How to make the Baka Mitai (Dame Da Ne), Sad Linus Singing Meme?

Making Baka Mitai Dame Da Ne or The Famous Sad Linus meme from Linus Tech Tips singing isn’t that easy but before we dive into how you can make a meme like the Dame Da ne meme, let’s start with this meme culture. It will be no exaggeration in saying that memes are a significant part of the internet culture as well as the culture in general, in today’s age. People bond over memes and they even have a very strong cultural impact on everyone today.

However, certain memes catch the attention like the Current Baka Mitai meme or Dame Dane song meme. It’s so popular that now it’s relevant in every culture and people are making it with celebrities and even pre-existing Photo memes.

Here is the one that started everything;

As amusing as it looks, it certainly has this wow factor which makes it more interesting, well even Pewds reacted to this in his meme review and couldn’t resist giving a 10/10.

Okay, so now let’s see, how you can make one for yourself!

How to make BakaMitai (Dame Da Ne), Sad Linus Singing Meme?

Before jumping into the procedure to make this meme, let me tell you the process in simple words. So we are going to use a Script that will superimpose the actions of a video on a photo which simply means that the photo that will be used will start moving like the original video.

This means that you can use any video with a person speaking and overlay any picture inside the script and you will see results similar to this.

To get started with making the Baka Mitai meme, we mainly need 3 things:

  • The base video with a guy singing Baka mitai dame da ne.
  • Any picture with a straight pose.The algorithm which we are going to use works best when the picture is in the middle of the screen and the facial features are truly visible.
  • The code script that will make this work.

To get started with making the Baka Mitai meme follow the steps below;

  1. Resize the Base Image
  2. Set up Google Drive for the Script to work
  3. Set up the Google Colab Script
  4. Run the Google collab Script
  5.  Adjust the Speed of Output Video

1. Getting the Image Ready.

Open in your browser. (You can use photoshop as well but just for the sake of making this tutorial doable, I will be using this online version which works just like Photoshop)

Create a new blank canvas with the size 256×256 px by going to File>New and setting the width and length as 256 px each, as this script only works with this size.

open photopea

choose the size

Now Insert the photo that you want to use as the base for your meme by going to file and open and then choose your file. We are using the picture of Marques from MKBHD because why should Linus have all the fun?

insert image

Now export the file by going to File > Export as and use png and save it as 02.png.

save as png

Once done now your image should be exported in 256×256 px size.

2. Setting Up Google Drive for the Script to work.

So to get this thing working we will have to make a google drive folder called “first-order-motion-model” inside our google drive. Make sure that you make this folder inside the drive directly and not inside any subfolder.

create a folder named first order motion model

Now download Tar file 1 and Tar file 2 and add them to the “first-order-motion-model” that you just created inside your google drive.

Download the base video from here and rename it to 04.mp4 (Shout out to for hosting this)

Now that everything is ready, upload all of them inside the “first-order-motion-model” folder in a similar manner shown in the image below.

Add all files inside drive like this

3. Setting Up the Script

Click here to open this python script. This script runs on a platform named Google Colab which is used to run codes online. You don’t need to download any software to run this script but make sure that the computer or phone that you are running this on should be specced enough to handle such multimedia operations.

It’s almost ready to work now but it won run without adding this code: “!pip install PyYAML==5.3.1” before the first line. (Without quotes)add code inside first line

4. Run the Script

So now we have all the images and tar files inside our drive and opened the code file in Google Collab. Now you will see 6 parts with the coded script, run them one by one by clicking on the play button.

run code one by one one

Make sure that you are using the same google account which you used to make the “first-order-motion-model” folder inside.

The code Blocks are named as follows you have to click on them one by one :

  • Clone repository
  • Mount your Google Drive folder on Colab.

Inside this section, you will see a hyperlink that you will have to click.

click on the link to get the key

Once you click this link you will be redirected to a permissions page where google drive will ask permission, just allow it and now you will be given a key.

copy the key

Insert that key inside google colab and now you will be able to move on to the next step.

insert the key

  • Load driving video and source image
  • Create a model and load checkpoints
  • Perform image animation

Running the final block of code will give you an individual output of the deep fake video which you can use. The video is slowed down so you might have to increase the speed to make it align with the audio.

dame da ne otuput

5. Adjust the speed of the Final Output

Once you Get to the final step you will be able to download the final video as generated.mp4 but the video is stretched and you won’t be able to use it with the audio. So here is how you can increase the speed of the video and add Baka Mitai audio.

Download the Baka Mitai Cut audio from here and then use the method below. Depending on which step you are there are two ways to change speed.

1. Changing the FPS inside collab

If you want to directly get fast output then you can do the following changes inside the “Perform Image Animation” Section

Just after “for frame in predictions]” add, fps=30

change fps and save

Now you will just have to sync the video with the downloaded audio, to do that just download the audio from here and go to the online converter website which allows you to add audio to the video.

use online converter

To do that just add the audio and video files and click on “Add” and download the video.

Here is a before and after comparison of the same video with and without the added code.

before and after the script

2. Changing the FPS with third-party tools

There is no point in doing the whole process again if you already did the CPU-intensive task. If you have a slow output and you want to speed it up then just go to’s speed section. Upload your video and speed it up 1.5 times.

ezgif speed changer

change video speed to 1.5x

Download the video and go to Online converter’s Audio adding feature, upload the speed-up video with the Baka Mitai audio and now your Dame Da Ne video will be in perfect sync.

use online converter

How to make the Baka Mitai (Dame Da Ne), Sad Linus Singing Meme – Final Words

For the 2 people reading this (I know we are late to this trend), this is how you can make the Baka Mitai or the Dame Da Ne Meme of (or for) yourself. Make sure you use this method to make memes for your folks as well and don’t forget to tag us @mrnoobHQ on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Baka Mitai song and Why is it so famous suddenly?

Baka Mitai song or the Dame Da Ne Song comes from a video game series called Yakuza and it’s suddenly popular because of the meme associated with it.

What is the Baka mitai song/dame da ne song meme all about?

Well, the most interesting part about this meme is the process of making it. It’s made by a google colab algorithm which makes a picture move on the basis of your base video provided inside google drive.

Can I use this dame song algorithm to make other deep fake videos as well?

While testing this google colab script, I only tested with the Dame Da Ne video but having said that, I have seen people use the same concept of Deepfakes in many other formats as well so yeah you can do that. We at Mrnoob will test the same as well and let you know if we can do it or not in a future article.

Wow, This BakaMitai Dame Song Code is super cool, who made this collab script?

This Colab script is made by the Homemade memes youtube channel, you can check them out by clicking here.

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