7 Best Cat Ear Headphones for Gaming

Gaming is all about fun, and what’s more fun than playing your favorite game while sporting a pair of trendy Cat Ear Headphones, right? These Kawaii-themed headphones are taking the internet by storm, offering style, cuteness, and functionality to gamers worldwide. Not only do they allow you to express your personality, but they also deliver high-quality sound, making your gaming experience even more immersive.

Cat Ear Headphones are just your regular high-end headphones, with a pair of cat ears attached on top that sometimes glow. Their unique design is a hit amongst the gamers and streamers community looking for a cute-looking pair of headphones and is also widely popular in cosplay and anime culture.

These cute-looking headphones with cat ears come in various designs, from sleek matte black to vibrant neon colors, ensuring that there’s a pair for everyone’s taste. And if you are struggling to find the perfect match to go with your gaming setup, worry not because we’ve got you covered! Here are the 7 best Cat Ear Headphones that are perfect for gaming.

The Origins of Cat Ear Headphones

The concept of cat ear headphones traces its roots back to Japanese manga and anime. The signature aesthetic originates from the classic “nekomimi” or catgirl trope in Japanese media – human characters that take on feline physical traits like ears and tails.

These nekomimi catgirls became hugely popular in anime starting in the 1960s with characters like Hello Kitty. The fusion of human and animal took on deeper meaning as catgirls embodied sensitivity, playfulness, innocence, and fun.

nekomimi catgirl streamer

As anime spread worldwide, the iconic catgirl image was cemented. Fans began cosplaying catgirls with clip-on ears and tails.

How Cat Ears Met Headphones

In 2014, artist Wenqing Yan was working on an animation featuring a catgirl character. She began designing cat ear headphones to match this character, planting the seed for making fantasy into reality.

Yan partnered with friend Victoria Hu to launch a crowdfunding campaign to produce real cat ear headphones. They sought $250,000 but impressively raised over $3.4 million thanks to the idea resonating with anime fans.

The project faced setbacks and delays. But in late 2015, the first commercial cat ear headphones from Axent Wear shipped to backers, birthing the niche product category.

Capitalizing on the hype, brands like Brookstone and Razer launched their own takes on cat ear headphones with better quality. Gaming peripherals companies helped evolve novelty cat ears into practical headsets for music and gameplay.

Viral Popularity Through Streaming

The turning point towards mainstream adoption was cat ear headphones going viral with online streamers and celebrities.

In 2018, popular YouTuber PewDiePie released a video unboxing and reviewing a pair of Razer cat ear headphones. His viral interest as an influencer signaled the trend’s resonance with youth culture

Pop singer Ariana Grande also began sporting cat ears during music performances, tying the accessory to her signature style.

Young gamers and streamers took note, wearing colorful cat ear headphones on channels like Twitch to express their quirky style. The headphones became a symbol of bonding over a kawaii aesthetic.

This momentum cascaded until cat ear headphones entered the gaming mainstream. Now popular across genres, they represent uniqueness and playfulness when streaming or competing.

Best Cat Ear Headphones for Gaming

1. Razer Kraken Kitty Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken Kitty Gaming Headset

The Razer Kraken Kitty is more than just a stylish accessory to your gaming equipment; it’s a statement. They feature Cosplay Mode among the programmable lighting functions you can adjust in Razer Synapse software. You can set the lights on the earcups and ears to rotate between all colors or any other combination – Cosplay Mode sets your lighting preferences and remembers them.

For music, the Kraken Kitty Edition puts out powerful bass and solid balance with a slight emphasis on the low mids and lows, just like the Kraken Ultimate. It offers THX 7.1 Spatial Surround Sound that goes beyond traditional 7.1 surround sound, immersing you in your gaming world with realistic audio cues.

The headset features cooling gel-infused oval cushions that prevent overheating and pressure build-up during gaming marathons or streams. With a retractable active noise-canceling microphone and Stream-Responsive RGB Lighting, The Razer Kraken Kitty Gaming headset provides everything you could ever want from a gaming headphone, only with more style.

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2. HECATE by Edifier G2

HECATE by Edifier G2

You can make your avatar stand out through the HECATE by Edifier G2 gaming headphones. With its virtual 7.1 surround sound system powered by large 50mm drivers, these headsets deliver immersive audio quality perfect for gaming across various genres.

