How to Add Avatar on WhatsApp and Create Amazing Avatars like Instagram?

Do you want to know how to add avatar on WhatsApp? If yes, then this guide is just for you. But before we jump right into it, let’s see what’s up with Meta and its introduction to Avatars in all its apps.

Since Facebook is now Meta, the emphasis on avatars in the meta-network is real and evident. After Instagram, customized Avatar stickers are now available on WhatsApp as well. You can use this guide to create and customize avatars on WhatsApp and use your custom WhatsApp stickers inside the chat. Let’s see how we can add avatar on WhatsApp and easily create stickers.

How to Add Avatar on Whatsapp

Like Instagram, creating WhatsApp avatar stickers is easy if you have the option available. WhatsApp is rolling out this option gradually to all its users, but for now, it’s available only to beta users. If you are WhatsApp beta user or reading this after the public release, use the following steps to create and add stickers on WhatsApp.

Open WhatsApp and go to its settings.

choose settings from the whatsapp menu medium

Inside WhatsApp settings, you will see a new option called “Avatar” tap on it and open Avatar settings.

tap on avatar add avatar in whatsapp medium

Since this is your first time, WhatsApp will prompt you to create your own avatar. Tap on the “Create your Avatar” button.

create your avatar add avatar in whatsapp

And then, on the next screen, select “Get Started” and start creating your own WhatsApp avatar. By doing this, you agree to Meta’s terms and conditions.

tap on get started add avatar in whatsapp

First, you will have to choose your avatar’s skin tone and then continue with the rest of your avatar’s features.

change skin tone of your avatar

The next step to add avatar on whatsapp is customizing it’s shape and it’s look. Here you can style your avatar’s hair, outfit, eyes, body shape, lips, and other facial features to match your own. That’s not all; you can add accessories like eyewear, headwear, or piercing, giving your avatar some personality.

screenshot 20221111 202929 1

Once you are happy with your avatar, tap “Save” to save it.

And that’s about it; your WhatsApp avatar is ready to use inside the WhatsApp sticker section.

Use WhatsApp Avatar Stickers!

After preparing your Avatar inside WhatsApp settings, you can access your Avatar stickers inside your chat screen. Open any chat window on WhatsApp and go to the Stickers like you usually do. Here you will see a new avatar sticker option on the bottom right side. Tap on that to see your avatar stickers.

choose your avatar sticker pack inside whatsapp interface

WhatsApp will automatically create a variety of stickers around your avatar and categorize them for various moods and styles. Just tap on the one you want to send, and your friend will see the same sticker inside their chat.

send whasapp stickers to anyone

Set WhatsApp Avatar as Profile Picture!

Now that you have successfully created your avatar let’s see how to set your avatar as your WhatsApp profile picture.

Go to WhatsApp settings and tap on “Avatar” again. You will now see your avatar here with options like “Browse stickers” and “Create profile photo.”

To set your WhatsApp avatar as a profile picture, tap “Create Profile Photo.”

create profile photo

On the next screen, choose your Avatar style and background color. Once satisfied with the results, tap on the “” to set your WhatsApp avatar as your profile picture.

choose profile photo

How to Delete your WhatsApp Avatar?

WhatsApp avatars are fun, but if you want to delete them for some reason or don’t feel the need for your avatar to exist virtually. You can delete it instantly. Just follow the below steps to delete your WhatsApp avatar permanently.

Open WhatsApp settings and then “Avatar” to see your WhatsApp avatar.

On the Avatar screen, tap on “Delete Avatar.”

create profile photo

A confirmation prompt will pop up. Hit “Delete” to permanently delete your WhatsApp avatar.

delete your avatar

Add Avatars to WhatsApp — Conclusion

And done, so that’s our guide on how you can add avatar on WhatsApp like you do on Instagram.

Whether you want to add avatars on WhatsApp or delete the one you have already created, this guide should come in handy. The feature of avatars is available for WhatsApp beta users for now, and it will start rolling out to all WhatsApp users shortly via OTA updates.

So, if you still need help finding the option to add avatars on your WhatsApp, wait and then try out the steps mentioned in this guide.

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