector’s resistance against cracking and chipping.  And its black border seamlessly integrates with the iPhone’s design aesthetic for an unobtrusive appearance.

Reasons to Buy

  • Offer three tempered glass screen protectors and one set of camera lens protectors.
  • 5D curved edges for a smooth feel and added protection.
  • Maintains your original display and photo quality as the individual lens protectors keep your flash uncovered and working perfectly.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The screen protectors may reduce the sensitivity of the touchscreen slightly.

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Belkin UltraGlass 2 screen protector

Belkin UltraGlass 2 screen protector for iPhone 15

Belkin UltraGlass 2 can be a great option if you are looking for the best possible screen protection for your iPhone 15. It is the strongest, most durable screen protector that is made with Lithium Aluminosilicate. And it is a first-of-its-kind glass that’s up to 2.7x stronger than regular tempered glass.

Furthermore, it is also chemically strengthened by double ion-exchange, making it even more resistant to scratches, impact, and cracks. Regardless of its strength, UltraGlass 2 is incredibly thin and responsive. It has precision touch sensitivity through intelligent glass composition that reacts like your phone’s own screen, making sure every touch is transferred precisely for a flawless touchscreen experience.

Reasons to Buy

  • Enhanced double ion exchange technology.
  • Precision touchscreen experience from super thin 0.29mm glass.
  • Chemically toughened using ion-exchange strengthening.
  • Thin and responsive.
  • Easy to apply and remove.

Reasons to Avoid

  • As the glass is slightly thicker than some other screen protectors, it can reduce touch sensitivity.

Buy from Apple Store

QHOHQ Screen Protector

QHOHQ Screen Protector for iPhone 15

You can also protect your iPhone 15 with the QHOHQ 3-pack screen protector and camera lens protector. This 3-pack screen protector includes three screen protectors and three camera lens protectors which are made of high-quality 0.33mm thick tempered glass with a hardness of 9H grade.

To improve compatibility with most cases, QHOHQ is designed in such a way that it doesn’t cover the complete screen and only the flat area. Besides, it is also treated with a plasma oil-repellent coating, effectively preventing fingerprints caused by sweat and oil stains and enhancing the visibility of the screen, thus keeping the screen as clean as new.

Reasons to Buy

  • Ensures 99% retention of the original ultra-HD picture quality.
  • The camera cover features a flash hole and upgrades the night shot circle feature to maintain the original quality of photos and videos even when the flash is turned on at night.
  • They have an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating to repel water and fingerprints.
  • 9H hardness for superior protection.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Reviews say that the screen protector might not adhere to the phone well.

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Ferilinso Screen Protector

Ferilinso Screen Protector for iPhone 15

The Ferilinso 4-pack screen protector bundle includes four screen protectors and four camera lens protectors that are made with aerospace-grade glass and fuse nano-ceramics into the glass screen protector. In this way, it provides 10X stronger protection than normal glass for superior resistance to damage caused by bumps, scratches, and drops.

Additionally, its adopting exclusive coating technology enhances the transmittance of the glass, thus offering maximum optical clarity. Its specially designed black circle camera protector is suitable for night shooting functions, capturing every moment without obstruction or distortion and entirely maintaining the original beauty of photos and videos.

Reasons to Buy

  • Camera and screen protector designed to be suitable with 99% of cases.
  • Pack of screen protectors and 4 packs of camera lens protectors.
  • Ultrathin and lightweight.
  • An effective shock resistance screen helps you save unnecessary and expensive repairs.
  • Reduces fingerprints and oil residue by 98% to make it smoother than the original screen.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only compatible with the iPhone 15.

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Wrapping Up: Best iPhone 15 Screen Protector!

In conclusion, protecting your iPhone 15 with a high-quality screen protector is essential to maintain its pristine condition and extend its lifespan.

Whether you prefer the ESR Tempered Glass Protector’s‘ seamless design, the Belkin UltraGlass 2’s enhanced strength, the QHOHQ Screen Protector’s high-quality tempered glass, or the Ferilinso Screen Protector’s for being a budget-friendly option, you can find the best fit for your iPhone 15 in hard times.

Remember, the best screen protector for your iPhone 15 should not only offer superior protection but also maintain the original display’s clarity and touch sensitivity. Complement your screen protector with a sturdy case for added security. Check out our guide on the best iPhone 15 cases to find the perfect match. Choose wisely and keep your iPhone 15 as good as new for a long time!

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