How to add bots to Discord server?

Ever wondered how to take your Discord server to the next level? The answer is simple: Bots!

Discord bots are those nifty little apps designed to make your server more interactive, fun, and efficient. They can perform a wide range of tasks like moderating chats, playing music, scheduling events, and much more.

Adding bots to your Discord server can greatly enhance your server’s functionality and make managing the server much easier. Whether you are looking for a bot that can help manage your server’s roles and permissions or a bot that can entertain your members with games and trivia, there’s a Discord bot out there for you.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of adding a bot to your Discord server and also remove it if you ever need to. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can easily add bots to your Discord server to take it to the next level of awesomeness!

TL;DR — Add bots to Discord server!

To add a bot to your Discord server, search for it in the App Directory, select it, and click the Add to Server button.

Next, choose the server for your bot and authorize it to add it to that server. You can repeat these steps for as many bots as you want.

Find bots for your Discord server!

You are ready to add bots to your Discord server, but where can you find them? Earlier, finding bots for your Discord server used to be a bit challenging. You had to search for them on various websites or platforms dedicated to Discord bots.

However, now Discord has made it much easier to find and add bots to your server through the App Directory. This App Directory hosts a wide range of bots that you can browse through and choose from.

app directory on discord webFrom moderation and music playback to server management and fun activities, there’s a Bot out there for almost any purpose you can think of.

If you’re interested in discovering some must-have Discord bots, check out our article on best Discord Bots, where we cover some essential bots that can enhance your Discord server experience.

Once you’ve found the bots you want to add, it’s time to learn how to add them to your Discord server. Let’s dive into the next section and find out how!

How to add bots to Discord server?

Now that you’ve found the bots you want to add, it’s time to learn how to add them to your Discord server.

To add a bot to your Discord server, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the server where you want to add the bot.
  2. Go to the App Directory by clicking on the 3-dot menu button next to the server’s directory option discord pc
  3. Search for the bot you want to add.
  4. Once you find the bot, click on it to view its bot inside discord pc app directory
  5. Click the Add to Server button.add chip music bot press add to server discord pc
  6. A pop-up will appear, showing a list of your servers. Choose the server where you want to add the server for bot discord pc
  7. Click Authorize to add that bot to your server.authorize bot permission for discord server pc

And that’s it! You have successfully added a bot to your Discord server. Now, you can enjoy the features and functionalities that the bot brings to your server.

discord bot add success message pc

If you can’t find the bot you were looking for in the App Directory, you can also explore other platforms or websites dedicated to Discord bots, such as,, and

Search for the desired bot on these platforms and invite that bot to your server as usual.

Remember always to review and understand the permissions that the bot requires before authorizing it. Since bots can have access to server data, it’s important to ensure that the bot is from a trustworthy source and that its permissions are appropriate for its intended use.

How to add bots to Discord server on Mobile?

Since you can’t access the App Directory directly on the Discord mobile app, you will need to use a browser to access the Discord App Directory website.

From there, you can follow the below instructions to add a bot to your Discord server. Keep in mind that the website may not be optimized for mobile devices, and make sure you are already logged in to your Discord account.

To add a bot to your Discord server on mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser on your Android or iPhone and visit the Discord App Directory website.
  2. Search for the bot you want to add.
  3. Once you find the bot, open its page and tap on the Add to Server button.
  4. A pop-up will appear, showing a list of your servers. Choose the server where you want to add the bot.
  5. Then, confirm all the permissions the bot requests.
  6. Finally, tap on the Authorize button to add the bot to your server.

For now, as long as Discord doesn’t integrate the App Directory into their mobile app for adding bots, this method should work for adding bots to your Discord server on Android and iPhone.

How to use Bots on a Discord Server?

Every bot is different and is designed to perform specific functions on a Discord server. Once you have added a bot to your server, you can start using its features.

To use a bot on a Discord server, you typically need to use specific commands. These commands are usually triggered by a prefix, such as “!” or “/.”

For example, if you have Chip music bot and you want to play a song, you will use the command “/play” followed by the name of the song or a YouTube link.

chip music bot play comment discord

The commands and functionalities of a bot can vary depending on its purpose. It is important to review the bot’s documentation or website to understand its features and commands.

Additionally, you can also configure your bots’ settings and permissions by assigning them a role or adjusting their hierarchy. Doing so will allow you to control what the bot can do and who can access its functions.

Types of Discord bots!

There are several types of Discord bots that you can add to your server. Let’s go through some of the most common types, along with some of the popular examples:

  • Moderation Bots: Moderation bots help manage and maintain the server by enforcing rules, banning or muting users, and moderating content. With the help of these moderation bots, you can virtually put your server’s moderation on autopilot. Popular examples include MEE6 and Dyno.
  • Music Bots: Music bots allow users to play music in voice channels. They can search and stream music from popular platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Some popular music bots examples include Fredbot and Chip Bot.
  • Fun/Entertainment Bots: Fun/Entertainment bots provide various entertaining features like games, memes, image manipulation, and more. Popular examples include Dank Memer.
  • Utility Bots: Utility bots offer useful utilities and tools to enhance server management and user experience. They can provide features like server statistics, server announcements, and custom commands. Popular examples include Carl-bot.

These are just a few examples of the different types of Discord bots available. Depending on your server’s needs and preferences, you can choose the bots that best suit your requirements.

How to remove bots on Discord servers?

If the bot no longer serves a purpose or you no longer want it in your Discord server, you can easily remove it. To remove a bot from your Discord server, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the server where the bot is installed.
  2. Right-click on the bot’s name in the server member list or the chat.
  3. Select the Kick option.remove kick discord bot from server pc
  4. Confirm the removal by clicking on the Kick button when prompted.confirm removing bot from discord server

Once you confirm the removal, the bot will be kicked or removed from your Discord server. Make sure to consider the consequences before removing a bot, as it may affect the server’s operations and features.

To remove a bot from the Discord Mobile app, open the server, tap the server’s name at the top, select Members, find the bot’s name, tap on it, and select the Kick option.

You can always add the bot back if you change your mind later. However, the bot’s settings and data might not be preserved when you remove it, so you will need to reconfigure its settings if you decide to add the bot back to your server.

Jazz up your server with Discord Bots!

Bots are what makes Discord servers so much more than just a platform for communication. They add functionality, entertainment, and organization to your server. If you have just created a server and want to enhance its features and make it more engaging, there is a Bot out there to do that.

Adding bots to your server is easy, and you can do it on both desktop and mobile. Just follow the instructions mentioned earlier to add a bot to your server. Once added, you can start using the bot’s features and commands to enhance your server experience.

Remember always to review the bot’s permissions and ensure they align with your server’s needs. You can also remove a bot if it no longer serves a purpose or if you want to make room for a different bot.

So go ahead and jazz up your server with Discord bots!

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