The retractable and flexible microphone of the HECATE G2 II ensures excellent sound clarity, allowing you to catch even the faintest of sounds, like stealthy footsteps, in a vivid and clear field. Moreover, the LED RGB effects on the earcups enhance your gaming experience even further, giving your gaming sessions a touch of visual flair. The headset is widely compatible with PC, MAC, PS4, PS5, and laptops via USB connection. However, note that it’s not compatible with Xbox devices.

With its lightweight design of just 9.38 ounces and soft, breathable leatherette ear cups, they are incredibly portable and lightweight. So, whether diving into an intense battle or exploring fantasy realms, the HECATE by Edifier G2 ensures you with outstanding sound and a charmingly unique appearance.

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3. SOMIC G951s Pink Stereo

SOMIC G951s Pink Stereo

SOMIC G951s Pink Stereo are great value-for-money headphones that boast style with functionality. These cat-inspired headphones are designed to enhance your gaming setup while also providing an exceptional audio experience. The ambient noise-canceling feature, courtesy of the large-size earmuffs, ensures you’re fully immersed in your game and free from unnecessary distractions.

Equipped with high-quality 40mm speakers, the SOMIC headphones deliver crystal-clear audio across high, medium, and low frequencies. The full-function controller adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to easily adjust volume and microphone settings without interrupting your gaming flow.

Moreover, they sport a highly sensitive microphone, which can be rotated 360 degrees and ensures your voice is picked up with clarity. With an amazing set of features and an ergonomic design, the SOMIC G951s Pink Stereo is a fantastic choice for any gamer looking to upgrade their gaming setup.

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4. EASARS Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

EASARS Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

Performance and comfort are the keys in the gaming world, and EASARS Wireless Cat Headphones don’t disappoint. With the EASARS, you have the flexibility of both Bluetooth and wired connectivity. Using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, these headphones establish a stable connection within a 10-meter range, making them compatible with smartphones and computers.  

These headphones are designed for extended gaming sessions, featuring a battery life of up to 12 hours on a single charge. The virtual 7.1 surround sound capabilities of these headphones, powered by 50mm speakers, ensure a realistic and immersive gaming experience. And as if that’s not enough – the retractable microphone adds to the functionality, allowing for clear communication with your teammates.

With EASARS Wireless Cat Headphone’s lightweight design and high-grade soft silicone ear muffs, you can stay comfortably immersed in your gaming world all day long.

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5. Generic Cat Gaming Headset

Generic Cat Gaming Headset

The Cat Gaming Headset by Generic brand features striking detachable cat ear headphones that not only add a playful touch but also deliver exceptional audio quality. These headphones come equipped with high-precision magnetic neodymium drivers, ensuring a truly immersive gaming experience. Whether you’re diving into FPS, RPG, MOBA, or other games, this headset promises maximum entertainment with its 7.1 Surround Sound and 50mm drivers.

Designed for extended gaming sessions, this headset prioritizes comfort. The memory-protein cushioned earmuffs, along with a soft material, guarantee comfortable wear over long periods. Moreover, the retractable headband and breathable ear cushions contribute to the overall comfort, even during intense gaming moments.

Its sleek black design, accentuated by LED lights sports astounding aesthetics perfect for streaming. The 360° noise-canceling microphone and crystal clear transmission add additional appeal to the Generic Cat Gaming Headphone.

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6. Censi Music Headset

Censi Music Headset

Geared toward the gaming crowd, the Censi Music Headset takes a bold step away from the conventional concept of headphones. Crafted with Korean protein soft leather and armed with 3D Cut and crystal with memory foam ear-blasting technology design, these headphones tackle noise reduction and comfort like pros.

Although there are no impressive LED lights like some other products, the Censi headsets have an eye-catching exterior design. They sport a big 40mm moving coil and impressively low impedance that exudes beautiful audio performance. Moreover, they are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 to make sure you stay connected no matter where you are.

So, whether you’re a gamer who seeks that extra edge of personal expression, a quality-driven audiophile, or just someone who appreciates cutting-edge design, the Censi Music Headset will not fail to impress you.

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7. Riwbox Cat CT-7S Headphones

Riwbox Cat CT 7S Headphones

The Riwbox Cat CT-7S Headphones are the ultimate headsets that cater to everyone, whether a pro or a noob. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, these headphones boast a powerful 40mm speaker that delivers top-notch natural sound and robust bass. It’s not just about great sound, though; they prioritize safety with an 85dB Volume Limiting feature, ensuring that even the youngest gamers can enjoy their playtime without damaging their ears.

