Best Fall Guys Tips and Tricks to Beat the Game and Qualify Every Minigame

I know just like you the whole world wants to know the best fall guys tips and tricks to make their game better but first let’s have a brief look at what fall guys have to offer us.

I could have never imagined that a game with minion-ish creatures fighting among each other can become so popular. The process of trying and not being able to beat the game has led people to search for the best Fall Guys tips and tricks. And to quench this need of our beloved readers, I am here to tell you about the best Fall Guys tips and tricks.

But if you are still wondering what happens in a level of Fall Guys, it is 60 people racing through different stages of obstacles until one of them eventually becomes the champion. Pretty straightforward yet complicated when it comes to playing this game.

Best Fall Guys Tips and Tricks!

Before we move on to the main part where we will discuss all the different stages separately. Let’s first have a look at some general tips and tricks that can make you the king of the fall guys’ arena.

Here are the general Fall Guys Tips and tricks to understand the game better!

Understand Character Physics: Understand the physics of the game when you first start to play it. The initial games should be you learning how your character works and then moving forward to the stage obstacles.

Don’t underestimate Dive: You can dive by clicking ‘Ctrl’ on the keyboard or ‘X’ on your PC, Xbox, or PS4 gamepad. Diving is very important and you shouldn’t ignore it. There are times when you are just millimeters away from the finish line and diving gets you qualified.

Be Patient and Move forward: At times especially in SeeSaw or dizzy heights, you will end up stopping in between and will eventually end up trying the whole obstacle race again and again but don’t forget that there are more obstacles further than your competitors are also trying to tackle. Be patient and try hard to make your way through.

So these are some of the best general Fall Guys tips and tricks, now we will be moving on to the tips from particular stages;

1 – Hit Parade Tips and Tricks

hit parade

A hit parade is one of the most initial rounds that you will encounter when you start playing fall guys. Some of the best Hit Parade Tips are;

  • As soon as you start the game you will see a pit, avoid falling directly into that pit as it has slime which will most definitely slow you down a bit. To avoid that use the blue rotating cylinder and then try to jump on the yellow one. Even if you are not able to do that, you are pretty much sorted here as the slime won’t bug you much and you can move forward very easily.hit parade step 1 fall guys tips and tricks
  • The next part in the hit parade is the turnarounds which are very easy to navigate, just let the crowd turn them for you and try to stay just behind the initial 5-10 people when they are turning those. using this you will be able to easily navigate through the mega gate at the end of the turnarounds as well.hit parade step 2 fall guys tips and tricks
  • The next part is where you will have to dodge the giant balls. The strategy is simple here, try to dodge yourself left and right to avoid getting touched by the giant balls.
  • After this we have the upward slope with slime all over, to avoid that just use the extreme left portion as it’s the most untouched from the slime and you will be able to get through this.hit parade step 3 fall guys tips and tricks
  • Head towards the Finish line and dive and you will be Qualified for the next round

2 – Dizzy Heights Tips and Tricks 

dizzy heights

Another level that comes on a very initial moment inside the game is Dizzy Heights. Here are some of the best Dizzy heights tips and tricks to make sure you get qualified;

  • If you are given the first or the 2nd row, make sure to step on only that rotating circle which gives you the head start that you need.
  • move towards the rotating circles and try to jump on the cheese slices to get the jump that you need, but make sure that you jump on the center and not the sides otherwise things can get complicated if the rotating platforms throw you back to your origin
  • Don’t get stuck walking on the rotating platforms especially the ones with anti-clockwise movement. To get through these platforms, jump from one platform to another quickly and try to use the cheese bouncers in the middle.
  • Within the next set of revolving platforms, make sure that you look at the revolving pattern properly. Focus on the motion of these platforms and you will be able to reach the end.
  • If you end up falling below the rotating platforms then try to make sure that it’s either the last one or you will end up jumping a lot between the rotating doors.
  • The next part is the stacked-up rotating platforms with huge balls. To reach here without falling down, jump and dive from the top ledge and you will be able to reach the stacked rotating platforms.
  • To make sure that you qualify, try to dodge the balls while jumping up and avoid getting stuck on either side. Getting stuck will waste a lot of time.

3 – The Whirlygig Tips and Tricks

the whirlygig

The Whirlygig is one of the most fun levels in fall guys that you can play without the risk of getting eliminated by falling off. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for the whirlygig.

The whirlygig is one of the most fun and least frustrating levels inside fall guys, the reason being the implementation of a virtual shield at the beginning which doesn’t let you fall.

the fact that it’s one of those few levels in which if you start fast you can even make it to the top 10  Here are some tips and tricks for The Whirlygig;

  • Start from any side of the level and move towards the sweepers and let them touch. Leverage the power of the sweepers and let them throw you forward. The idea here is to let the sweeper touch you from the end of the ledge and not from the center so that you get the best speed bump.
  • The next obstacle is to climb towards the first huge fan. Most of the players will choose to jump there through the yellow platform and that can waste a lot of time for you. To get there fast, jump and hold grab. now move forward and you will be able to go further.the whirlygig 2
  • Going further the next big obstacle is the big fan. To get through it, aim your jump and make sure to dive in mid-air to jump through the fan. Now you have three paths toward the finish line: Left, Right, and Center.
  • To become one of the first few persons to win, going through the center portion is a good idea. To do that you have to dive on the left-hand side of the fan a few millimeters before the actual collision spot. Doing that will make sure you avoid the hit and now you can jump through and move forward.
  • Another Sweet trick here is choosing the path on the left side and not the center or the right side. The trick here is that people who often try to go to the center end up thrown on the right-hand side, so choosing the left path can make sure that you end up further fast.
  • Once you get to the final platform with the last fan, Make sure to time your jump right, staying on the final platform, and timing your jump while other players jump in haste and fail is a really good idea. Time your jump and don’t forget to dive in the mid-air to get to the final platform.the whirlygig 3

