All of these 20+ Services Are Free or Discounted During COVID-19 Quarantine

With the rise of COVID-19 patients all around the globe including actors like Idris Elba and Tom Hanks, politicians like Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock the need for self-isolation is increasing. Many countries have issued lockdown orders and people are staying home quarantined.

To make sure that people quarantined, companies around the world are making their services Free or Discounted, for instance, HBO announced Free 500 Hours of HBO NOW.

Some of these offers are popular and you must be already aware of them, however, knowing all of them is impossible. To make things easy, I am compiling a list of all these services and I will also divide them according to categories like Streaming, Education, etc.

So let’s have a look at all the Free or discounted services that you can get during the quarantine.

Entertainment/Streaming :

1. 500 Hours Of HBO Now :

First, free service that you get during quarantine is 500 hours of free HBO Now. HBO Now is offering a limited number of their original shows along with some content from FOX and some documentaries free of cost on their website. Their premium shows like the sopranos and The wire are now available free to watch for you to relax during this quarantine. Use This guide to unlock 500 hours of HBO in your country outside the U.S

2. NBA League Pass :

NBA is also offering its fair share of free service by offering its NBA League Pass for free. This premium subscription will let it’s users to watch premium content like on-demand games and archived games as well. You can access the premium subscription by just logging in to your NBA account on Any of your Mobile, Computer, or Streaming devices and activating the pass. If you are outside the U.S you might need to use a VPN.

3. Apple TV+ :

Apple TV+ has also made some of its shows free. You can access shows and movies like Servant, The elephant queen, Little America, For all Mankind, Snoopy in space, etc. just by Signing in to your Apple TV account.

4.CBS All Access 30 Days Trial:

CBS All Access is also helping its users during this lockdown by providing their catalog free for 30 days. Open this link and Sign up with the promo code “GIFT” to start your 30 days trial.

5.Adult Swim’s Samurai Jack and Aqua Teen Hunger Force :

Adult Swim made its Flagship shows Samurai jack and Aqua teen Hunger force-free of cost. you can access them without using any sort of cable code and even without any login, However, if you are not from the US then you won’t be able to access your favorite show. Use this guide to make sure each episode works every time.
You can stream Samurai Jack by clicking Here and Aqua Teen Hunger Force by clicking Here

6.Sling TV Free trial:

Sling tv is also offering its premium Sling TV Blue subscription free for 7 days where you can watch channels like CNN, MSNBC, Bravo, Discovery TV, Food Network and Cartoon Network, etc. You can Sign up for Sling TV here.

7. Pornhub Premium For Free:

To tackle the current coronavirus situation and to urge people to stay at home, PornHub has also made its premium subscription free. Use this link to sign up for their premium service.


1. Stadia Pro for Free.

Google is giving away 2 months of free subscription for Google stadia to anyone who signs up will get two free months of Stadia Pro with instant access to nine games in 14 countries. Simply, go to Stadia Website and signup to get your free pro subscription. If you are already a Stadia Pro user, you won’t get charged for the next two months.

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service from Google, which lets users play games off the cloud over a fast internet connection. This means, as a gamer you don’t need to purchase expensive hardware to play AAA games.

Education/Course :

1. Udacity :

Udacity is popular for its unique education program that they call “NanoDegree”. Along with the nano degree, Udacity has other courses as well and they have increased the number of free courses that were present on their website. They are also giving up to 40% discount on their premium courses. In certain regions, you can also get a nano degree for free as well. You can check out Udacity by clicking here.

2. Moz Academy

Moz is a tool that is used by digital marketers to analyze and optimize websites. It also has its education domain called Moz Academy through which you can learn various methods to do SEO and optimize your website for better SEO. Their courses are free till 31st May 2020 and you can get them by applying the coupon code “wegotthis”. Check out Moz Academy

3. Pluralsight

Pluralsight with their campaign #FreeApril is also giving away their courses for free to quarantine and learn. You can access more than 7000 courses in their library till the end of April. Check out PluralSight.

4. Coursera for Campus

Coursera has made its Coursera for Campus Module free for all the campuses that are affected by the coronavirus outbreak. This will helps universities to empower their students with industry-standard job-driven courses. You can check out Coursera for Campus here.

5. Nikon School Online

Nikon School Online is Nikon’s academy where they teach many things related to Photography and Videomaking. To make sure people are safe at home, Nikon School has made all of its courses free which you can access here.

6. Free Live Classes by Byju’s

Byju’s is offering free live classes for students during COVID-19 Lockdown. You can access their content by heading over to this link and download their app.


1. Shopify:

Shopify is a popular E-Commerce platform provider by which anybody can open their online store and start selling their products and services. To benefit its customer base, Shopify is offering 90 days of free trial through which users can start selling. Check out Shopify Here.

WordPress Themes for free:


Mythemeshop is already famous for their free WordPress theme offerings every month but now they have an offer in which they are giving away 36 of their Premium WordPress themes on their website with free lifetime updates. You can read more about it here and download the themes from here.

Android and iOs Apps Free During Quarantine:

1. Ablo:

Ablo is an app where the user can talk to people around the world, represented by taking an airplane journey. You can talk to people from around the world but if you want to talk to people from a certain continent or a specific gender, you have to spend Ablo coins. To make its users engaged, Ablo is giving away 500 coins. You can downloadable from here.

2. Tinder Passport :

Since everyone is stuck in their home and can’t go out swiping, tinder has made its Passport feature free for quarantine, just go to settings and input the location where you want to swipe and start swiping.

3. Centr :

Chris Hemsworth’s fitness app centr is also providing 6 weeks free fitness routine to make sure its users are healthy during the quarantine. Download Centrfit from here.

Audio and Video Apps Free During Quarantine:

1. Final Cut Pro X:

I am a Windows person and I edit on premiere pro but with my 2-year editing experience on final cut pro, I can surely say that it’s the most simple and user-friendly video editing tool in the market. Apple is supporting people with the aspirations to learn video editing by giving 90 days trial for Final Cut Pro X. Just open this link and put your email Id. Now you will get 90 days trial for final cut pro X.

2. Logic Pro X:

Apple is offering a 90 days free trial on this music production app as well. The process is exactly like Final cut pro. Just put your email id and you are done. Get Logic pro X from Here.

Designing and Photo Editing Apps Free During Quarantine:

1. Affinity Suite:

If you ever tried to find a cheap alternative to Photoshop then you must have heard about Affinity for sure. Affinity suite (Designer, Photo and Publisher) will be available for free for 90 days. To get this trial, just head over to the affinity’s website and put your email id and basic info. Now you will be able to use Affinity Suite for free.

2. Autodesk Products:

Autodesk,famous for its CAD and 3D products like 3D Max and Maya has made its cloud products like AutoCAD mobile,AutoCAD web app,BIM 360 Design,BIM 360 Docs,Fusion 360 and Shotgun free to use until 31st May 2020. You can get more information regarding their Extended Access Program for Cloud Collaboration Products by Clicking Here.

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Wrapping Up: Free or discounted services during the quarantine

So those were all the services that are available for free during the COVID-19 Lockdown to entertain and educate its users. I Hope you liked the list as I have tried to make it the most diversified one. How are you holding up during this pandemic? Do let me know in the comment section below. I’ll see you in another article.

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