15 Best Cases and Accessories for Apple AirTag You Can Buy in 2022

I know you are here to find the best AirTag cases and accessories but let’s see what’s AirTag and why are people looking for the cases.

The latest addition to Apple’s device ecosystem is Apple AirTag. Apple AirTag enables users to locate their belongings easily using the existing “Find My” Ecosystem that apple has.

So if you were planning to buy the apple Airtag soon, these are the best Apple Airtag Cases and accessories.

Best Apple AirTag Accessories You Can Buy (Updated April 2022)

As soon as the Apple AirTag was announced, the accessories for it started dropping in. In this guide, we will be considering factors like the protection of AirTags themselves, style, and many more factors to find out the best air tag accessory for you.

There are accessories like holders, keyrings, mounts, loops, and even bizarre products like cases for glasses as well.

This guide will discuss all the best apple AirTag accessories that you can buy according to your style and choice. So if you are someone who wants a casual look for your AirTag or maybe even something classy like say, leather? we have all the options for you. So now that I have hyped up a lot, let’s see the best apple AirTag accessories that you can buy right now.

1. Spigen Valentinus with Keychain Ring

Talking about tech accessories and ignoring spigen is not an option. Spigen has launched its accessories for the Apple AirTag as well called the Spigen Valentinus. If you want a classy and sophisticated look to use your AirTag with, then the spigen Valentinus can be your pick. It’s made out of PU leather material and a keychain loop on the top. so while maintaining aesthetics for your house or car keys, you can add the AirTag inside the Keychain ring. Now you get both, the look of the PU leather and the security that AirTags provide.

Spigen Valentinus for Apple AirTags best airtags cases mrnoob

Now coming to Protection, spigen is known for making rugged cases that protect phones, we also have one rugged case for the AirTag as well coming later in this list. With this case, you get a nice protective covering with the button. The button stays in place and it should last you long if you don’t end up being fidgety and open it again. The Valentinus is priced at $19.99 and you can buy this on amazon and Spigen’s official website as well. You can order the Spigen Valentinus by clicking below or on the product image.

Buy Spigen Valentinus Keychain from here

2. Apple AirTag Leather Loop

Talking about a classy case in leather, let’s see what Apple has to offer for their own product. The leather loop for Apple AirTag is made with high-quality Tanned European Leather.

Apple AirTag Leather Loop

Not only this looks great with the AirTag inside it, but the looping mechanism also secures the tag well so you can count on this. The touch and feel of this loop case are extremely soft and smooth, so if you are someone looking for an AirTag case in tan brown color then this one is for you. It sure looks nice and feels good as well. And yeah, there is even a Product red for this one too. You can order the Apple AirTag Leather Loop by clicking below or on the product image.

Buy Apple AirTag Leather Loop from here

3. Dbrand Grip Case for Apple AirTag

Another early manufacturer when it comes to mobile accessories is Dbrand. Famous for their mobile skins, Dbrand has a grip case for the Apple AirTags as well, but with a twist. The Dbrand grip case comes in a rubberized texture. You have the option to add 3 more just by checking a single option on their website. Now coming to the Dbrand twist, yes it’s the option to skin your AirTag.

Dbrand Apple AirTag Grip Case best cases for apple Airtag

You can skin your AirTag easily if you choose to. The Dbrand grip case comes with 3 styles of textures to choose from when it comes to skins: The blackout skin pack, the stone skin pack, and the carbon skin.

While the grip case comes with only one color; black, the skins (sold separately) can create a nice contrast for your AirTags. You can check it out on Dbrand’s website.

Dbrand Skin Pack for AIrTag Grip Case

Buy The Dbrand Grip Case for AirTag from here

4. MoKo Protective Case for AirTag 2022 (Pack of 2)

Next up on the list of best AirTag cases and accessories is the Moko protective case for the Apple AirTag. This case for the AirTag comes in a pack of two. The material used on this one is leather however there is no mention of the kind of leather they used. Going by the looks of it, the moko protective case looks premium and it will surely make your AirTag look elegant.

moko premium case for apple airtag

You get three color options with this: Black & Blue, Blue & Brown, and Black & Brown. Do check out the Moko case for apple AirTag by clicking or tapping on the link below or on the product image.

Buy the Moko Protective Case for AirTag from here

5. Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

If you want a simple keyring from apple’s official store then you can go for this one. This is a single leather case from Apple that comes with the perfect fit and quality that you need for your AirTag. The official Airtag Leather Key Ring comes in three colors: Baltic Blue, Saddle brown, and Product Red. Just like the loop case, this one is also made out of high-quality European leather so fit and quality are not an issue here. Do check this out.