5 – See-Saw Tips and Tricks


I have a very love-hate relationship with this level due to the fact that either this level can be very easy or extremely hard and frustrating but overall I have figured out a few things that let me win;

  • Always jump diagonally and aim for the white line: If you aim for the white line and then move from there, you are already ahead of many people mindlessly jumping on any portion.
  • Choose walking over jumping: Once you jump on any platform, always choose to walk. If you end up jumping while on the seesaw platform then you will eventually fall down for sure, another very simple trick
  • Take decisions wisely: Often times the platform you want to jump on is already raised in the air. Make sure to not jump on such platforms till it comes back to stability. The key here is to avoid wasting time and make sure that you move forward. once you step on the platform start walking towards the end and jump onto another platform or a checkpoint.
  • Checkpoints are the way to go: Points with a blue flag on the left or right is the checkpoint. The motive here is to reach those checkpoints as fast as you can so that even if you fall down, the respawn point is the one with the flags.

6 – Door Dash Tips

door dash

Door Dash is the Closest to Takeshi’s castle or Wipeout games inside Fall guys. To Get Qualified in Door Dash use these tips;

  • Depending upon the row you are assigned, you can move forward and try to break doors
  • If someone is in the front and you are at the backside of the crowd, try to join the crowd as soon as you can. Perform Jumps and dive again and again and then try to join the crowd and keep that position.
  • When you break any door, you create a lot of mess in the form of broken debris. Avoid stepping on that debris or dragging it forward as it wastes your time.
  • Only one door is real on the last set of doors so make sure you don’t miss that out.
  • While jumping from the last door, make sure you jump and dive. There are a lot of people that rush towards the door at this moment and if you stay back, you lose.

7 – Gate Crash Tips

gate crash

Gate crash is a level where luck plays a lot of roles as well as strategy, here are some of the best gate crash level tips inside Fall Guys Ultimate Showdown;

  • Once you start this level, you will see 3 gates going up and down randomly. Figure out the pattern and analyze the speed at which your player is moving and then only make your jump.
  • Try to jump and dive as it increases the chances to dive through the obstacles.
  • If you are near the door and it closes, then try to stay still and cross by walking rather than jumping.

gate crash 1

  • On the last obstacle, you will have to move through a slimy slope and then jump. Time your jump here as well and make sure that you focus only on the gate you have decided previously. Move through the slime and then jump and dive through the gate and you will qualify.

gate crash 2

8 – Perfect Match Tips

perfect match

This is the only mind game inside Fall guys as of now. To nail a perfect match here are the best perfect match that you can use to get qualified:

  • Learn your own tile: The first priority should be learning which fruit is appearing on our own tile as sometimes when the same fruit appears on the screen, you can have the obvious edge over others.
  • Don’t run or jump: For the most part, the fruit symbols are distributed properly the more haste you create, the more you survive.
  • Memorize by Speaking: To memorize the tiles you can use this technique: say the name of the fruit along with the tile for example Grapes left, Banana front, Cherry Right. Doing this can make your brain memorize the fruit names easily

9 – Rock ‘N’ Roll Tips 

rock and roll

Rock n roll is a different kind of race game in which you have to make sure your ball falls into a pit through an obstacle course first. Here are the Best Rock N Roll Tips to make sure you win;

  • Start by pushing your ball initially and try to move forward early so that it gets the initial inertia.
  • Once you are comfortable with your team pushing the ball down, you can move forward and go down towards the slope.
  • One or two people can now use the jump and grab a button to stop other teams from winning while your teammates keep dragging the ball.
  • Find your closest enemy and you can make sure that it doesn’t win. Keep them stopping and your chances to win this one can increase.

10 – Hoarders Tips


Another interesting Game inside Fall Guys Ultimate knockout is Hoarders. Hoarders is a game where you have to hoard balls in your color and the team with the least number of balls loose. Here are some of the best Hoarders tips which you can use;

  • Assign roles: Since there is no chat functionality inside fall guys, you will have to decide your role yourself. If you think you are good in the offense part then go for it otherwise you can stay back on your side and keep defending your balls
  • Use the dive option and the jump option to create friction and push the ball towards your color.
  • Remember that in this game, two teams win and one loose, so if you are seeing a score where one team is winning and you are 2nd then try to score for yourself and the winning team so that the last team gets eliminated and you can conveniently win.

11 – Fall Ball Tips

fall ball

Fall Ball is the Fall Guy version of a football with almost the same basic rules except for the fact that the balls are extremely huge. Here are some of the best Fall ball Tips and tricks that you can use and win;

  • Focus on Defense as well as offense: Just like Hoarders here also you will have to assign roles for yourself. There should at least be one person on the defense on the goalpost and one person at the center to avoid a sudden push.
  • Utilize the Falling Ball: If you use the inertial of the falling ball by focusing on the dropping shadow then you can give a headshot and possibly score a goal.

Best Fall Guys Tips and Tricks -Wrapping Up

So these were the best Fall Guys: Ultimate showdown Tips and tricks to make sure you get qualified in all the above-mentioned rounds. Fall guys is indeed an amazing game and I have used these tips to qualify. What are your best Fall Guys ultimate showdown stages, do mention them in the comment section below.


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