Top 10 Best Chrome VPN Extensions

Do you know that you can add VPN extensions on your Chrome browser? For beginners, A Virtual Private Network or a VPN is a private connection between you and your internet server. While you’re online, your web browser regularly gathers information about you and shares it with every site you visit. It sends your operating system, IP location, hardware, and information about other devices connected to your server.

Since Google Chrome is the leading browser worldwide, it’s important to use VPN as an unprotected browser can leave your private information like security codes and passwords susceptible. So, using a good VPN extension as you browse the web will protect your network traffic and hide your IP address from the websites you visit. Not only that, but with VPN enabled, you can also view geo-blocked content as well as bypass several web restrictions. 

In the past decade, setting up VPN has gotten easier. It is like flipping a switch, and you are protected. Nevertheless, your browsing security entirely depends on the best VPN extension you’ve selected. So, in this article, we’ve mentioned the 10 best chrome VPN extensions which will protect your server and personal information from being shared.

10 Best Chrome VPN Extensions 

All the VPN extensions for Chrome mentioned in this article are selected depending on speed, security, and user experience. Read on further to know more about the best chrome VPN extensions.

1. Private Internet Access

private internet access chrome extension mrnoob

Private Internet Access or PIA lets users encrypt their network traffic and stay secure and protected. You can add security and privacy to public and private networks when browsing the internet and using Wi-Fi. 

It is an affordable option that offers many features, including flash blocking, WebRTC leak protection, credit card auto-filling, a third-party cookies blocker, hyperlink auditing, and much more. Although it doesn’t offer many server locations like other VPN extensions, it can be an excellent Chrome VPN extension available at a great price.


  • Fast short-distance speeds.
  • Compatible with US Netflix and BBC iPlayer.
  • Offers customizable and advanced encryption.
  • Verified no-logs privacy policy.


  • No live chat support and limited locations.
  • Doesn’t offer a smart DNS feature


Monthly – $11.95 per month, 1 year – $3.33 per month, and 3 Year – $2.08 per month.

2. NordVPN

nord vpn extensions mrnoob

NordVPN is a VPN service compatible with macOS, Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android TV. It routes all the users’ network traffic via a remote server that hides their IP address and encrypts all outgoing and incoming data. Not only that, but it also provides servers for specific purposes such as double encryption, P2P sharing, and connection to the Tor anonymity network.

NordVPN can be the best option as a VPN extension for Chrome if you’re searching for peace of mind while on public Wi-Fi, as it safeguards your personal information or work files and keeps your browsing history completely private. 


  • Protect your online identity and your privacy.
  • Changes your IP address and bypass firewalls.
  • Prevent bandwidth throttling.


  • Sometimes slow internet.
  • It is quite expensive.


Monthly – $11.95, One Year – $59 or $4.92 per month, and Two Years – $99 or $3.67 per month.

Remember that you cannot cancel your subscription through the web interface.

3. ExpressVPN

express vpn extension mrnoob

ExpressVPN is one of the best Chrome VPN extensions, marketed as a security and privacy tool that encrypts users’ web traffic and hides their IP addresses. It not only protects your web traffic; but also protects your entire device by activating the Express VPN in your Chrome. It features a smart DNS feature known as MediaStreamer, which can add VPN to the devices that don’t support them. 

ExpressVPN has also released apps for macOS, Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, and routers. This app uses AES-256-CBC encryption, 4096-bit CA, and TLSv1.2 to protect users’ traffic.

Using Express VPN’s router app, you can set up VPN directly on your router and bypass unsupported devices like Gaming consoles. It runs over 3,000 remote servers in 160 locations and 94 countries.


  • Reliable and fast.
  • Military-grade encryption with advanced security features.
  • Large number of server locations.
  • Easy to set up.


  • The app is required for the extension to work.
  • Expensive.


One month – $12.95 per month, 6 months – $9.99 per month, and One Year – $6.66 per month.

4. CyberGhost

cyberghost vpn extension mrnoob

CyberGhost VPN is software that masks your IP address and reroutes your web traffic by an encrypted VPN manual. With its app, you can create your own privacy rules, use state-of-the-art protocols like WireGuard and enjoy all the advanced features. It has a network of over 7,000 VPN servers located in 90 countries. 

Unlike other Chrome VPN extensions, it can work even without installing a desktop client. In addition to VPN protection, CyberGhost itself states that it offers ad-blocking and malware. Its dedicated IP feature lets you access IP restricted networks; this can be useful to access a business system while connected to the VPN.


  • Free browser add-on.
  • WireGuard tunneling protocol.
  • Unblocks a lot of streaming platforms.
  • Accepts cryptocurrency.


  • Sometimes connection drops.
  • No third-party audits.


Monthly – £9.99 or $12, and Yearly – £44.99 or $3.99 per month.

5. DotVPN

dotvpn extension mrnoob

Dot VPN for Chrome extension lets users use the internet anonymously. It is connected to over 700 locations across the world. Dot VPN uses an SSL-proxy connection with 4096-bit encryption, which helps to protect any personal information which might be transmitted. 