Apple Airtag official case normal

Buy Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring from here

6. Spigen Rugged Armor Case for AirTag

Remember when we talked about spigen, I mentioned another spigen product in the list, this is that one. The very popular spigen rugged armor case is now available on the AirTag as well. With a high-quality rugged build, this case absolutely crushes day-to-day usage bumps and falls.

spigen tough armor case for apple airtag

It also comes with a Zinc-alloy and stainless steel carabiner that helps you to clip this anywhere quickly. There is also a keychain as well, so now you can have your keys in the keyring and use the carabiner to quickly attach the case to anywhere like bag zip or belt buckle of your jeans.

Buy Spigen Tough Armor from here

7. Uwariloy Metal Skin Cover for AirTag

Talking about strong cases for the AirTag, how can we exclude metallic cases. The Uwariloy metal cover for the AirTag comes with full metal protection to make sure your AirTag doesn’t fall down and opens up into pieces. The Metal cover for the AirTag comes in 7 colors to make everyone happy. You can buy this one on amazon. Do check this out.

uwalroy metal case for apple airtag

Buy the Uwarilow Metal Case for Apple Airtag from here

8. Orzero Pack of 2 Alloy Metal Case for AirTag

Yet another metal case for the AirTag. This one on the list of best AirTag cases and accessories is from Orzero are different and made specifically for people who like fancy cases. The case comes in various colors including a rose gold variant and many others as well. The case also has shiny diamond look-alikes on the edges of the case to give it a different look. So if you feel this look will suit you and your AirTag then you should grab it.

orzero airtag case

Buy Orzero (Pack of 2) AirTag Case from here

9. Belkin AirTag Secure Holder

Another big name in the tech accessory market launched their very first case for the Apple AirTag. Belkin Airtag Secure holder comes with a twist and lock design that ensures the proper protection of your AirTag inside the case. The case comes in funky blue color along with color variants of pink, black and white as well.

belkin case for apple airtag

You have the option to choose from either a strap or a keyring holder both priced at $12.95. The highlight of this one is the soft silicon material that Belkin has used along with the lightweight. Do check it out now.

Buy Belkin case for Apple AirTag from here

10. 4 Pack Soft Silicone Case

Talking about silicone cases, this one is a cost-effective product if you bought the AirTag as a pack of 4. This one is simple yet effective for your 4 pieces of apple AirTags. For $9.99 you get 4 of these and they fit on the AirTag with a nice grip as well so do check this out as well.

pack of 4 apple air tag cases

Buy Soft Silicone case Key Ring for AirTag from here

11. DamonLight Leather Case for AirTag Finder (Yellow)

If you want a colorful leather case then the DamonLight Leather case for the AirTag is for you. This yellow case looks really nice on the AirTag and you also get a solid hold on your air tag as well. Do check this out if you are interested in a leather AirTag case.

Damonlight leather case

Buy Damonlight Leather Case for AirTag from here

12. Mouse Silicone Case for AirTag

If you want to gift something to your kids to put their AirTag in, the Mouse-shaped Silicone case for AirTag can be a good choice for you. The design is basic and you get a flexible and soft finish on these. It’s just the basic AirTag case with a design twist of mickey mouse ears. do check it out.

silicone mouse caee

Buy Mouse Silicon case for AirTag from here

Now let’s move on to some of the best luxury AirTag accessories.

13. Hermès AirTag Bag Charm

Hermès, the popular luxury manufacturer, is next on our list of best AirTag cases and accessories. The luxury brand Hermès created a bag charm for the AirTag. This AirTag case is called the bag charm. The bag charm is made out of premium quality stitching with artisans of France. The Bag charm does look amazing and you can buy this from apple’s official website.

hernes bag charm for airtag

Buy Hermès AirTag Bag Charm from here

14. Nomad AirTag Keychain

Nomad also came up with their lineup of leather keychains for the Airtag before the launch itself. Now that the AirTag actually exists in real life, Nomad will start shipping the Leather keychain in the month of July in the first week.


The nomad keychain is hyped due to the fact that it’s made out of high-quality leather with classy and neat craftsmanship. You get this leather keychain or the leather loop in Natural, Black, and Dark brown colors on the Nomad website itself.

Buy the Nomad Airtag leather Keychain from here

15. Nomad AirTag Glasses Strap

Talking about the most bizarre and out-of-the-box ideas that a company implemented with the AirTag is the Nomad Glass strap. If you leave your expensive sunglasses anywhere on the restaurant table or a beach then you can use this setup to attach your glasses to an AirTag and eventually track it if it’s lost. Now, this looks pretty neat and useful. Do check this out.

Nomad airtag glass strap

Buy the Nomad AirTag Glasses Strap from here

Best Apple AirTag Accessories: Conclusion

So this was our guide to the best apple AirTag accessories that you can buy right now. I hope you liked our guide and end up making a choice for yourself to buy for your AirTag. For more informative guides like these keep visiting mrnoob.net and do follow us on Instagram @mrnoobnetwork. Thanks for reading and I will see you in another informative guide.


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