When it comes to versatility, these headphones excel. With both wire and wireless modes, you can easily navigate your music playlist and manage calls using the intuitive buttons on the headphones. One of the standout features, though, is the ability to control the LED lights. Hold down the M button for 3 seconds, and you can choose to switch the LED lights on or off according to your mood and battery preference.

The Riwbox Cat CT-7S Headphones not only amplify your sound but also add a vibrant visual dimension to your gaming persona. They are your perfect companion for immersive sound and electrifying visuals.

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What to Look in Best Cat Ear Headphones!

Here’s a checklist of things to look for to ensure you’re getting the best gaming experience:

  • Audio Quality: While the cat ear design might catch your eye, don’t compromise on audio quality. Look for headphones with powerful drivers and good frequency response to ensure you’re getting clear sound, deep bass, and immersive audio during gaming sessions.
  • Comfort and Fit: Long gaming sessions demand comfort. Opt for headphones with adjustable headbands, cushioned ear cups, and a design that won’t strain your neck or ears. 
  • Wired or Wireless: Decide whether you prefer wired or wireless cat ear headphones. Wired options, such as USB headsets for gaming, provide consistent connectivity, while wireless options offer freedom of movement. 
  • LED Lights: The trademark of cat ear headphones is LED lighting. Check if the headphones allow you to customize the LED light effects, change colors, or even synchronize them with your gameplay for an immersive experience.
  • Sound Isolation and Noise Cancellation: Especially important for gaming, noise isolation, and noise cancellation features can help you focus on the game without distractions from external noises.
  • Microphone Quality: If you play multiplayer games or communicate with teammates, a good-quality microphone is essential. Look for headphones with a clear and adjustable microphone that can pick up your voice accurately.

Who typically uses cat ear headphones?

Cat ear headphones appeal most to casual gamers, anime fans, streamers/content creators, and youths seeking an energetic style. Their lighthearted look meshes well with laid-back social gaming.

Are Cat Ear Headphones better wired or wireless?

It depends on your usage. Wired provides consistent connectivity for competitive online play. Wireless allows more freedom of movement and flexibility for single-player gaming.

Why do people wear cat ears on headphones?

The cute cat aesthetic allows gamers to show off their personality and uniqueness. It also lets them express their fandom of anime and popular culture. For some, it adds roleplaying immersion.

How did the cat headphone trend originate?

Cat ear headphones first emerged in Japanese popular culture and anime around 2016, inspired by the classic “catgirl” trope. Their use and designs evolved from cosplay accessories to gaming headsets.

What makes the best cat ear headphones?

Look for great audio quality, integrated microphones, RGB lighting customization, and compatibility with your gaming devices. Comfort for extended wear is also key.

Can you add cat ears to any headphones?

Yes, clip-on faux fur cat ears designed for headphones are available to transform your regular headphones. But headphones with integrated cat ear designs tend to be higher audio quality.

How Do Cat-Ear Headphones Fit into the Cosplay Culture?

Cat-ear headphones have roots in Japanese anime and manga, where characters with animal traits are popular. These headphones are a hit in the cosplay community, adding an authentic touch to various costumes.

Can You Customize Your Own Cat-Ear Headphones?

Some brands offer customization options, allowing you to choose the color of the LED lights or even the design of the cat ears, making your headphones truly one-of-a-kind.

What Should You Consider for Long Gaming Sessions?

For extended gaming sessions, look for cat-ear headphones with comfortable cushioning and adjustable headbands to avoid strain and discomfort.

Are There Wireless Cat-Ear Headphones?

Yes, some models offer wireless connectivity, giving you the freedom to move around without the hassle of wires, making them convenient for both gaming and casual use.

Conclusion – Best Cat Ear Headphones for Gaming

Choosing the best cat ear headphones for gaming ultimately comes down to your personal preference and gaming habits. These Cat ear headphones aren’t just about looking cool, they’re about embracing your unique style and adding a splash of playful personality. They are a symbol of belonging to a vibrant gaming community.

So, whether you’re looking for superior sound quality, eye-catching aesthetics, or simply a conversation-starting accessory, our list of the best Cat Ear headphones has something for everyone.

For an all-rounder pick, you can’t go wrong with either the Razer Kraken Kitty Gaming Headset or HECATE by Edifier G2. Both the headphones are a perfect blend of style and performance. Whereas, SOMIC G951s Pink Stereo headphones stand out as the budget-friendly option with decent audio quality and an attractive cat ear design. In the end, the decision is all yours. Don’t just look for the pretty design, also pay attention to the audio quality, comfort, and functionality of the headphones.

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