It also offers an integrated firewall that will help safeguard the user from possible viruses and other sorts of malware. In addition to browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, it is also available on iOS and Android.


  • Unlimited server switches and bandwidth.
  • 4096-bit encryption.
  • Block ads, trackers, and analytics on every device.


  • Less server list when compared to others.


Monthly – $4.99 per month, and 12 Months – $2.90 per month.

6. Hotspot Shield

hotspot shield vpn extension mrnoob

Hotspot Shield can be an excellent Chrome VPN extension option if you are looking for something easy-to-use. It is a public VPN service that creates an encrypted VPN connection with its supported public VPN servers, by which users can connect to the internet and thus safeguards its users’ web traffic. Even though it cannot make users entirely unidentified on the internet, it can significantly enhance security and privacy.

Although you can access the main features and several public servers of Hotspot Shield for entirely free, you might have to pay for advanced features, including antivirus protection, selecting a geographic location, removing advertisements, and connecting to more servers. Users can be able to bypass censorship by connecting to a VPN server that is located outside their country.


  • Offers maximum security and privacy.
  • Provides 5 simultaneous connections.
  • Server in over 82 countries.
  • Offers a super-fast connection.


  • Limited configuration.


1 Month – $9.99 per month, 1 Year – $7.99 per month, and 3 Year – $2.49 per month.

7. ZenMate VPN

zenmatfree vpn extension mrnoob

ZenMate VPN lets you alter your IP address to unblock geo-limitations and stay anonymous. It protects your banking details, emails, passwords, and other personal information from hackers or scammers. All you have to do is add the VPN extension to Chrome and create and verify your account. You can see the ZenMate icon will appear next to your search bar.

Furthermore, it is also available for macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Opera, and Firefox. It never keeps logs of your online activity or browsing history and makes it completely anonymous when you are using the web. Also, it has over 4,000 servers from over 79 various countries.


  • Military-grade encryption.
  • Servers are located in over 79 countries.
  • Offers a 7-days free trial.


  • Limited configuration options.


Monthly – $7.99, 6 Months – $3.19 per month, and 1 Year – $1.99 per month.

8. TunnelBear

tunnelbear vpn extension mrnoob

TunnelBear is a public VPN service available as a browser extension for Google Chrome and available for Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS. Like any other VPN service, TunnelBear also can bypass content blocking in several countries. All you have to do is download the TunnelBear extension from the Chrome Web Store, and a TunnelBear icon will appear next to Chrome’s address bar.

While using TunnelBear, your data passes by their secure VPN, allowing you to connect Wi-Fi hotspots without putting your data in danger. Your personal information and browsing history are protected from advertisers and hackers.


  • Uses AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Doesn’t keep logs of your browser data.


  • Sometimes connection drops.


Monthly – $9.99, Yearly – $4.99 per month, Unlimited – $3.33 per month, Teams – $5.75 per user per month.

9. Windscribe

windscribe vpn extension mrnoob

Windscribe is another best Chrome VPN extension, which can be a great option if you are looking for a fee-free VPN service. You don’t have to install the VPN client on your PC as the service is a proxy. This can be useful for work laptops and other devices where you might not install the software.

It offers several blocking features, social media, and other trackers, website notifications, covering ads, WebRTC, and malware. It is also compatible with Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.


  • 10 GB free data allowance.
  • Offers several advanced features.
  • Strict no-logging policy.
  • Kill switch.


  • No live chat and 24/7 support


Monthly – $9, and Yearly – $4.08 per month or $49 yearly.

10. Hola VPN [No longer offering Chrome Extension]

Hola is a VPN service distributed as browser extensions for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera. It also offers a free mobile for Android and iOS, which offers its VPN service through a peer-to-peer network. 

It allows you to anonymously and safely browse the internet by improving your online privacy. You can unblock blocked websites, and it doesn’t impose bandwidth restrictions on its clients.


  • East to use.
  • Offers 3-days free trial.


  • No strong security features.


Pro – Completely free, Premium – $7.49 per month, and Ultra – $29.99 per month.

Wrapping up: Best Chrome VPN Extensions for browsing privately!

So, what did you choose? As there are several options available out there, it might be difficult for you to choose. Let us make it easy for you by explaining what a good Chrome VPN extension is. A good Chrome VPN extension is easy to install, easy to use and should offer several features.

Nevertheless, remember that not all Chrome VPN extensions are designed equally. Some let you control the desktop app within Chrome, while others provide complete in-browser extensions that can be helpful if you’re on a PC that doesn’t allow installing VPN clients. 

Before selecting any VPN extension for Chrome, you’ve to keep in mind that the VPN Extension you choose shouldn’t keep tabs on your browsing history. So, we hope the above article on the 10 best Chrome VPN extensions has helped you pick up the best option according to your needs and preferences.

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