Best Google Play Pass Games You can Download Right Now

Google Play Pass is google’s answer to the Apple arcade. The thought is surely on spot, Let people play games for free by subscribing to a monthly service which will not only be beneficial for the end consumer but for Google as well as the developers too.

Sure, Google is pitching it as the next big thing and the early bird discounted price of $1.99 Sounds great, but what makes a subscription service stand out from the rest is the content, which in this case are the Games. So in this article, I’ll be sharing some of the Best Google Play Pass Games that You can Download Right Now.

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Best Google Play Pass Games that You Can Download Right Now

1. Hex 

Category: Puzzle

As soon as you download this game sporting a minimalist yet classy logo. Upon opening, you know that you are in for a laid back puzzle with a brilliant Background score which is enhanced well by the unique gameplay that this game offers. Our objective is to flip random lines on the screen to eventually make a shape that makes sense like a heart or infinity symbol. This isn’t your usual PUBG or COD but you sure will have a lot of fun. Do give Hex a try


Hex loop on Google Play Pass

Get Hex

2. Monument Valley & Monument Valley 2

Category: Puzzle

It’s really hard for me to comprehend how much I appreciated this game when I played it the first time. Monument Valley is a minimalistic puzzle game designed entirely in Isometric View. In this game, You follow “Princess Ida” in her quest to seek forgiveness for Stealing the Sacred Geometry. you follow Ida, navigate through mind-bending scenarios that are unsolved as you progress further. In Monument Valley 2 You Play with 2 characters, Ro and her daughter and this one is literally twice the fun. Play these for the Colorful UX and the Sound design this game offers.



Get Monument Valley

3. Chameleon Run :

Category: Arcade

Ok, this one will be one of the most fun games if you used to love sonic back in the day or even contemporaries like Mario kart on Nintendo Switch or even on android. Chameleon Run is a Running game that involves you to perform stunts and at the same time change color according to the surface that you are about to touch by tapping on the left side of the screen. Its Fast-Paced Sonic gameplay makes it one of the best Google Play pass games that you can download right now.chameleon run min Get Chameleon Run

4. Old Man’s Journey : 

Category: Adventure

Old Man’s journey, as the name says is a journey of an old man through a multi-layered scenic environment. The objective here is to mold the world in such a way that it makes our protagonist move forward, you can pinch in or out on layers to make the layer align with our old man and make him move forward. What makes this game stand apart are the visuals and beautiful cut scenes. Background Music is riveting and intuitive as well. Do give this a try when you subscribe to Google Play Pass.

Old Man's Journey on Google Play Pass

Get Old Man’s Journey


Category: Adventure

Developed by Playdead and released in 2011 on the Xbox. Limbo is an adventure game made entirely in silhouettes. Limbo involves you to navigate the protagonist, which is an unnamed kid, through a forest and avoid getting an encounter with the giant spider who wants to kill him. It’s is an adventure that shouldn’t be missed. I suggest you hook up a Ps4 controller to your phone or Tv to get the best possible experience.

LIMBO on Google Play Pass


5. Litchspeer

Category: Action

Okay, so the first thing that came into my mind while playing this game was about its similarity with the Adult Swim produced ” Samurai Jack” that I used to love watching back in the day. The similarity continues with the design of the characters and the overall game design as well. The objective, however, is pretty simple throw spears on zombies before they infect you, after getting power-ups you even end up having three spears at the same time. This concept might sound old school or maybe even boring, but the character animation and sound design keep you hooked. A must download if you end up buying the play pass subscription.

Litchspeer on Google Play pass

Get Litchspeer

5. Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy

Category: Simulation

It will be surprising if you don’t know about this one after all the hype on Youtube Live and Twitch about this game. This is supposed to be one of the hardest games to conquer. This the official port of the pc game with the same name. You play Diogenes who is stuck inside a metal cauldron and has a hammer. Our objective is to navigate him through the game by swinging the hammer and jumping through it. As much as I found it to be fun to play, it got to my nerves after a point of continuously coming back to the same location. Do check it out.

Getting Over it Android

Get Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy

6. Hidden Folks

Category: Casual

Hidden Folks as the name suggests is a monochrome art-based puzzler in which you have to find hidden people from artwork by tapping on various elements. My favorite part about this game is the scale of which the artwork is made and the funny SFX which I suppose, is made entirely by the creators themselves. The game is hand-drawn and this uniqueness shows while playing it. Do give it a go if you crave some innovation in gaming.

hidden folks

Get Hidden Folks

7. Lumino City

Category: Adventure

Lumino City is one of the most innovative games that I have ever played. I was surprised to know that this game was entirely made on a real set made out of paper, card, wood, miniature lights, and motors. Just like Monument valley
you follow your protagonist Lumi on a mission. The mission here is to follow a series of clues to power his grandfather’s house. The story and gameplay are the highlights of this game and you will be in awe of the paper style game design.

Lumino City on Google Play Pass

Get Lumino City

8. Stardew Valley

Category: RPG

This one is another console port for android. Stardew Valley is a cute farming simulator that was a  hit back in the day when it was released on console. While playing this game your main objective is to Farm, Fish, Mine, and do other normal things like dating. The more you play the more you will love it.  I end up playing it for more than 30 hours and the excitement is just like it used to be with Clash of Clans back in the day.

Stardew Valley On Google Play Pass

Get Stardew Valley

9. Wayward Souls

Category: Adventure

Wayward souls are one hell of a unique game in the sense that it is the only one out of the whole list that was initially made for a mobile platform (iOS) and later on ported to console platforms like PS4 and Steam. This is a pixel art game in which you play one of the 6 characters whose motive is to pass through a dungeon full of enemies. The combat involved combo attacks and melee attacks in the form of ranged and power attacks. Do give this unique game a shot.

Wayward Souls on Google Play Pass

Get Wayward souls


10. 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

Category: Adventure

Absurdity at its best! As the name suggests its an atomic adventure, is an adventure apocalypse game which requires us to rescue ourselves from an upcoming atomic attack by collecting supplies and family member and eventually reside in a bunker. The number of supplies collected will decide how many days the family will survive. The permutations and combinations which you have to apply to make the family survive is the only thing that makes this game stand apart. Do check this out.60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

Get 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

Best Google Play Pass Games on Google Play Store Right Now

So those were our picks for the Best Games that you can download via the Google Play Pass subscription. I really enjoyed playing the monument valley and Wayward souls a lot. If you thought I missed out on some good one or got some of them wrong, let me know in the comments below.


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